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What to Eat in City Plaza: Poon Nah City

City Plaza

City Plaza is a commercial centre that has been standing strong since 1972. With 18 floors high, It’s not difficult to look for what to eat in City Plaza because of its perfect location, which you can find at the intersection of the Tanjong Katong Estate and Geylang Road.

It is accessible as it is a few minutes walk from Paya Lebar MRT station. Also, some buses stop right in front of City Plaza. Private vehicles can access it by Geylang, Guillermo and Katong Road. It has many vintage stores and second-hand shops. Imagine all the thrift finds that you can see and buy.

This place exemplifies the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Because despite the shady exterior of the area, there are lots of great shops and stalls inside. 

City Plaza is one of the treasures that the West has to offer, especially for those who want to find a good find of old items at a very affordable price. So, pass on giving it a second thought.

Try to explore inside City Plaza to know and find out what to eat in City Plaza.

City Plaza SG


Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles

Ask locals what to eat in City Plaza, and they will suggest Poon Nah City. This place is well known for its delicious ban mian. They have been in business for over 20 years already. This place is one of the favourite go-to of the Easties for handmade noodles.

From the noodles to the toppings, Poon Nah City will spoil you with options. The choices of noodles are:

  • mee hoon kueh
  • ban mian
  • bee hoon
  • you mian
  • Gong Zai mee
  • cintan mee
  • misua
  • bean flour noodles

They also have other local delicacies that you can choose from their menu.

Even in the comfort of your own, you can still experience the same food which has gained them loyal customers.

Address: 810 Geylang Road, City Plaza, Unit 05-02, Singapore 409286

WhatsApp: 9154 3515 / 8338 2241

Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles


Prawn Mee Hoon Kueh

Prawn Mee Hoon Kueh is a traditional Hokkien dish that consists of mee Hoon Kueh noodles with toppings of prawns and Ikan Bilis soup. The soup is refreshing, along with the unshelled prawns, which complement well with the broth.

Suppose you like spicy food like me, and you could add sambal chilli to kick off spiciness. And you can also order some fried wontons on the side to pair with this dish. This dish reminds me of what my grandma used to cook for me when I was little. It is a humble dish with warmth and comfort in it.

Prawn Mee Hoon Kueh - What to eat in City PlazaCredit:

Abalone Clam Yu Mian

Abalone Clam Yu Mian is one of the most delicious yu mian I have ever tasted. I like trying out different places that serve this dish. Who would have known that customers could find this light and tasty dish in the underrated food court of City Plaza? It’s a good thing I have my Radar on for a dish like this.

It comprises abalone clams, mushrooms, minced meatballs, Ikan Bilis and vegetables. The texture of the noodles is nice and soft, which is why it is not tiring to eat. The soup is flavourful and light. In contrast, the abalone clam is chewy and tender but still maintains its fresh taste with a hint of its natural buttery and salty flavour.

Abalone Clam in City Plaza


Sliced Fish Ban Mian

This dish offers the same soup taste as the Abalone Clam Yu Mian. But, thanks to the Ikan Bilis, It is also flavourful and light. This unpretentious dish gives comfort in every bite.

The sliced fish has a fresh and deep flavour as deep as where it came from. Also, the thin ban mian noodles are perfect. The minced meat serves its purpose and adds flavour and texture to the dish. Order a serving of youtiao for a variety of textures or a sotong ball for that extra taste to go with your ban mian.

Sliced Fish Ban Mian in City PlazaCredit:

Fish Maw Gong Zai Mee

If you are looking for one of the most healthy and nutritious dishes on the list, here it is. Fish Maw Gong Zai Mee contains nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. It is also rich in protein. It helps to boost stamina and is also known as good food for healthier lungs and kidneys. It is the swim bladder of a large fish.

The fish maw here in Poon Nah City is fresh and does not have a fishy taste. It absorbs the flavour of the soup, which gives it a pleasant and fresh taste. They don’t use eggs in the soup. That is why you will have a bowl of nice clear soup. I love how the Gong Zai mee has the right thickness and texture.

Fish Maw Gong Zai Mee


Abalone Clam Cintan Mee in City Plaza

Abalone Clam Cintan Mee is a dish that is rich in protein. It is also a good source of antioxidants. And we all know that this is essential in keeping younger-looking skin.

Any dish with abalone is a must for me. And then pair it with cintan mee and a clear broth. It will give you a visual of under the sea! I love how the curly noodles go well in the dish, and the vegetables add more colour. Order this dish with fried wonton if you prefer it with a soup base. And with dumpling soup, if you like it dry.

