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What to Eat in Woodlands: Tasty Food Guide

Being in the Northern Region of Singapore, the trip to Woodlands may be time-consuming. But this town offers a lot of hidden gems. Once you try Woodlands Food, a journey to the North will be with it. Here is a list of what to eat in Woodlands. People who live here highly recommend it. 

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant

6A Admiralty Road West Woodlands Waterpark

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant in Woodlands


Rasa Istimewa serves a wide variety of Chinese style Halal Seafood dishes. They have been serving delicious food since 1997. Now they have three branches. Their Woodlands branch has a unique location. The location is near a jetty on the Straits of Johor, close to the sea. It offers a beautiful view that diners love. That’s why it is one of the best finds about what to eat in Woodlands. 

Their menu includes a variety of a la carte and set menu options. Muslims and non-Muslims love their Halal-friendly dishes. No wonder why the place is always bustling with people. Most diners don’t mind travelling far because the delicious food and the great view are worth it. Their famous dishes are Fish Head Curry, Tom Yam Seafood Soup and Dual Flavour Baby Kailan.

Their Tom Yam Seafood Soup comes in two variations. You can order it with a clear soup or with coconut soup. Also, Fish Head Curry is a show stopper. It boasts savoury flavours that come from the curry. Meanwhile, the Dual Flavour Baby Kailan is being loved by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This unique vegetable dish has a fantastic texture and delicious taste.

Black and White Rojak Of What To Eat In Woodlands

Woodlands Drive 14, Blk 515-A

Black and White Rojak in Woodlands


Rojak is a good snack any time of the day. It is a mix of crunchy fruits, veggies and tofu with thick and sticky sauce and peanut toppings. Also, Black and White Rojak offer a delicious version of the variety. This humble little store will do your search for what to eat in Woodlands worth it.

Sweet, sour plum is what they are using for their white rojak sauce. The ingredients that they are using are also fresh. It includes pineapple, turnips and cucumber. They also add tau pok and you tian, which is piping hot. And then they cover all the ingredients with their sweet-sour plum sauce.

While for their black rojak, they use shrimp paste. The black and sticky sauce is tangy and sweet. There is also a hint of spiciness. Each ingredient compliments the other. The flavours and texture of the whole dish are perfect. Peanuts that serve as toppings also add to the crunchiness of the other components. It’s no surprise why Black and White Rojak is a must to visit and try in Woodlands.

Shi Mei Roasted Chicken Rice

Blk 211 Marsiling Crescent, Woodlands

Shi Mei Roasted Chicken Rice in Woodlands


Shi Mei Roasted Chicken Rice resides under the Lucky Star Eating House. It is a small food court that is in Causeway Point. Residents that live in Woodlands like this place. Because from here you can feel the nice breeze. And you can also see a great view of the Johor Bahru skyline.

Aside from the great view, people like Shi Mei because of its delicious char siew. They have been serving delicious food in Marsiling for more than 20 years already. Roasted Duck, Fried Chicken and Siew York. You can taste their delicious food as early as 9:30 in the morning. By that time their char siew is ready. Meanwhile, the other food on the menu follows.

What makes their char siew better than the others? The meat is not overroasted. You can see that it is not as black as the others. It gives a lesser burnt taste but a more savoury flavour. Their slices of meat are tender and juicy. Plus, it is on top of delicious chicken rice. A clear soup is being given together with your meal. Even their soup is delicious. It serves a sweet and savoury to your palate. That’s why many seek it when looking for what to eat in Woodlands. 

Yan Ji Seafood Soup

Block 4A Woodlands Centre Road, #02-11 at Woodlands Food Centre

Yan Ji Seafood Soup in Woodlands


Since 1980, Yan Ji Seafood Soup has been famous and thriving in the hawker food industry. You won’t see a long queue in front of their stall even if many people go there to try their food. Because after you order and pay. They will give you a pager. So you can wait while sitting at your table. And then pick up your order when the pager buzzes. It saves your legs and feet from the tiring queue.

Yan Ji uses pure seafood stock on their seafood soup. That is why a bowl of seafood only has ⅔ of soup. But with that amount of soup, you will enjoy a quality and delicious soup from the boiling scallops from Hokkaido. It has a sweet and savoury flavour. They are serving their soup hot. It is the best discovery about what to eat in Woodlands on a cold and rainy day. 

They are generous with the number of prawns and fish in the soup. Included also are meatballs that fall apart quickly in every bite. It adds to the sweet and savoury flavour of the soup. You can also get a crunchiness from the meatballs. And that is because of the crunchy mushroom that they add to it. 

The Crowded Bowl: Vegan What To Eat In Woodlands

Republic Polytechnic, Level 3, at The Lawn Food Court

The Crowded Bowl in Woodlands


This all-vegetarian food stall will make you forget about meat. Unlike most salad joints that can add meat, it does not offer any meat on its menu. But they have these great salad bowls. That is why even meat lovers like this stall. Are you concerned about how to get the needed protein? Crowded Bowl has vegetarian meats as sides. They use soy as the base, so gluten-free veggie meats.

Hidden pretty well, but this place offers a fantastic view. You can enjoy your bowl of salad while sitting in an air-conditioned room. And as you look out in their floor to ceiling window. A perfect spot to chill and relax after a tiring schedule. 

A regular bowl consists of greens, two typical side dishes and a premium side dish. Choices for dressings are Balsamic Vinegar, Japanese Sesame and Orange Marmalade. Their signature Crowded Bowl also has the same ingredients. But it is level up to having three choices of toppings to add. So if you prefer a healthy yet tasty meal, visit this simple what to eat in Woodlands. 

Ah Di Duck Rice Kway Chap

North Plaza, 883 Woodlands Street 82 #02-472

Ah Di Duck Rice Kway Chap in Woodlands


Braised duck can be tricky to cook. It can be challenging and dry, depending on how you cook it. That’s why it is a hidden gem of what to eat in Woodlands. Ah, Di Duck Rice Kway Chap has a perfect way to cook it. It was known as 769 Yishun Duck Rice Kway Chap in 1993 and was named by Ah Li, the owner and founder. Then, the name changed to Ah Di Duck Rice Kway Chap after Ah Li’s son Ah Di. He is now the one who runs the business. 

Food lovers like Ah Di’s because of its delicious taste and the perfect texture of the duck. Their sauce to braise the duck has a sweet and savoury flavour. It is light and smooth. So, it brings out the duck meat’s taste, tenderness, and moistness. Pair it with sambal chilli and another chilli with a tangy taste.

Kway Chap is also something you should try in Ah Di’s. They clean the pig innards well. It is easy as a result of them braising it well. Accompanying the slippery Kway is a broth with a light herbal taste. Pair it with a chilli dip with a good balance of spiciness and flavour.

Various what to eat in Woodlands offer delicious and satisfying meals. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to traverse the entire district to search for it. Fortunately, this food guide is here to help you. 

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