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Must-Try Food Places for What to Eat in Balestier

Balestier is more than just light shops and hospitals. You can find various restaurants with different cuisines from all over the world. So, satisfy your cravings by searching the must-try food places for what to eat in Balestier. Try out a variety of food along the way. 

Aside from being the perfect place for food junkies, Balestier has a weekend full of good food and activities. Make sure to bring your friends and family with you to enjoy strolling and eating in this area. 

Here are some places and restaurants that you can consider when you set your foot in the area. 

Noi’s Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles

This restaurant is at 588F Jalan Datoh. Noi’s Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles is open daily from 7 am to 2 pm. In what to eat in Balestier, the most famous dish among the crowd is called Noi’s Bak Chor Mee. The best thing about this meal is its spicy and vinegary taste. Noi’s Bak Chor Mee is composed of minced meat, mushrooms and prawns. This food is definitely a must-try cuisine when you choose to dine in this restaurant. 

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What To Eat In Balestier Market

Balestier Market is known as the only surviving market in Singapore nowadays. It was formerly built as a wet market. In Balestier Market, you will find a variety of food stalls. You can enjoy cheap meals and a wide variety of food choices. This place is like a food hall with complete options for different cuisines. It is famously known as the home of the best local food in Singapore. 

One of the best is the Roasted Chicken Rice from Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice. Many people have fallen in love with this menu. This menu has a smoky flavour. In addition, the rice has a strong ginger flavour to it. This menu is undoubtedly a must-try when you visit this place.

Next is one of the most recommended food stalls. It is called Soon Kee Long House. The most famous among their menu is the Boneless Duck Rice. This menu will let you taste tender duck meat that can be hard to find from restaurants. It is surely worth trying when you search for what to eat in Balestier Market. 

Macpherson Barbecue Seafood has moved several times already. Its first location was in Jackson Market. It is where it became famous. One of the most prominent among their menu is the Sambal Sotong. It is a variety of barbecued seafood. Savour a mixture of fiery and sweet tastes when you choose this menu. 

You can also try Sambal Stingray, a meaty and flakey menu. It has a thick paste of sambal, which highlights the smokey taste of the seafood from grilling. This place is perfect for people who enjoyed grill seafood and the like. 

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Founder Bak Kut Teh

This place is famously known for serving up bowls of piping hot sweat-inducing Teochew-style pork rib soup for over 40 years. This place’s Bak Kut Teh has a famous recipe known as the “soup for the soul”. This soup has a mixture of flavours, including the sweetness of pork broth with a peppery kick. It will warm your body up as you sip through the soup. 

It is truly one of the best places that you should try in Singapore. Its traditional way of cooking is what captivates its customers that make them crave more. 

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Boon Tong Kee

This restaurant is often packed, and you must wait for your turn to order. However, the place is where you can have sumptuous chicken rice at any time, even in the middle of the night. Boon Tong Kee has a wide variety of food choices. This restaurant offers not only chicken rice but also a good selection of home-style Chinese cuisine. It is perfect for people who would like to try numerous dishes in one meal. 

Boon Tong Kee’s Chicken Rice stands out from others. The chicken, rice and dipping sauce are beautiful in every serving. You can quickly identify the food items since it is separate from one another. 

The best thing about the rice is it is not too oily. The chicken is tender. The dipping sauce is slightly different from other food places because the ginger and chilli sauce is sweeter. The taste of the dipping sauce is what makes it unique from other restaurants. 

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Loong Fatt

This bakery offers the famously known Tau Sar Piah. It has two variations to choose from, which is Sweet or Salty. Every day, the bakers make fresh handmade pastries. It is what makes Tau Sar Piah special. As you bite into this delicacy, you will instantly taste the iconic butter flavour which will surely make your jaw drop. 

As you bite into the pastry, you will taste the delicious thick slab of mung bean paste in the middle. This pastry has a perfect contrast of flavours and textures. It is indeed worth it to try. It is one of the best go-to snacks when you are in Singapore.

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Maru Ten Udon

Mar Ten Udon is the perfect place if you are going to try Udon. The signature dish is Kake Udon has a generous portion of chewy noodles. In addition, Kake Udon offers a piping-hot savoury broth. The best part of dining here is that you can top your dish with as many spring onions, tempura crumbs, and seaweed as you want. The place also offers a variety of tempura to pair with your udon. 

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This French Bistro is at the corner of Goldhill Plaza. They are famous for their wine promotions as well as their great sets for Brunch. Their Eggs Benedict with Prosciutto is truly worth trying. You can also include their Chicken Waffle in your list of orders. This restaurant not only offers a tasty brunch menu, but they are also a restaurant that has an affordable menu for brunch.

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Bee Kia 

Bee Kia is a place you would run into if you are craving your beef hor fun. Their classic beef hor fun is a savoury mix of silky sheets of rice noodles and tender beef slices. The beef slices surely will complement the fragrant gravy packed full of wok hei. You must also try their succulent prawn paste chicken cooked with the right amount of aromatic shrimp paste. This menu is so good without being too overpowering or salty.

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For people who want to have their regular sushi fix, you must indeed try Shinkansen. Shinkansen has a salad bar and sushi concept. You can also find in their menu a variety of wholesome brown rice dons and takeaway sushi. Enjoy a unique dining experience where you can also customise your own don based on the kind of nutrients and vitamins you want. 

This place is convenient for a delicious and healthy fix for all the fitness junkies. You can dine here after shopping as this is in United Square Shopping Centre. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 9 PM. 

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The Frosted Chick 

It is a dainty little bakery that selles layer cakes, cupcakes and macarons. Enjoy innovative flavours like Milo Malt, Explosive Cookie Butter and Matcha White Chocolate. The prices of the cupcakes range from S$3 – $3.50. It is a fun place to catch up with friends over the weekend. This bakery changes its flavours regularly, so make sure to visit often for new flavours. 

Balestier is indeed a fascinating area to visit in Singapore. It hands out the best experience you and your family can have. So, it’s no surprise why many opt to visit the place. 

Therefore, list the tourist spots you want in the country. Also, make sure to jot down the shops and restaurants that indicates what to eat in Balestier. All your detailed travel plans and food trips are possible if you have enough cash in hand. 

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