Abalone Clam Cintan Mee


Prawn Bee Hoon 

Considered one of the staple foods in Singapore is Prawn Bee Hoon. In what to eat in City Plaza, you can find many places that offer this dish. Hence, you can always tell which one looks good from the bad. I also prefer a dry base, but the soup base is good, too.

Poon Nah City’s Prawn Bee Hoon, for me, does not have the wow factor. When it comes to the taste of their dry-based prawn bee hoon, I’m looking for. Aside from their great noodle, the sauce tastes ordinary.

Its sweetness comes from the mani cai. It is the right amount of sweetness, so you will not be fed up with the taste. The soy sauce brings out the colour of the dish. And the prawn is partially fried, which compliments the look of the dish. So let us say it is average and decent.

Prawn Bee Hoon


Pig Kidney Mee Sua

In what to eat in City Plaza, Pig Kidney Mee Sua is a good dish for the heart. The kidney meat contains nutrients and proteins such as omega-three fatty acids. It may not sound edible to others, but it is tasty and lean.

This is an underrated dish, but it is one of the must-try. It does not have the rammish taste of an internal organ. The kidney blends well with minced meat. So, the mee sua is thin and not salty, and the soup is the one that balances the taste of the whole dish. There is a little bit of flavour in every bite, which is why it is not overwhelming.

Pig Kidney Mee Sua - What to eat in City Plaza


Prawn Bean Flour Noodle

Prawn Bean Flour Noodle is a dish that is lower in carbs because of the bean flour noodle. The soup base or dry base is up to you. But I prefer this dish in the soup base. As you know by now, I am not much of a fan of their dry ground prawn noodles. Soup-based prawn noodles bring out the naturally sweet taste of the fresh prawns.

Imagine a bowl of soft prawn bean flour noodles in an eggless clear broth being served to you! It is a lovely dish, especially if you add sambal chilli. Make sure not to add the chillis all at once, as it can be intense. This dish can be perfect for rainy days indeed.

Prawn Bean Flour Noodle


Fish Porridge in City Plaza

Fish Porridge is one of the dishes that is not made out of noodles on their menu. But this dish is proven to be as tasty as their noodle dishes. It is also easy to digest, so this dish is best if you have a problem digesting food or an upset stomach.

They serve a generous bowl of this dish. The fish in the porridge is flavourful and soft. The porridge has this tantalizing taste that stimulates your desire to eat more.

Fish Porridge is also topped with ikan bilis and vegetables aside from the fish, like their noodle dishes. Order it with some chicken cutlets if you want a heavier meal. The crispiness of the chicken will give you extra texture. Again, a nice pair to enjoy eating with your Fish porridge.

Fish Congee - What to eat in City Plaza


Abalone Mee Hoon Kueh

Known as comfort food to many people in Asia is Mee Hoon Kueh. It is a hand-torn noodle made of flour, salt, egg and water. It does not have an orderly shape. Torn by hand, it can also be slightly chewy.

Poon Nah City’s Mee Hoon Kueh has the right amount of chewiness. And the natural flavour of the abalone indeed brought up the taste of the noodles and the broth. It is also a plus factor that they use wolfberry leaves in all their dishes. It adds up to the flavour of each dish on their menu.

Abalone Mee Hoon Kueh Credit:

Prawn Yu Mian Dry

Yu Mian noodle is a kind of Chinese noodle known throughout Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia. This noodle is one of the easiest to eat because of the stretchy quality of the yu mian noodle, which guarantees a soft texture.

Prawn Yu Mian Dry is a dish that has two-shelled shrimp, Ikan Bilis and minced meat, then topped with vegetables. It is also drizzled with sweet soy sauce and served with sambal chillies, which coat the handmade noodles. You can hear the slurping sound in every bite. Pair this with the delicious and warm dumpling soup for a more relaxed combination.

They also offer other items on their menu that you can order. For example, they have cheese tofu, fish balls, youtiao, crispy bean curd, Wu Xiang and sotong balls. In addition, fish cake, mixed snacks, fried dumplings, luncheon meat, and fried wonton are also on their menu, including kimchi, dumpling soup, Japanese chicken, chicken cutlet, and chicken drumstick.Prawn Yu Mian Dry in City Plaza



All in all, Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles offers quality dishes. And unpretentious handmade noodles that are both affordable and tasty. Suppose you have a light palette. And enjoy a yummy flavour of clear broth and handmade noodles like me.

Be sure to enjoy these delicious meals while travelling here in City Plaza, and for your financial needs, you can find Cash Mart, a legit moneylender in your area, for your instant cash loan. Indeed, it is a perfect place for you to try and enjoy. But, of course, the best time to go on a shopping spree is when your tummy is full of delicious food.

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