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What to Eat in Paya Lebar: Great Food Choice

People living in Singapore know how good what to eat in Paya Lebar. Some are even close enough to walk from the Paya Lebar MRT Station. Nearby malls house restaurants serving mouthwatering dishes. Paya Lebar Square, Singpost Centre, and Paya Lebar Quarter are the neighbouring spots to visit. 

Here is a compiled list of food choices to help you find out what to eat in Paya Lebar. So try it out, and you’ll definitely be going home with a new favourite place. 

Must-Visit For What To Eat In Paya Lebar

Here is the must-try grub to satisfy your palate and tummy. 

Western Mahua Noodles



Western Mahua Noodles is a famous noodle chain from China. Its speciality is the extra thin, hand-pulled noodles. Also, it is a food place serving halal, handmade la mian in the East. 

Their best-tasting dish is the Signature Bone Broth Beef La Mian. The extra-thin noodles soaked up in an aromatic broth. Also, the soup is from three kilograms of bones to stew in one kilo. As a result, it has a deeper body and flavourful taste. Plus, it comes in an original flavour and spicy version. 

Their Braised Beef La Mian is another must-have. It has more flavour infused in the soup. In addition, it carries a taste of rich dark soy sauce, which complements well with the fatty beef pieces. 

Spoon your noodles at 10 Paya Lebar Road, B2-28 PLQ Mall, Singapore, 409057. 

Yakiniku Like 

yaikiniku like in Paya Lebar


Yakiniku Like is an affordable Japanese Yakiniku in Singapore. It serves quick and solo dining as well as group feasts. 

If you’re budget-conscious but crave such food, this is the best what to eat in Paya Lebar for you. The set meals come with rice, a protein of your choice, salad, and soup. Nonetheless, you can also order the Tontoro 100g if you have more funds with you. The pork is deliciously juicy and melty, which is definitely worth your money. 

Have your fast yakiniku fix at 10 Paya Lebar Road, B1-28, PLQ Mall, Singapore, 409507. 

Fong Sheng Hao

fong-sheng-hao in Paya Lebar


Fond Sheng Hao is a big name known as Taiwanese Toast Cafe. It started from Taipei Shilin Night Market. 

Their best-seller is TW Special Pork Patty. It is a thick cut of minced pork patty with a soft and refined texture. Also, it has a sweet blend and a generous amount of melty cheese. The milk loaves soak in New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra’s premium NZMP butter. Then, it toasted over charcoal fire upon serving. 

Other top-selling food choices are Potato Special, Pork Egg & Cheese, Spicy Pork Egg & Cheese, and Pork Floss Egg & Cheese. 

Pair up your meal with their Fong Sheng Signature Milk Tea. It is a smooth and roasted black tea flavour. It is lightly sweetened to allow the tea aroma to shine through. Also, they serve a cup of coffee and Cane-flavoured Black Tea. Choose a drink that feels right in your mood. 

Enjoy the traditional charcoal-grilled toast at 10 Paya Lebar Road, B2-04, Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, Singapore, 409507. 

Cha Tra Mue

ChaTraMue in Paya Lebar


Cha Tra Mue is well-known as the Number One Brand Thai Tea. True to its name, it is a fact for Thailand itself. 

The shop serves various flavours that are truly heaven-sent. The most favoured Thai Milk Tea and Green Milk Tea, Thai Coffee, Matcha Milk, and Thai Tea / Milk Green Tea / Mix Softserve. Every glass is not too sweet nor too bitter. It has an excellent taste for milk tea lovers. Plus, it allows drinkers to adjust the sweetness. So order your preferred strength between 0%, 50%, and 100%. 

Sip in your milk tea at 10 Paya Lebar Road, #01-38, Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, Singapore, 409507. 

Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke

Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke in Paya Lebar


Chef Keisuke Takeda is a big name when searching for what to eat in Paya Lebar. As proof, he has three restaurants in the same mall. One of them is Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke. It delivers a menu of Japanese deep-fried snacks. 

The classic breaded pork cutlet has a shio koji coating. It is a Japanese rice yeast marinade which tenderises the pork. Also, it enhances the umami flavours at the same time. 

Their fast-selling menu is the Shiokoji Pork Loin Katsu Set 200g. The meat has a subtle tinge of fermented flavour from the shio koji. The best part of it all is the 12 different meat sauces. The free-flow salad bar is a bonus. 

Bring yourself into a Japan vibe at 60 Paya Lebar Road, #01-02/03/04, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore, 4095051. 

Egg Stop

Egg Stop In Paya Lebar


Egg Stop is an all-day breakfast spot of what to eat in Paya Lebar. It is a takeaway outlet that offers arrays of sandwiches filled with eggs. Every order uses rectangular sandwich holders. Egg Stop’s Gilgeori toasts are like Korean street toasts nestled in the boxes. 

The most impressive selection is the Beef Teriyaki. The sandwich has a whole oozy yolk balanced on top of caramelised onions and stir-fried marinated beef. Another best-seller is the Chicken Ham & Cheese. In between are pairs of sweet ham with a generous amount of scrambled eggs. The thick, fluffy slices of buttered milk toast keep the filling intact. Also, it offers a classic breakfast flavour. 

Have your breakfast any time of the day at 60 Paya Lebar Road, #01-62, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore, 4095051. 

Wursthans Switzerland

Wursthans Switzerland in Paya Lebar


Wursthans Switzerland dishes out Swiss cuisine in hearty choices. In addition, the restaurant sports a diversity of meat servings ranging from rotisserie chicken to grilled wurst to meatloaf. 

The main pride of the place is Plätzli Meal. It is a traditional Swiss fave and a version of schnitzel. It is a piece of meat that is pounded and tenderised until thin. Afterwards, it is coated in the batter to fry until golden brown and crispy. 

Another menu loved by customers is the Build Your Own Swiss Meal. Diners have the option to mix and match their preferred protein, sauces, and sides. 

Make your version of the Swiss dish at 10 Paya Lebar Road, #01-39, PLQ Mall, Singapore, 409507. 

Paya Lebar offers a dining experience with various cuisines. So, it is the answer to any of your cravings. Luckily, we have a list of what to eat in Paya Lebar to ease your search for the best spot. 

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