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What to Eat in Rochor: Must-Try Zi Char Dishes

Find out what to eat in Rochor? How to describe it? It has a lot of parks and greenery. It is also the home of multi-coloured residential buildings and retail complexes. Rochor is a two-square-kilometre area with an estimated over 30,000 people.

It is a planning area within the Central Area of the Central part of Singapore. It is further divided into ten areas. The area includes Rochor Canal, Kampong Glam, and Bencoolen.

Many tourists would visit it due to its unique offerings. Products like ethnic ornaments, flower garlands, and patterned sarees are available. In what to eat in Rochor, One of its most famous visiting attractions is the shopping centres. These include The Verge, before known as Tekka Mall, and Tekka Centre.



Zi Char

The colours of temples, churches, and mosques coexist with the spices of Zi chars. Zi Chars, or Tze Char, translates to cook and fry in Hokkien terms. In what to eat in Rochor, Usually, your order is on their menu, and they prepare it on the spot.

Cultures and people in Singapore influenced the roots of Zi Char dishes. Most of these dishes are in hawker centres and Kopitiams. These places are some of the favourite locations of the Chinese people for meet-ups.

These places are in the heartlands of Singapore. Some examples are Chinese, Malay, and Indian. Here are some dishes you should try when you don’t know what to eat in Rochor.

Zi Char

Taste Good

One of the most famous Zi Char dishes is in Taste Good. What is Taste Good, you ask? In what to eat in Rochor, it is one of the best stores that offer Zi Char dishes!

Salted Egg Diced Chicken with Rice

One of their best sellers includes the Salted Egg Diced Chicken with Rice. This dish is exquisite in taste and price. Its flavour mixes with the rich texture and taste of the chicken. The dish used vegetables to make the course whole. The rice is also soft and delicious since it has an amazing aroma. Its price is also easy to come by, at 7.30 Singaporean dollars.
Salted Egg Diced Chicken with Rice
Another of Taste Good’s best sellers is the Butter Pork Ribs with Rice. The rich texture of the pork ribs is noticeable within its first look. The pork is also easy to eat with its soft texture. It makes the meat easier to remove from the ribs. Also, the dish used spices to uplift the dishes’ taste. The dish has a price of 7.40 Singaporean dollars.
The Spicy Lemongrass Sliced Fish with Rice is one of Taste Good’s best sellers. This is one of the favourite dishes of the public due to its spicy and unique taste. The dish tickles the consumer’s tongue with spices one can love. The spicy fish is one of the public’s favourites. It has an authentic spicy flavour and is neither mild nor spicy.

Butter Cheese Diced Chicken with Rice

Another recipe Taste Good presents is the Butter Cheese Diced Chicken with Rice. The buttery flavour of the chicken overwhelms your mouth with the burst of its herbs and spices. The dish has a price of 8.00 Singaporean dollars.  Some of the customers have different preferences for their spicy foods. This dish caters for most of the customers due to its rich flavour. It also perfects the execution of the dishes’ spiciness. 

These are some of the dishes in Taste Good. The address of this store is 1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, Bugis, City Hall, Lower Central, Singapore. Their contact number is +65 9387 1000. The store is open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Their delivery schedule is also open daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
Taste Good
Credit: tid

Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant

In what to eat in Rochor, another restaurant was found as the Hot Spot Café restaurant. This store also caters to Zi Char dishes. This restaurant has a wide range of food courses from seafood, meat, and vegetables. However, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the Deep Fried Pork Trotter with Fresh Mango. This dish has a unique taste with its savoury flavour combined with the sweetness of the mango.
The recipe also has vegetables to provide healthier components to the customer. The Curry Fish Head is another best seller of the Hot Spot Café. The dish captures the sweet and savoury taste of the natural curry. Its thick broth is easy to drink, with its rich flavour mixed with assorted vegetables.

Deep-Fried Crispy Duck

Another best-selling dish of the Hot Spot cafe is the Deep Fried Crispy Duck. If you have not yet tasted duck meat, this is the perfect time to indulge in its rich flavour.

This dish includes a fried duck with its accommodating side vegetables and sauce. Even though it is simple in nature, its taste is out of this world. The Tom Yum Fried Fish is one of its famous meals due to its robust flavour.
The combination of the dish with its rice makes the meal whole and preferred by most customers. The majority of social media coins this dish as one of the most buzz-worthy meals. Another dish the Hot Spot Cafe is proud of is the Seafood White Bee Hoon.

