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Hidden Gems: What to Eat in Little India

Little India is not entirely known to most Singaporeans. Only a few know about the nooks and crannies of the place. People rarely visit nor walk around the streets to explore. Some just go to the 24 Hour Mustafa Centre. Despite it, Little India boasts array of eateries. Some are simply lying in plain sight, while others are within the maze-like district. So first, find out the hidden gems of what to eat in Little India. Then, try it out to experience the vibrant and culturally infused town. 

The Banana Leaf Apolo

Banana Leaf Apolo is quite a name when it comes to the Indian food selection in Singapore. It has several outlets in the area. One is just beside the Little India Arcade branch, while the other one is at Parkway Parade. 

With its name, all their servings are on banana leaves. It is similar to the traditional way of serving food in India. Thus, it feels like you travel to the country. 

Their best-seller is the Apolo Fish Head Curry. Every serving comes with a large fish head that swims in a pool of tasty curry gravy. Also, Vegetable Fried Rice is fast-selling for plant-based diners. Aside from that, they also serve other North and South Indian fares such as tandoori chicken, mutton curry, and fried fish. 

The Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India


Be mesmerised by their mouthwatering dishes at 48 Serangoon Road, #01-32, Little India Arcade, Singapore, 217959. 

Moghul Sweet Shop

Give in to your sweet tooth craving at Moghul Sweet Shop. True enough, you’ll be satisfied with what to eat in Little India. 

Moghul Sweet Shop is famous for its decadent and technicoloured sweets. Often, it lures locals and even tourists to shop right away. What’s fun about the shop is that it’s a grab ‘n go spot. You can take all that you want. But avoid going during peak hours to prevent snaking queues. 

The most bought item is Gulab Jamun. It is a fried ball of dough dumped in syrup. It is big enough to split among friends to avoid getting sugar overload. On top of that, it serves other authentic North Indian sweets such as Laddoo, Mysore Pak, and Jilebi. Also, don’t leave without having a Samosa in your order. 

Moghul Sweet Shop in Little India


Enjoy a sweet treat at 48 Serangoon Road, #01-16, Little India Arcade, Singapore, 217959. 

Aromas of India

Aromas of India are the best what to in Little India for family treats. It is open day and night to serve a diverse menu to its customers. 

Their highly commendable Indian menu is Butter Chicken. It gives the palate a treat of luscious tomato butter gravy. Mop it off with their Garlic Naan. It came fresh out of the tandoor. In addition, the eatery dishes out flavourful curries and tandoori meats. The taste takes you to India without paying off a plane ticket. 

Complete a fulfilling meal with a sweet note of Gulab Jamun. It comprises deep-fried dough balls plunged into syrup. It is such a satisfyingly sweet dessert. 

Aromas of India - what to eat in Little IndiaCredit:

Take a bite of the sumptuous meal at 60 Race Course Road, Singapore, 218567.

Tamil Nadu Special Kudai Canteen

Finding what to eat in Little India on Sundays? Head on to Tamil Nadu Special Kudai Canteen. It is the hangout place of foreign workers while on their day off. 

Their spot is quite popular because of their tea or Masala Milk. Although the beverage serving comes in small paper cups, its flavour is perfect for the local palate. Some say the drink is sweet; others describe it as an understatement. So it is advisable to ask for an extra cup of hot water. Dilute the original serving, mainly if you’re not fond of the sweet taste.

Tamil Nadu Special Kudai Canteen in Little India


Order a hot sweet drink at Tamil Nadu Special Kudai Canteen, 672 Chander Road, 219557. 

Authentic What To Eat In Little India: Komala Vilas

The oldest what to eat in Little India is Komala Vilas. The Indian restaurant is a 69-year-old establishment dating back to 1947. It dishes out authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine. 

The speciality of Komala Vilas is Dosas. Here, the pancakes came out from rice batter and lentils. Order it plain at an affordable price. Then, dip it into sambar and chutney for extra flavour. Or you may spice things up by getting Masala Dosai. It is a pancake stuffed with mashed potatoes. For sure, you’ll go home full of all the carbohydrates served. 

Komala Vilas in Little India


Satisfy a carb lover’s dream at 76-78 Serangoon Road, Singapore, 217981. 

What To Eat In Little India: Meatsmith

What to eat in Little India that grills Indian-influenced barbecued meats? Meatsmith Little India is the answer. Based on its name, it focuses on serving BBQ. 

Their menu includes an array of dishes with unexpected ingredients. Savour into plates of Beef Brisket Chapati, Kerala Beef Short Rib, Crab and Tobiko Biryani, and Papadum. Most of these have a coating of smoked creme fraiche with ikura and tobiko on top. It is such a yummy dish that patrons highly recommend it. 

Meatsmith in Little India


Dig into overflowing meat goodness at Meatsmith Little India, 21 Campbell Lane, Singapore, 209894. 

Madras New Woodlands

Madras New Woodland has dished out delectable vegetarian food since 1983. It debunks the notion that plant-based meals are unappealing and dull. That’s why it stands out among the different vegetarian eateries in Little India. 

In addition, the South Indian restaurant treats every customer with a VIP thali meal. It means the selection of vegetables and curries are in mini metal pots. Yet all of these are served on a larger platter. Dining here requires bringing a friend to share the food. Or else, you might end up in a food coma. 

One of their finest items is the Mock Meat Biryani. The flavour and scents are as excellent as the real deal. Also, the Aloo Gobi Masala is something you shouldn’t miss. It is full of carbs like fried potatoes in spices and cauliflower. Also, there are vegetarian delights like paper dosa, parootha, appam, and curd vadai. So wash all your intakes down with a cup of Masala Chai. 

Madras New Woodlands in Little India


Savour a healthy what to eat in Little India at 12/14 Upper Dickson Road, Singapore, 207474. 

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