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Delightful Tips on What to Eat in Macpherson

Macpherson is a small and humble neighbourhood located in Geylang. It consists mainly of housing estates and industrial areas between the districts of Paya Lebar and Aljunied. Also, it is accessible via Circuit MRT, Macpherson MR, Mattar MRT and Downtown line. The name came from Lieutenant Colonel Ronald MacPherson. It was formerly known as Jalan Klapa. The small area exudes quite a charm. Hidden in what to eat in Macpherson are food gems that are excellent and delicious. Some of these are only in the area. That’s why it is unique and a must to visit and try. Food lovers will enjoy and like the following places on the list.

KL Traditional Chilli Ban Mee

476 Macpherson Road

kl traditional chilli ban mee in Macpherson


Up for a challenging spicy food? KL Traditional Ban Mee has a 5 level of spiciness. Their fiery red chilli is always available at their counter. You can choose the level of spiciness yourself. But a heads up. Their chilli might be spicier than you think. It is safe to start with level 1 first and work from there. You also have three noodle choices. They have Ban Mee, Mee Poohs and Mee Kia.

Abalone Combi Chilli Ban Mee

 They have a simple menu, so it is easier to decide on what to order. Signature Abalone Combo Chilli Ban Mee is the most popular on their menu. Both dry and soup versions are available. A delicious bowl of soup has a dry version. It has an incredible umami and seafood taste. The soup complements the dry version of the dish well.

 The place has a clean and white interior that is relaxing and homey. It has a spacious space, which makes it look cleaner. Their staff is also friendly, polite and approachable. They are always greeting customers who come in and out with eagerness. A welcoming environment after a long day or even to start your day is what they are. The best what to eat in Macpherson to cap off a night.

Tasty What To Eat In Macpherson: Iron Supper Club

9 Jalan Wangi

iron supper club in Macpherson


Chef Heman Tan, a local celebrity, own the restaurant. He is famous for training in the Ironman Triathlete marathon. So that settles where the name “Iron “is for the restaurant’s name. But for having Supper in their name, they sure do close early. Iron Supper Club closes as early as 10 pm.

Chef Tan is a believer in healthy living. A reason why his dishes are rich in protein. Also, the carbohydrate content of each plate is controlled. His menu shows a fusion of east and west dishes with a Singaporean touch.

Rice Bowls

Start your meal with an addictive Cheese Fritter. Biting on its crispy and light batter will lead you to its creamy cheese. Also, it served an Asian Salad, Extra virgin Olive oil and Camembert Balsamic Reduction. After that delicious appetiser, one of their star dishes is the 3-in-1 rice bowl. Every component of this dish has a great texture and taste. Chicken Katsu is crispy, while the Char Siew is tender. Both are flavorful and delicious. Blackberry rice is tasty, and they are serving a generous portion of it. Included also in the bowl are corn, broccoli, and egg.

What To Eat In Macpherson: Himalaya Kitchen

518 Macpherson Road

himalaya kitchen in Macpherson


Himalaya Kitchen is one of the best Indian restaurants in what to eat in Macpherson. It serves Indian food with a Himalayan twist. In addition, they serve delicious Royal Indian and Nepalese cuisines. The ambience of this place is cosy and fresh. It is perfect to have a meal with your family, friends, and your special someone. But you can also dine alone and not feel lonely because their staff are friendly and approachable.

Their menu is as fresh as their ambience is well organised and easy to read. Royal and traditional Himalaya experiences are present. The pleasant background music from Nepal and India completes the atmosphere. 


Yummy Set Meals

Start your meal with a comforting soup. Tomato, mushroom, and chicken are the choices of soups. Followed by a starter in which they have lots of options. For your main dish, you have chicken, mutton, tandoori, seafood, and vegetables. Set meals are also available on their menu.


Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacy

#01-17 Macpherson Mall, 401 Macpherson Road

chaun-ji-bakery in Macpherson


The bakery was started as a home business by Mr Chong Suan and his mother in 2013. The opening of the physical store in 2017 in Macpherson Mall. Mr Chong quit his job as an engineer to help his mother manage the business. 


Chuan Ji uses a 94 years old Hainanese recipe for their Su Yan Bing. It is a Hainanese mooncake, wherein Madam Nam Tong Lee is the owner of the recipe. Locals, especially the Hainanese community, love Chuan Ji Bakery. Countries such as Taiwan and Malaysia love the nostalgic taste of Hainanese mooncake. Therefore, Chuan Ji is receiving orders from them during the mooncake festival.


Mouthwatering Mooncake

A total of 13 ingredients go into the small mooncake. It undergoes a tedious and extensive preparation process. Lots of time and effort is given to baking the Hainanese mooncake. Mixtures of flavour are exploding inside the mooncake. It has a sweet, salty and peppery taste. Mr Chong also extended his menu and now serves meals like a pork chop and beef stew.


Hippo Family Restaurant

72 Circuit Road, #01-13

hippo family restaurant in Macpherson


The business started in 2009. Hippo Family Restaurant is popular with families and office workers around the area. The lady owner is firm about not opening an outlet since she knows that the F&B is a short workforce. Also, she does not want an outlet with unskilled chefs and servers due to lower food quality and service. She is bound to give her dinners the best quality of food and service.


True to its name, the restaurant is one of the top family restaurants in Singapore. The serving of affordable meals with generous portions. Everything is perfect for a get-together. Some dishes on their menu are Shrimp Paste Chicken, Curry Fish Head, and Sambal Kangkong.

Fish Curry Head

Expect a bigger and meatier fish head in the curry fish head. Fish is fresh and tasty with a spicy and savoury taste that oozes from the curry. There is also sourness coming from the tamarind. Other ingredients in the dish are cabbage, tau pok, long beans and lady’s fingers. They are serving it in a clay pot. It maintains the temperature of the food longer. 



Found what you have been craving for on the list of what to eat in Macpherson? Pack your bag and visit Macpherson now because all of these food gems are waiting for you.


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