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What to Eat in Simei: Delightful Eastpoint Mall

You visit the eastern part of Singapore, and there you find another place where you can satisfy your hunger and your taste for adventure. Let’s discover what to eat in Simei. It is a small neighbourhood that has well-developed facilities and amenities. From houses, schools, churches, hospitals, restaurants and shopping centres. One of these is the EastPoint Mall.

Eastpoint Mall

A vibrant shopping mall you can find beside Simei MRT station, The EastPoint mall holds different shops, including one of the largest pet stores in Asia called The Pet Safari. It is also the home of a variety of educational and enrichment centres.

The mall was completed in November 1996 and officially opened in January 1997. From then on, it stood the test of time and now caters to different shops and stalls. It is a one-stop shop as it has almost everything that the locals need.

But what excites foodies the most is the 4th level, where the food court is. On what to eat in Simei, the food court is home to many popular and delicious foods. That is why you should expect a crowd of people, especially during peak times. Adding to this crowd are the fans of Malaysia Boleh, which opened its 3rd branch in EastPoint Mall.

Malaysia Boleh

This famous hawker store offers delicious authentic Malaysian food. Owned by the Fei Siong Group, Malaysia Boleh already has three outlets. One in Jurong Point, one is in AMK Hub, and the 3rd one is in Simei Eastpoint Mall.

On what to eat in Simei, This hawker store gives their customers a nostalgic ambience that will feel like you have time travelled back in the 1960s. They give pushcarts and stalls a vintage Malaysian street look. Each booth that they have has more than 20 years of history. Fei Siong Group carefully chose the best Malaysian hawker food and brought it up together. They convinced the owners of the secret recipes to allow them to reproduce the dishes. And they promised to keep the recipe a secret. That is why the ingredients and sauces are all prepared in their centralized kitchen—and finalized in their outlet.

Each outlet has more or less 20 stalls and pushcarts in total. They also offer a variety of dishes to choose from. So here is a quick glimpse of their popular words for you to have an idea before you head there.

Malaysia Boleh - What to eat in Simei

Credit: https://malaysiaboleh.com.sg/

Klang Bak Kut Teh

This famous meat bone tea dish recipe is known to originate in Klang. Hence the name Klang Bak Kut The. Malaysia Boleh’s version made their performance stand out with different versions of Bak Kut Teh all over Singapore. In addition, they made their Bak Kut Teh healthier by serving an herbal version.

The pork is simmered patiently in an aromatic broth filled with garlic, Chinese herbs and spices. It also has the following ingredients: pig innards, Chinese mushroom, tau pok and tau kee. The broth has a deep savoury flavour with a slight herbal taste.

Klang Bak Kut Teh in Simei

Credit: https://www.misstamchiak.com/jia-bin-klang-bak-kut-teh/

Petaling Street Claypot Chicken Rice

Next to the Klang Bak Kut Teh stall in Malaysia Boleh in Simei is the Petaling Street Claypot Chicken Rice. The stall will welcome you with a lovely earthy aroma. Now, the delicious scent will tear you on choosing where to order first.

They serve the chicken rice in a traditional clay pot. Then, they mix Dark soy sauce and sesame oil in the lovely combination of rice and chicken. Completing the whole dish, you will see spring onions, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese sausage and salted fish on top of the dish. The aromatic and soft rice and the flavourful chicken will make you want to eat more. And if you want it to be spicy, their chilli is the best pair for this dish.

Petaling Street Claypot Chicken Rice in Simei

Credit: https://funntaste.com/top-10-places-for-claypot-chicken-rice-kl-pj/

KL Hokkien Mee

In Malaysia, Boleh uses thick udon noodles rather than the thick yellow noodles in their Hokkien Mee. And that makes their version different from others. Nevertheless, the Malaysia Boleh fans enjoy this dish.

They cover the udon noodles with dark gravy. The very dark sauce is overflowing with flavours. It complements the udon noodles well. Then finally, topping the dish with shrimp, meats and vegetables.

KL Hokkien Mee

Credit: https://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/kl-hokkien-mee

Hong Kee Pork Noodles

They fill the bowl of noodles with different ingredients. The broth has a light but savoury taste. The hot broth gives out a rainy day must-dish feel to it.

The dish comprises meatballs, pig innards, minced pork, and vegetables. These ingredients enhance the flavour of the broth. And also it complemented the springy noodles well. They must have spent a reasonable amount of time making the broth to bring out that wonderful taste.

Hong Kee Pork Noodles in Simei

Credit: https://jotarofootsteps.blogspot.com/2016/09/yummy-bamboo-wantan-noodles-hong-kee.html

Ah Poon Traditional Bak Zhang

There are two variations of their Bak Zhang. They have the traditional, and they also have the one with salted egg. The recipe of their Ah Poon Traditional Bak Zhang is from Ah Poon 386 Traditional Bak Zhang in Penang. So you do not have to travel to Penang to have a taste of this yummy dish.

They skillfully wrapped flavourful glutinous rice in banana leaf. The banana leaf contributes to the aroma and taste of the dish perfectly. The Hokkien-style dumplings are delicious ingredients like pork belly, dried shrimp, mushrooms and chestnuts.

Ah Poon Traditional Bak Zhang in SimeiCredit: Thttps://www.womensweekly.com.sg/gallery/food/different-types-traditional-bak-chang-singapore/

Selamat Fried Oyster

This delicious oyster omelette recipe came from the Kah Kah Fried oyster stall. That stall is famous, and you can find it on Lor Selamat in Penang. Malaysia Boleh again saved fans from the long travel and brought this dish here in Simei for everyone to enjoy.

They fry fragrant oyster omelette on high heat. The starchy batter holds the oysters well. It has the right thickness that gives out a fantastic texture to the dish. The egg is fluffy and moist. At the same time, the oysters are fresh and juicy. They serve the dish with chilli sauce on the side. So you can dip your fried oyster for extra spiciness.

Selamat Fried Oyster - What to eat in Simei

Credit: https://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Restaurant_Review-g298303-d918766-Reviews-Lorong_Selamat_Fried_Oyster_Char_Hor_Fun-George_Town_Penang_Island_Penang.html


Save the best for last, as they all say in our list of what to eat in Simei. But for this situation, let us save the most refreshing dish for later. Malaysia Boleh serves a very refreshing Teow-chew style Chendol that is perfect on a hot day. Their recipe came from a famous family-owned stall in Penang that has been up for decades.

Spoil yourself with a bowl of shaved iced topped with different delicious ingredients. In the bowl and the ice, you will see the green Chendol jelly and red beans. It is then mixed with coconut milk and drizzled with a generous amount of gula Melaka. Finally, they make the green Chendol with pandan leaves. Thus giving it a lovely aroma and taste.

Whether craving something warm on a rainy day or something cool on a sunny day, you can always visit Malaysia Boleh. It is also best to go there after strolling the streets of Simei. And devour their delicious traditional Malaysian dishes.

#04-04 EastPoint Mall, 3 Simei Street, Singapore 528833

Chendol - What to eat in SimeiCredit: https://eatbook.sg/chendol-singapore/


Here are the places on what to eat in Simei. They have a lot of dishes with distinct and different flavours that will make you crave more. So make sure to add these to your list once you decide to pass by the neighbourhood. Also, visit one of the licensed moneylenders here in the area, like Cash Mart. It can provide you with instant cash loans and can avail of their low-interest personal loan.

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