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Aged Like Fine Wine: What to Eat in Whampoa

Like wine, Whampoa went through ages to perfect itself. One of the best proofs is the rich and tasty dishes it serves locals and tourists. Also, most of their menus are the best from Asian cuisines. So, it is a must to experience and learn what to eat in Whampoa. 

Whampoa is a housing estate in Novena, a planning area in Singapore. Picture a modern city with a wide range of cultures surrounding it. Plus, it has a rich natural environment, and you will get Whampoa. 

Whampoa got its name from Hoo Ah Kay or Whampoa, the birthplace of Huangpu. Huangpu made many contributions to the Straits Settlements. He was also the bridge of communication between English and Chinese speakers. 

Due to its rich history, the elders tend to pass the stories to the next generations. That is why most of the residents in Whampoa are elderly. 

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan

If you want to experience a warm bowl of noodles, Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan is the perfect place for you! Unfortunately, the stall also accommodates long lines of queues when serving. However, you do not have to worry because it is worth it!

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan in Whampoa


Minced Meat Noodles

One of the stall’s most visited dishes is the Minced Meat Noodles. The dish contains the signature special egg noodles that are the pride of the booth. It has a springy yet soft texture. It also comes with soup that makes you experience an authentic fish cake taste. 

China Whampoa Ban Mian

China Whampoa Ban Mian is one of the oldest stalls in Whampoa. Its founders built the stall in 1989. The booth remained standing due to its appeal to the masses. However, the ownership of the stall did not stay. Passed down to generation after generation, the signature recipes of the booth evolved, but they did not lose their integrity and taste.

China Whampoa Ban Mian


Ban Mian: Varied What To Eat In Whampoa

The China Whampoa Ban Mian has the name of this Ban Mian in it. That is why you do not have to wonder what is the stall’s best dish. The booth offers a variety of Ban Mian dishes on its menu. You can order a Ban Mian with seafood, meat, tofu, or mixed! So you will not run out of choices when exploring what to eat in Whampoa.

Liang Zhao Ji

Liang Zhao Ji is famous in Whampoa for appearing on the 2017 Michelin Bib Gourmand list. Also, it is well known for its Braised Soy Duck Rice. Many tourists also visit the stall to experience the famous dish. That is why you must check when looking for what to eat in Whampoa!

Liang Zhao Ji in Whampoa


Braised Soy Duck Rice

This dish’s porridge has soft appetising colour. It also contains a splash of braised gravy to boost the flavour. When you take a scoop and catch generous morsels of duck underneath the porridge, oh what joy! The taste of the duck is overwhelming. It makes you stop and appreciate the burst of the meat’s flavours. 

Be quick in queuing for the stall because you are not alone in venturing the stall’s best dish! 

Nan Xiang Chicken Rice

When you ask the locals about Chicken Rice of what to eat in Whampoa, they point you to Nan Xiang Chicken Rice. It is due to its dominating recipe in Chicken Rice cuisine. Also, the stall offers different kinds of dishes which you should try.

Nan Xiang Chicken Rice in WhampoaCredit:

Yummy What To Eat In Whampoa: Chicken Rice

The dish process starts with frying the chicken with garlic, ginger, shallots, and chicken soup. Then, those will be in the rice cooker. One of the edges that the stall has compared to others is its loyalty to traditional methods. The process mentioned before requires many gruelling hours. It may be one of the many reasons why the stall leads the chicken rice race.

Deep-Fried Carrot Cake

When you want to try a different take in food, try Deep Fried Carrot Cake’s Carrot Cake! Yes, you heard that right! But, of course, the stall’s name is its primary and most popular dish. 

deep fried carrot cake in Whampoa


Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is the best Asian alternative for French Fries. It is healthier and cheaper! Most customers come back to the stall once more to get more Carrot Cakes! The dish is the same as French Fries, the thick strands of the carrots replace the potatoes of the French Fries.

When you finally take a bite on this, you will ask for more! Visit Deep Fried Carrot Cake for your Asian fries cravings!

What To Eat In Whampoa GuoTie XiaLongBao

Another great stall to visit is Whampoa GuoTie XiaLongBao. Xiao Long Bao is a steamed meatball and broth wrapped in a thin dough purse. It is the same as Tsu Mai but in size and fillings. The stall’s pride is its Xia Long Bao due to its unique dish.

GuoTie XiaLongBao in Whampoa


Xiao Long Bao

Since the Xiao Long Bao is a steamed meatball, you can add rice to this dish or even broth. The flavour of the meat inside is delicious enough for you to eat them on your own! You can also add chillies mixed with soy sauce to uplift the dish further. 

Xiao Long Bao has a wide variety of executions in the kitchen. It is up to you what kind of Xiao Long Bao revisions you want. Always remember, when you wish Xiao Long Bao to visit Whampoa GuoTie XiaLongBao. It is a memory you will not forget when tasting what to eat in Whampoa.

Guang Dong Xiao Shi

Guang Dong Xiao Shi is one of the lesser-known stalls about what to eat in Whampoa. The stall offers authentic Chinese cuisine with its unique revisions. 

Guang Dong Xiao Shi in Whampoa


Laksa Yong Tau Foo

Laksa Yong Tau Foo is a dish for spicy food lovers! Guang Dong Xiao Shi’s revision involves a more spicy version with fewer coconut nuances. It allows the meat, vegetables, and noodles to absorb more spiciness. It also requires tofu for those who prefer healthier options.


Whampoa has a rich history of providing shelter to different cultures. Nowadays, the town offers many authentic food places options to everyone visiting. You will not run out of authentic Asian cuisine stalls, from Chinese cuisine to Thai ones! Make sure to ready your camera and wallet since the stalls will make you pay for their food!

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