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What to Eat in Tampines: A Food Haven

Singapore is home to stellar eateries, mega malls, and hidden quarries. But what most recommend is the area along Tampines. It does not only satisfy your cravings. Instead, it brings you other versions of food selections. Find out more about it. Read this food guide on what to eat in Tampines. 

Best 7 of What to Eat in Tampines

Searching for what to eat in Tampines is much easier when you have a list to guide you. So take note of these top food spots and try them yourself. 

Sticks ‘N’ Bowls of What To Eat In Tampines

Sticks ‘N’ Bowls in Tampines


Stick ‘N’ Bowls is a coffee shop owned by a young trio of friends. It brings the novelty delicacy of lok lok and donburi in a hawker set-up. Every fried skewer is affordable. There are various homemade dips – chilli, sweet Thai chilli, and peanut sauce. 

The best on their menu is the Mentaiko Salmon Rice Bowl. The rice has a generously portioned dish of salmon with creamy mentaiko sauce. Another local’s bet is the Garlic Pork Belly Rice Bowl. The pork belly is flavourful, with heaves of garlic chips on top. 

Visit the shop at 824 Tampines Street 81, #01-38, Singapore, 520824. 


Jin Hock Seafood Restaurant

Jin Hock Seafood Restaurant In Tampines


Zi char is a well-loved dish by Singaporeans. So when looking for what to eat in Tampines, Jin Hock Seafood Restaurant is the best place to serve it. 

Their signature dish is the Double Flavoured Hor Fun. It is a crowd favourite since you can have it in two ways – standard hor fun and deep-fried hor fun. The intense wok hei elevates the taste, while the broth has a crustacean base flavour with starchy consistency. The regular hor fun has a silky smooth texture. Meanwhile, the deep-fried hor fun has crispiness on the outside with a chewy middle. Plus, every serving is good for two hungry diners or three small eaters. 

Dine with your friends at 844 Tampines Street 82, Street 82 Coffee House, Singapore, 520844. 


Song Han Carrot Cake

Song Han Carrot Cake


Song Han Carrot Cake is famous for its traditional handmade carrot cake. The curry powder brings in a unique blend of fried goodness in every serving. As a result, the taste is not overpowering nor spicy. Instead, it adds texture and flavour. 

Their best dish is the Curry Powder Carrot Cake that comes in two versions – black and white. The white version has a light and soft texture with a generous serving of small prawns for every bite. 

Other dishes on their menu are Fried Black Carrot Cake, Fried White Carrot Cake, Fried Black and White Carrot Cake, and Fried Carrot Cake With Prawn. What sets the hawker apart from what to eat in Tampines is their thorough handmade preparations. It makes the radish cubes soft and delicate, just like a boiled yam. Plus, it’s not too oily in your palate. 

Be early at 137 Tampines Street 11, #01-07, Tampines Round Market and Food Centre, Singapore, 521137. 


Kuai San Dian Xin

Kuai San Dian Xin in Tampines


Dim sum is a go-to meal for any Singaporeans or even foreign guests. Kauai San Dian Xin is one of the affordable spots for this dish. It serves daily for 24 hours. 

Residents highly suggest ordering the Fried Carrot Cake. Every bit has a delightful crisp with a flavourful hit of hae bee hiam. Also, they dish out a healthy selection of fluffy bao. Finally, coffee Pao and Custard Pao is a must-try, especially if you’re up for something sweet in your tongue. 

Experience what locals love to eat at 878C Tampines Avenue 8, Singapore, 520878. 


Sweet What to Eat in Tampines: Three’s A Crowd

Three’s A Crowd in Tampines


Three’s A Crowd is a little cafe housed under a housing estate. It is a feast in the eye since it has modern and vibrant decor. Also, it entices ice cream lovers with its multi-coloured food. If you crave sweets and colds, this place answers what to eat in Tampines. It sells out homemade ice cream, waffles, and gourmet milkshakes. 

Their best-selling is Pandan Waffles, which comes with a golden-brown crust but with a bright green shade on the inside. It is soft and fluffy on the inside while crispy on the outside. Also, their Salted Caramel Ice Cream is a must-have. The taste is well-balanced – creamy and smooth with a tinge of saltiness. 

Indulge your guilty pleasures at 802 Tampines Avenue 4, #01-11, Singapore, 520802. 


Al Mahboob Indian Rojak

Al Mahboob Indian Rojak


Al Mahboob offers an array of freshly prepared food choices at the counter. All ingredients came from scratch, like prawn fritters and handmade dough balls. Also, there are ngoh hiang, fishcakes, and tofu. Once fried, it comes with a garnish of onions and cucumbers. The best part is that you get to pick what goes on your plate. 

Patrons recommend ordering the highly addictive Indian rojak sauce. The peanut sauce has a nice balance of sweets and savoury. 

Experience creating your dish at 300 Tampines Avenue 5, #01-02, Income @ Tampines Junction, Singapore, 529653. 


Teo Kee Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle

Teo Kee Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle in Tampines


Despite having the name of mushroom minced pork noodle, the shop is famous for its Pork Ribs Noodles. It is a hearty breakfast bowl with herbal five-spice noodles. The tender pork ribs are easy to yield with chopsticks. Moreover, it lets you pull all the meat off the bones clean. 

Nevertheless, Teo Kee is still the best what to eat in Tampines with Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles. It is a lighter breakfast option with a serving of minced pork and braised shiitake mushroom. However, if you wish to try a bit of everything, it is possible. Order the Set Noodle, and you get a piece of each ingredient, such as pork ribs, chicken leg, chicken wing, and egg. 

Enjoy your bowl at 137 Tampines Street 11, Tampines Round Market and Food Centre, #01-05, Singapore, 522137. 

The food guide on what to eat in Tampines shows some hawkers and eating places to see. Get more of this when you visit Singapore or this area. 

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