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The North's Cuisine: What to Eat in Yishun

Everyone may or may not have a mission in their everyday lives. You might not have a mission right now, but you have got to know more about what to eat in Yishun. And yes, you can visit this town. Yishun-possible.

Yishun, known before as Nee Soon, is a residential town in the North part of Singapore. Yishun got its name from the Mandarin Chinese equal of Nee Soon. Lim Nee Soon, a successful industrialist in the area. He made his money from rubber and pineapple plantations. 

Nowadays, Yishun has services people in different areas. These services are in their many shopping malls. But in this guide, the authentic hawker stalls and restaurants are its focuses. These food places open early. Their opening hours range from 6:30 AM to 5 PM. So be sure to catch these places open for a great food experience!

Here are some of the most incredible food places you should visit in Yishun:

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak



Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is famous in its area due to its delicious fragrances. Be early since this hawker stall has a constant snaking queue. The booth is also renowned for its chilli. Its chilli has a vibrant sweetness mixed with spiciness.

Savoury Chicken Wings of What To Eat In Yishun

One of Chong Pang Nasi Lemak’s most famous dishes is its chicken wings. The stall uses a unique batter to produce crispy chicken wings. The marinade of the booth is also something to look forward to since it has a sweet and spicy taste.

Do not be afraid to utilise their chillis since it caters to all. You have to measure your range of tolerance and add the spice.

One of the most compelling traits of the dish is its fragrance. With the addition of the stall’s exquisite rice, the serving is a complete package. So it is since you can immediately experience the juiciness and flavour of the plate.

You can also order a specific part of the chicken. It makes the dish better than other what to eat in Yishun. Visit Chong Pang Nasi Lemak for your chicken desires!

Heng Hua Restaurant

Stir-fried Yam in Yishun


Another great food place in Yishun is Heng Hua Restaurant. This restaurant’s advantage compared to others is its affordability. The restaurant offers high-quality dishes at a low price. Moreover, you do not have to worry about its authenticity and safety due to its reputation. 

Stir-fried Yam

One of the most worthy dishes in Heng Hua Restaurant is the Stir-fried Yam. The dish contains a yam that has a sweet rendition. You can also add chilli to add spiciness to your plate. Stir-fried Yam includes a simple set of ingredients. However, it does not mean that the dish is simple. With few ingredients, the meal stands out among the affordable choice on the menu.

Feng Food: Modest What To Eat In Yishun

Fried Rice with Pork Chop in Yishun


If you are looking for a Taiwanese-style hawker stall, Feng Food is the choice for you! Feng Food uses authentic Taiwanese recipes and methods in its dishes. If there is one word to describe the stall, it is a homey what to eat in Yishun. It is due to its warm environment, colour, and people. Do not forget its dishes which bring you back to your home.

Fried Rice with Pork Chop

Another food stall that offers Taiwanese cuisine is Feng Food. Unlike Heng Hua, Feng Food has a speciality in its pork dishes. The stall also provides high-quality Taiwanese cuisine on its menu.

Since the hawker stall specialises in pork dishes, one of their most incredible foods is Pork Chop. The Pork Chop comes with the stall’s special fried rice. The pork chop loads with juicy, tender, and umami flavouring. Every bite contains all the dish has to offer. Add that with their special fried rice. Every bite is perfection in this what to eat in Yishun!

No Horse Run Gelato

Pandan Gula Melaka Waffles in Yishun


If you are looking for a dessert stall in Yishun, No Horse Run Gelato is one of the most fantastic choices for you! This stall offers desserts with local-influencing. One of the advantages of this stall compared to other stalls is their service for retro flavours. 

Pandan Gula Melaka Waffles

One of their most famous desserts is the Pandan Gula Melaka Waffles. The stall’s take in Pandan Gula Melaka is celebrated all over town. Due to its aroma and unique taste from the ice cream and waffles. You have to try this dessert for a special Taiwanese delicacy!

Chuan Kee

Chuan Kee in Yishun


Chuan Kee is one of the oldest hawker stalls in Yishun. There is no doubt that its legacy and reputation are unbeatable. Since this stall is only a branch of the original one, its services and offerings are the same. 

Boneless Braised Duck

Boneless Braised Duck is a classic dish in Chuan Kee’s legacy. It offers a high-quality taste and rice. The dish’s accompanying rice is flavourful. When you topped it with broth, you can taste it all in a single bite.

Coba Coba: Traditional What To Eat In Yishun

Coba coba in YishunCredit:

Coba Coba is one of Yishun’s pride due to its huge success and influence on the locals. It offers Indonesian cuisine to its customers. The dishes are handmade and made from traditional methods. All the stall’s meat cuisine exercises a halal environment. That’s why it’s the crowd’s favourite among other what to eat in Yishun. 

The dishes offered are in a set for you to enjoy different flavours.

Nasi Kuning Bento Box

Nasi Kuning Bento Box is one of their best-selling bento boxes. The bento box includes Nasi Kunning, Indonesian Tumeric Rice, and Ayam Goreng Bumbu. It also includes Sayur Lodeh, Begedil, and Sambal Ikan Kacang. The different courses within the box provide a complete Indonesian cuisine experience.

The restaurant also provides delivery and its website. So make sure to visit Coba Coba when checking what to eat in Yishun!

Holy Cow Creamery

Holy Cow Creamery in Yishun


Another stall that offers desserts is the Holy Cow Creamery. The stall offers a plethora of flavours for everyone to enjoy. The stall’s flavouring is excellent since you can mix them.

Golden Waffle with Two Classic Scoops

The stall’s Golden Waffle with Two Classic Scoops is one of their most famous desserts. It is due to the taste and texture of their waffle topped with tasty customised flavours. 


Yishun provides a wide variety of food delicacies. You can visit this place, and you can never run out of things to discover.

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