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Food Lover's Guide on What to Eat in Geylang

Geylang is famous for being the red light district of Singapore. But, aside from that, it is also the home of the oldest Malay settlement in Singapore, called Geylang Serai. This neighbourhood, located in the eastern part of Central Singapore, also offers a variety of delicious local dishes. That’s why many choices of where and what to eat in Geylang is available. 

I narrowed down the list of places where you can experience the best of what Geylang food has to offer. So let us get you started with this guide and try out delicious dishes.

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee

swee guan hokken mee in Geylang


It is still standing strong since 1968. The place is well known all around social media platforms. When finding what to eat in Geylang, this one pops out as the best Hokkien Mee in Singapore. You will always see a long queue of loyal customers that are willing for a dish of yummy Hokkien Mee. The stall is located in a coffee shop in Lorong 29.

The level of the charred aroma and smokiness of the dish lets you experience the distinctive taste of the wok hei. Another thing that caught my attention was the generous amount of toppings. The toppings include deshell shrimps, squid rings, deep-fried pork lard and sambal chilli. The shrimps are plump and fresh and have a naturally sweet flavour. At the same time, the squid rings contribute a chewy texture. The noodles that are equally coated in prawn stock are rich in flavour. 

Address: 549 Geylang Lorong 29, Singapore 389504

JB Ah Meng



When searching for what to eat in Geylang, this is one of the best Zi Char in Singapore. It used to be in one of the dark alleys of Lor 23. Then came the Michelin Guide Star in 2016. They relocated to a more spacious and better place in a corner coffee shop in Lor 30. When you ask their fans about JB Ah Meng, they will instantly say that you should try their White Pepper Crab.

Their star dish is indeed worth trying. I am telling you in advance that this is not a dish for someone lazy. But your effort will be rewarded with a delicious and savoury taste of the crab. The white pepper sauce is not overwhelming. The natural sweetness and freshness of the crab are coming out in every bite. The combination of the sauce and the crab is like a match made in heaven.

Address: 534 Geylang Road Lorong 30 Singapore 389490

Eminent Frog Porridge



If you ask locals what to eat in Geylang, they’ll suggest these famous stalls, but Eminent Frog Porridge stood out the most. Even the Michelin Gourmand noticed them. Their delicious zi char dishes such as Frog Porridge, Frog Kung Pao and Fried Crab with Pepper are a must to try.

What I like about their frog porridge is its consistency in texture. It is not too thick, but it is also not watery. And to add about its good quality is the taste. The dish has an overall savoury and well-marinated flavour.

Frog dishes are a good source of protein, and it helps us boost our stamina, especially the frog legs. Some also said that it could treat impotence amongst men. I am not sure about this, but it would not hurt to try. You will not regret it anyways as soon as you have a taste because it does taste great!

Address: 323 Geylang Road Lorong 19, Singapore 389359

Cheok Kee Duck Rice

cheok kee duck rice in Geylang


This famous stall has been serving delicious dishes for more than 30 years already as per the owner and the chef himself, Mr Ong. He started the business when he was just 19 years old. He learned how to make a braised duck from his ex-boss. And through the years, he mastered his skills, and now he is serving us some delicious dishes.

Cheok Kee is known for its delicious Braised Duck Rice. Every aspect of this dish is a star. The rice, the gravy and the duck are stand-out. The fragrant rice is cooked with broth which gives the rice a flavour. The sauce is sweet and savoury. 

Meanwhile, you can tell that the duck is cooked perfectly. It is soft and juicy. And you can make your dish spicy with their homemade chilli sauce. It took Mr Ong two years to create the perfect recipe for their chilli sauce. And as a result of those two years, we now have a satisfying chilli sauce to pair with our duck. So there’s no doubt why it is a highly recommended what to eat in Geylend. 

The location is 69 Geylang Bahru, #01-35 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 330069.

Kwong Satay

kwong satay in Geylang


Foodies that go to Geylang do not miss out on this stall. The traditional family recipe goes back to the 1960s. Chinese, Hainanese, Indian and Peranakan influence gives us their signature pork belly and pork loin satay. They also have mutton, chicken and beef satay.

The satay is marinated well with a variety of spices. And the grilling process is well supervised to ensure that the satay is not overcooked. The satay is tender and has a savoury, smoky taste. Their satay sauce stands out amongst the other satay sauce I have tried. Combining the freshly ground peanuts with the other ingredients that give a sweet and sour taste is perfect. Both the satay and the sauce harmonise well. You will want to have one stick after the other immediately. It is undoubtedly a must-visit when looking for what to eat in Geylang. 

Address: 517 Lorong 27A Geylang, Singapore 389473

Banh Mi Thit Vietnam

banh Mi Thit in Geylang


Also known as Banh MI Thit by Star Baguette, this place sells one of the cheapest banh mi in Singapore. But the price does not compromise the taste and quality of the food, as they serve delicious food. What keeps them from raising their price is because the cost of their banh mi is low. Also, they use homemade ingredients such as the bread itself. So aside from the price and taste, we are also assured of the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

They can make the crusty loaves hourly to serve us freshly baked and hot baguettes because they only offer banh mi on their menu. A single order is enough to cure your hunger because it comes in a respectable size with a generous portion of fillings. And they complete the food with their special sauce. What is in the sauce? It is a secret that they don’t want to share. But whatever is in it sure makes the food extra special. Pair it with their coffee, and you are good to go!

Address: 543 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389498

True enough, having a food trip in Singapore is satisfying. Every palate gets satisfied when you ask around what to eat in Geylang. Everything you ever need is just within the district. 

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