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What to Eat in Orchard: Top 7 Food Choices

Are you looking for a perfect place for a family weekend? Do you want to catch up with your friends in one afternoon? Are you searching for a relaxing spot for you and your colleagues to chill? 

Orchard Road, Singapore, got it all for you. The place itself offers a long list of shopping malls and exquisite hotels. Also, it houses an adventurous food tripping of what to eat in Orchard. 

So, call your family and friends to celebrate the special occasion in the place. Take note of these top 7 food choices preferred by locals. 

Orchard Road, Singapore

Orchard, Singapore, was formerly known as Orchard Road. It is one of the most visited locations. In fact, it is popular to be Singapore’s most beloved shopping district. 

Furthermore, Orchard Road has thousands of establishments. Therefore, it is present to offer the ultimate lifestyle experience a person ever dreamt of and what to eat in Orchard.

The Orchard Road at Singapore


Perfect Shopping Spot

Orchard Road is a shopper’s paradise. Many flock to the area to see the famous shopping precinct. It is over 2 km long with 3 MRT stops: Orchard, Dhoby Ghaut, and Somerset. Nevertheless, you can shop around by walking between malls and shopping centres. 

Ion Orchard, Orchard Central, Wisma Atria, Orchard Gateway, and Plaza Singapura are just a few of the best shopping. So it’s no surprise why it is well-known as the street for retail therapy. 

Shopping Centers in Orchard Road, Singapore


Amazing Hotel Accommodation

Aside from the shopping escapade, Orchard has the best weekend getaway spots. Hotels are available for locals and travellers to stay. It brings out relaxation after a long day of a shopping spree and food adventure. 

The most booked accommodations in the area are JEN Singapore, Shangri-La Singapore, Quincy Hotel, and Four Seasons Hotel. In addition, Holiday Inn Express, Yotel Singapore, and Mercure Singapore on Stevens are also within the location. Having reservations in these places makes shopping and dining more fun and exciting.

Hotels in Orchard Road Credit:

Ultimate Food Choices

Meetups with your friends are more memorable if accompanied by a great meal. And Orchard has all of what you might be craving for. The shopping belt has everything from boutiques, malls, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. The bustling boulevard caters to residents and tourists looking for a dining paradise.

So, don’t hesitate to bring your family to the area. First, choose your preferred meal of the day. Then, go around the street. Find out more about what to eat in Orchard with the list below. 

Greats Meals in Orchard Road


Tourist’s Bet On What To Eat In Orchard

Whether a local or a newcomer in Orchard, you must try out the most recommended eating street. Then, delve more into the place by indulging in the top food choices of what to eat in Orchard, Singapore. 

My Favourite Cafe 

My Favourite Cafe is popular with office workers. It allows customers to pick the ingredients for their Yong Tau Foo bowl. Also, the chef prepares every meal by putting deep-fried ingredients in a separate bowl. The gesture prevents the other elements from turning soggy in the soup. 

The menu Yong Tau Foo may have several variables depending on your preference. You can add up a crispy wonton skin and mee kia. The springy noodle with eggy flavour goes well with the umami broth. It is a wholesome taste compared to MSG-filled soups. 

On top of the famed soup bowls, My Favourite Cafe offers dry versions too. In addition, the fried meatballs and braised mushrooms are indeed a must-have. 

The meatballs are commendable for their crispiness. It has a little taste of the skin of Ikea’s deep-fried chicken wings. The texture is a perfect blend of hard on the outside yet tender on the inside. It’s like the meatball melts slowly in your mouth. 

Meanwhile, the braised mushroom is genuinely a bestseller. Again, the taste and quality are prominent. It is soft and chewy with an earthy aftertaste. 

Make your own bowl at 304 Orchard Road, #06-046/047, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

My Favourite Cafe: Yong Tau Foo At Orchard Road


The Marmalade Pantry at ION Orchard

The Marmalade Pantry is a casual dining American cafe. The place has an excellent name for conducting business meetings and gatherings. Also, it is suitable for a quiet dinner with the family. It is kid-friendly, too. 

The Marmalade Pantry offers impeccable treats and beverages. It has Asian-inspired dishes like Singapore Laksa, Kimchi Fried Rice, and Curry Barramundi. No wonder it’s one of the favourite restaurants in Singapore. 

Nevertheless, nothing beats the crowd’s favourites, such as The Marmalade Mac & Cheese, Seared Scallop & Prawn Pasta, and Spicy Crabmeat Pasta. 

Meanwhile, The Marmalade Club Sandwich and Truffle Beef Burger are the top snack choices. 

Plus, you can cap off your meeting with their unique desserts. The Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding, Hazelnut Cupcake, and Signature Cupcakes are the best sweets. 

Check out the sumptuous meals at 2 Orchard Turn, #04-11A, ION Orchard, Singapore. 

The Marmalade Pantry in Orchard



Japanese ramen continuously hit the market high. However, most of the in-demand ramen shops are pretty expensive. Fortunately, Nantsuttei saves you from satisfying your craving without going overboard on your budget.

 Nantsuttei Ramen is the signature dish you shouldn’t miss. It has a large piece of cha shu sitting atop the ramen noodles. Also, there are a generous amount of bean sprouts and spring onions. 

Moreover, the slightly darker broth bears a strong garlic fragrance. The broth came from simmered chicken bones, pork bones, pork bone marrow, and garlic. The black garlic oil intensifies the taste and thickens the broth. That’s what makes the bowl stand out. 

Marutoku Negi Chashu-me is another best-selling dish. The al dente noodles are topped with six pieces of cha shu and julienned spring onions. The combination adds a contrasting texture and freshness to the bowl. 

