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What to Eat in Seletar: Relax and Dine

Many creative and beautiful places are tucked and hidden in what to eat in Seletar. Alone or with family and friends, the area is a perfect getaway from all the stress and challenges of life. With many picturesque places, delicious food and a great dining experience. Seletar has it in for anyone. 

Seletar is a British Royal Air Force military base in the early to mid-1900s. After developing this neighbourhood. Leisure parks, restaurants and other buildings came up. One of these is the Seletar Aerospace Park. Where famous restaurants like The Summer House are. They also have a themed playground that kids and kids at heart can enjoy.

Here is a list of the best restaurants and cafes not only in Seletar Aerospace. But in the whole Seletar.

The Summer House

3 Park Lane, Level 2 Seletar Aerospace Park

Inspired by nature, The Summer House offers a relaxing ambience. Located in the lush greenery of the place are three domes. Fully air-conditioned and brightened up with fairy lights and the natural moonlight. This spot is perfect for a stress-free night of relaxation with nature. Meanwhile, their black and white Colonial bungalow is the best if you wish to enjoy the view during the day. Enjoy the beautiful sunlight in their French Dining Room through the balcony.

Their farm to table approach guarantees the freshness of the food that they offer. And the scenery guarantees relaxation and peacefulness. Their staff are accommodating and helpful. They are also offering a selection of wine. And explain which one is the best pair for your choice of a French dish. It is a haven of what to eat in Seletar. 

The Summer House in Seletar


Wild Seed Cafe

Address is at 3 Park Lane, Level 1 Seletar Aerospace Park

Wild Seed Cafe is one of the hidden Colonial Buildings in Seletar Aerospace Park. It is also at the first level of The Summer House. This Cafe is perfect for a laid back brunch. And you get to enjoy the beauty of its surroundings while eating. And during the night, the cafe transforms into a bistro bar. Thus, adopting its name of Wild Seed Cafe.

Also, the cafe offers Cakes and Coffee that are made fresh. Aside from that, their menu also extends to cater lunch. Diners can enjoy their burgers, salads and rice meals. Grilled meats and cocktails are what they specialise in during the night. These are on the menu of their Bistro Bar. Here you can also be sure that the ingredients that they use are fresh. Because they also adopt the farm to table approach of The Summer House. It is such a chill what to eat in Seletar. 

Wild Seed Cafe in Seletar


Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe

#01-01, MAJ Aviation Building, 80 Seletar Aerospace

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe gives a rare dining experience. The location is beside Seletar Airport. Diners can enjoy their food while looking at the life-size private jet take off. Aside from that, this themed cafe also has a picture-worthy interior. Hanging on their wall, you can see different models and designs of vintage bicycles. You can also see other artworks on their wall aside from the bikes.

A good variety of Western and Japanese food is on their menu. The menu star is the Fish and Chips, which comes with crinkle-cut fries and coleslaw. Also, there is a serving of tartar sauce and lemon. The fish has a crunchy outside texture while being moist on the inside. Dipping it in the tartar sauce after squeezing the lemon gives it an extra wow. They also have cakes on their menu, which have different unique flavours. And it is one to try for those who love cakes. 

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe in Seletar


Hangar66 Cafe

66 Seletar Aerospace View, Hangar66 WOA Aviation

Adding to the list of a must to try in Seletar Aerospace Park is Hangar 66 Cafe. It opened mid of 2020 with an Aviation theme. Painted on the floor is a runway marking that will lead you inside. Walls have artworks like paintings and murals as decorations. Some of the tables look like a part of an aeroplane wing. The main dining room provides a view of the working hangar through a set of windows.

Even their menu has an aviation twist to it. The names of the food on their menu is compatible with their theme. For example, the starters are “Pre Flight Briefing” on their menu. “Unaccompanied Minor” means kids meal. Their food includes Western foods like Fish and Chips, Steaks, and Burgers. They also have pasta dishes, sausages, omelettes, and other foods.

Hangar66 Cafe in Seletar


Wheelers Estate: Remarkable What To Eat in Seletar

3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park

Diners have options on how they want to dine here. First, they can dine inside on the 2nd level, where the air-conditioned dining room is. Second, they can choose to eat at the lower level. So if you’re up for a picnic, the ground is available for dining. And they can also enjoy the fresh air while eating at the dining tables. The inside look of the place is clean and classy. The painting is primarily white with grey and beige furniture. 

Wheelers Estate not only has a nice indoor and outdoor view. But also they have delicious foods. Their menu is split into breakfast/ brunch and their mains for lunch and dinner. They also have a bar that holds a limited selection of cocktails. So enjoying Tequila with their grilled meats while facing a nice view is an excellent way to relax. But if you are a non-alcoholic drinker, their cup of coffee is nice too.

Wheelers Estate in Seletar


Homey What To Eat In Seletar: 5 by Sans Facon

5 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park

If Wheelers Estate is too much for you, then 5 by Sans Facon might be the perfect place. It is less popular than the former. It also means less crowd. But it also serves delicious food. This place’s barn house look complements the black and white building. Its rustic details are also pictured worthy. The tables are wide, with plenty of space for your food. You can try reaching out your hand together with a friend. And your hands will not touch while sitting across each other.

Their menu includes classic French dishes such as Lemon Meringue tart, Salmon Spaghetti, Bouchot Mussels, and Calamarata. 

Calamarata is the recommended what to eat in Seletar. The staff high suggests ordering it since it includes pasta, asparagus, mushrooms and duck confit. The pasta has a nice flavour from the duck fat. Duck meat is tender, easy to chew and topped with a generous parmesan. But all in all, the dish is delicious, and their food servings are generous.

5 by Sans Facon in Seletar


Find something you like from the list above? Then don’t hesitate to try these restaurants and cafes. Relax while enjoying delicious what to eat in Seletar. Take pictures of the lovely scenery. Whether you want your time alone or with family and friends, make more memories. 

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