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6 Top Picks of What to Eat in Marsiling

Life in Marsiling does not offer a diverse range of food options. Nevertheless, it is boastful of limited hidden gems. In other words, what to eat in Marsiling is a direct epitome of quality over quantity. Get ready to find out what these top picks are. List it down so you know what to eat in Marsiling.  

AFE Delights Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

The location of AFE Delights Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice is within the rows of HDB flats. Despite being hidden, it is the best-kept secret of what to eat in Marsiling. 

Their number one selling dish is the Steamed Chicken. The tender meat bathes in a delicious mixture of soy and oyster sauce. That’s why it unfurls a fantastic taste of sweet and salty. A dollop of achar turns the meat into a one-dimensional dish. Thus giving your palate a refreshing and zesty kick. 

Experience their magnificent dish at 304 Woodlands Street 31, #01-125, Singapore, 730304. 

AFE Delights Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice in Marsiling


Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh

One of the most recommended what to eat in Marsiling is Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh. Locals bring their foreign friends to dine here. The place dishes out the Malaysian version of their menu. Wherein the majority of the herbal soup base is at an affordable price. 

The hawker stall is near JB compared to Pasir Ris. But still, Easties flock to the OG branch to enjoy a piping hot bowl. Claypot Bak Kut Teh Mixed is their best-seller. It is a portion of comfort food with an aroma of dang gui, a Chinese angelica root. In addition, the broth is a harmonious blend of herbal sweetness and porky richness. 

Tag along with the local patrons at 19 Marsiling Lane #01-329, Teo Chap Bee Eating House, Singapore, 730019. 

Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh in Marsiling


Yan Ji Seafood Soup

Yan Ji Seafood Soup is famous for what to eat in Marsiling. It has various endorsements from different famed celebrities. Also,  multiple outlets all over the country advertise the place. That’s why it gained popularity with the name of the seafood soup master. 

Loyal customers dine to order a Crayfish Seafood Soup. That’s why it is the most-selling dish on their menu. The crayfish is the star of the menu. It is tender and meaty, while the prawns are crunchy. In addition, there are big chunks of minced meat, grouper fish slices, and slightly sour tomatoes. The lumps of minced meat have a bouncier bite, all thanks to the mushroom. Also, the broth is full-bodied with a balance of sweetness and savouriness. 

Aside from that, the eating place cooks more than that. It also serves seafood, old hen, and pork ribs with a mouthwatering taste. 

Order a satisfying bowl at 4 Woodlands Street 12, #01-26, Marsiling Mall Hawker Center, Singapore, 738620. 

Yan Ji Seafood Soup in Marsiling


Citrus By The Pool: Tasty What To Eat In Marsiling

Citrus By The Pool is a cafe-restaurant of what to eat in Marsiling. The spot is easily accessible at the Woodlands Swimming Complex. So diners can relax after taking a swim. Also, it has an overall homeliness vibe. So it is no surprise it’s quite a name in the area. 

The place offers a wide array of Western and Asian-inspired cuisine at an affordable price. It aslo boasts appetising plated dishes and giant milkshakes. Shiok Burger is a top pick among their menu. It has toasted sesame buns with crispy chicken cutlet and crispy onion rings lying in the middle. That’s why every bite produces a satisfying crunch. 

Relax after swimming a few laps at 3 Woodlands Street 13, Woodlands Swimming Complex, Singapore, 738600. 

Citrus By The Pool in Marsiling


Fushi Traditional Roasted Wanton Mee

Fushi Traditional Roasted Wanton Mee is impressive what to eat in Marsiling. Every dish served is mouthwatering that will surely make you come back for more. 

Nothing goes wrong when you chow down a sinful plate of Char Siu Siu Yok Rice. It is the best pick of local diners in the area. The roast meats have a biscuit-like crust. But, on the other hand, the siu yok is satisfyingly chewy and full of savoury notes. 

Aside from the scrummy roast pork belly, the char siew is an additional attraction. It has a caramelised glaze while being juicy and fatty at the same time. 

Enjoy a rich and luscious treat at 4 Woodlands Street 12, #01-01/02, Marsiling Mall, Singapore, 738632. 

Fushi Traditional Roasted Wanton Mee in Marsiling


Quan Long Wanton Mee

Quan Long Wanton Mee has been quite a name for a long time. It is an eating place that has been around for decades. Two generations of its founding family made it possible to grow and serve up until today continuously. That’s why long queues are inevitable. 

Being the most prolonged standing what to eat in Marsiling, they have two signature dishes. These are Wanton Mee and Lor Mee. Although a majority favours the former, the latter is substantially worth a try. These serve wonton mee with char siew, sweet yet salty dark sauce, and fried wonton. 

The place sells out by lunch in an instant. So be early to place your order at 4 Woodlands Street 12, #01-65, Marsiling Mall, Singapore, 738620. 

Quan Long Wanton Mee in Marsiling


Marsiling Singapore is genuinely blessed with hidden food gems. It’s up to food enthusiasts to travel and explore what the place has to offer. With this article, you’ll get a glimpse of what to eat in Marsiling. Take note of the 6 top picks to enjoy your food trip. 

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