If you’re a spicy lover, Dragon Ramen is what you need to order. However, it is not suitable for faint-hearted people. The bowl has a sprinkle of spring onions and house-made spicy sauce with the same broth. 

Nantsuttei does not use chilli oil. Instead, it makes its own sauce. It comprises minced pork, Chinese chilli bean paste, chilli padi, cayenne pepper, and Japanese sake. Although not red, the spiciness slowly creeps up to the throat. 

Visit the place at 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #07-12/13, Singapore 288896

Nantsuttei: Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen


Walking On Sunshine At Orchard Central

Walking On Sunshine is not your typical shop. Aside from its garden-themed cafe set-up, it is also a hair salon. In addition, the all-day breakfast cafe caters to several private functions, family dinners, and romantic dates. 

If you’re going to indulge yourself with relaxation, Walking on Sunshine is a great choice. The place serves delicious Korean fusion food and desserts. Also, it offers trendy and unique drinks. And take note, all of these are from natural ingredients. So, it is like the shop if feeding not only your tummy but your soul as well. 

The best-selling drinks here are coconut smoothie coffee and Dalgona coffee. Nonetheless, the all-time favourite Ginseng smoothie is still greatly recommended. 

You can enjoy sipping on your drinks and savouring meals while surrounded by the view of plants and flowers. These add to the relaxation that everyone wants. 

Have a taste of their menu at 181 Orchard Road, #03-07, Orchard Central, Singapore.

Walking On Sunshine Credit:

I Want My Noodle

I Want My Noodle is a restaurant that must be on your itinerary. The place serves Indonesia Bak Mee, wherein the egg noodles are hand-mixed dough every morning. So, it’s no surprise the price is not relatively low. 

The most suggested meal is Bak Chor Mee. It is a bowl filled with curly noodles topped with minced meat and braised shiitake mushrooms. Also, it has soft-boiled eggs, spring onions, lard and fried shallots. Every element of the dish brings justification for why it is on the top list of places to visit. 

The next top food choice is My Lor Bah Noodle. The menu comprises noodles rich in sambal with hae bee hiam on the side, which is optional if you are weak in spice handling. In addition, the Japanese-style braised pork belly is a huge slab. It is delicately marinated and paired with two pieces of shiitake mushrooms and a braised hard-boiled egg. 

Last but not least is the My Truffle Oil Noodle. The strong wave of truffle aroma is so inviting. No wonder many customers order this. The soft-boiled eggs on top of the noodles and buttery truffle look so appetising. 

Savour the delicious meal at 1 Scotts Road, 03-14/15, Shaw Centre, Singapore. 

I Want My Noodle


Little Sheep Hot Pot 

If hotpot is your family’s fave cuisine, then Little Sheep Hot Pot is the place to visit. The restaurant started in the early 2000s in Inner Mongolia. It is quite innovative compared to the hotspot scene in China. It’s all because it has no dipping sauce. 

Little Sheep Hot Pot has a flavourful broth. The soup base is savoury from seven special spices and mutton from its origin. Plus, it retains its signature flavour even after long hours of preparation and boiling. And it has been consistent for over 18 years. 

The signature dish of the house is the Four Mushroom Soup. The taste is earthy with a little bit of spice. Meat lovers can enjoy the wide array of dishes perfect for the hotpot. Also, the Australia Sirloin Beed Cubes have a rich buttery flavour. It absorbs all the spices from the soup, bringing out the mild spicy kick of the meat. 

Most importantly, the Lamb Roll is the most raved option for the hotpot. Rolled into small tubes is the paper-thin slice of lamb. That’s why the meat cooks quickly and soaks all the broth’s flavour easily.

Grab the opportunity to have steamed meals like this at 277 Orchard Road, #B1-13, Orchard Gateway, Singapore.

Little Sheep Hot Pot in Lucky Plaza Credit:

Wonderland Savour At Wisma Atria

Wonderland Savour is another excellent place to unwind in between shopping trips. The site screams sophistication to cater to casual dining and romantic dates. Moreover, it is big enough to handle business meetings and large parties. So, it’s no surprise it is a good spot when finding what to eat in Orchard. 

The menu at Wonderland Savour consists of cafe fare jazzed but with upscale ingredients. Some of these are aioli, foie gras, and Iberico ham. Also, it boasts its specialities like Egg Confit and Dashi Risotto. The exciting fusion brings diners together to enjoy a meal together. 

The Egg Confit is an excellent appetiser because of its unique mouthfeel texture. It includes eggs, truffle jus, crispy potato, and potato mousseline. The hearty potatoes and light eggs seem unlikely to fit but are worth trying. 

Meanwhile, the Dashi Risotto has Miso Chicken Dashi. It also includes seaweed furikake, mushroom, and arborio rice. It is an undeniable fusion you never thought was delicious. The menu puts a Japanese spin on the classic Italian staple. 

For meat lovers, the Iberico Pork is a must-have. Every serving has earthy garlic chips with creamy aioli. And the buttery pork taste leaves you craving for more. You’ll keep eating until the last bite. 

Experience the sumptuous meals from the restaurant at 435 Orchard Road, #02=08/13, Wisma Atria, Singapore. 

Wonderland Savour (Wisma Atria)


In Conclusion

Orchard Road indeed brings everything you need within reach. From shopping centres to hotels, it has impressive food spots. Plus, it bridges the gaps between cuisines. Several restaurants and cafes serve fusion menus. These are just some of the top food choices you need to know about the place. There is more about what the area has to offer. But first, try out this list of what to eat in Orchard. 

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