When mixed, their flavours complement each other and form a unique taste. The Hot Spot Cafe’s contact number is 65 6835 7752. This restaurant is in the Burlington Square shopping centre below Bencoolen Street.

Hotspot Cafe in Rochor

Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant

Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant is another successful restaurant that offers Zi Char dishes. One of its bestsellers is the Chinese Char Kway Teow or white flat noodles fried with egg. Some say that the hardest dishes to master are the simplest dishes to make.
Simple fried noodles with eggs are one of the restaurant’s most famous dishes. It captures the dishes’ simplicity by adding the rich, savoury taste of the broth.

Another of the restaurant’s best-sellers is the Seafood Sheng Mian. This dish includes fried noodles with shrimp and certain vegetables. This dish is one of the most famous recipes of the restaurant due to its influence on social media.

Another famous dish of the restaurant is the Chili Crab. When you open the shell of the crab, the meat is flavorful. When you dip the meat in the sauce, the flavour boosts. Thus, the taste of the crab with the side dishes comprises the whole flavour of the dish.

Hor Fun

Another dish that established the restaurant’s credibility is the Hor Fun. They cater many versions of Hor Fun, from seafood to full-fried meat Hor Funs. The Fatty’s Seafood Hor Fun is definitely worth it with its affordable price. Its price is comparable to other cheap dishes, but this dish’s silver lining is its generosity.

This dish comes with generous portions of seafood and vegetables. You cannot deny that this recipe’s statement, Quality over Quantity, is useless. This is because a large number of ingredients are delicious as well.

If you are looking for a restaurant for Hor Fun, you definitely must visit this restaurant. Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant’s address is 175 Bencoolen Street in Burlington Square.

Hotspot: Wing Seong Fatty in Rochor

Boat Noodle Express

Our final restaurant is the Boat Noodle Express. This restaurant was known as Noodle Cafe-Thai Boat Noodles. Based on its previous name, the restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine. Why is it called Boat Noodles, you ask? Well, it is because many food vendors in Thailand prepare and sell their wares from boats.

Pork Special Boat Noodle

Even though Boat Noodle Express does not serve their food from a boat, you can feel like you are. The Pork Special Boat Noodle is one of their specialities. This dish comprises glass noodles with slices of pork, meatballs, and beansprouts.
The texture of the noodles compliments the broth. The flavour of the pork and meatballs also uplifts the broth’s taste. In addition, the beansprouts provide a unique taste to the dish with its earthy flavour. Another pride of the restaurant is the Pork Tom Yum Noodle Dry. This dish comprises their special Tom Yum mixture with Thai spices.
Boat Noodle Express
The Beef Tom Yum is also famous in this restaurant since it provides authentic Thai cuisine. This recipe utilizes beef as its major ingredient compared to the previous dish. You can control the amount of chilli to accommodate the level of spiciness you want. The restaurant also provides milk tea since it experienced the café industry.

Signature Thai Ice Milk Tea

One of their speciality is the Signature Thai Ice Milk Tea. It captures the thick texture of natural milk tea. This beverage helps the customers to mitigate the spiciness of their main entrée. Their beverages are best enjoyed with certain side dishes. One of their bestsellers is the Mini Fish Wanton.

The Mini Fish Wanton’s wanton were crispy and flavorful. With the help of the chilli sauce, the side dish feels complete. The Boat Noodle Express’s address is 118 Rivervale Drive in Rivervale Plaza. The store is open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Their contact number is 90688060.

Signature Thai Ice Milk Tea in Rochor


The Taste Good restaurant offers various Salted Egg Yolk Flavored Dishes. The Butter Pork Ribs with Rice is one of their bestsellers. The Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant offers authentic Thai dishes for the masses. Their Tom Yum Fried Fish is one of their most famous dishes on social media.

The Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant provides a variety of Hor Fun for its customers. People on social media like these varieties because of the dishes’ unique differences. This restaurant also provides cold beverages such as milk teas. These beverages assist others in relieving the spiciness from their main dishes.

These restaurants are some places to visit when looking for a great place to eat in Rochor. They also represent the hard-working people in Rochor. The unique flavouring that these restaurants have is due to their use of Wok Hei. What is Wok Hei? It is the smoky flavouring resulting in the processes within the wok.
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