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What to Eat in Ang Mo Kio: A Foodie's Delish List

With many people seeking shelter in this lovely community, a wide variety of eateries are also present. So here are a few of what to eat in Ang Mo Kio.

There are many theories on where the name Ang Mo Kio originated in Singapore. But the most popular translation of the name is red-haired man’s bridge. It is translated literally from the Hokkien word, believing that the word bridge may come from one in Ang Mo Kio.

What is evident is that Ang Mo Kio has gone a long way from before. From being an area covered with forest and rubber plantations. To now an urbanized area in the North-Eastern part of Singapore.


Workbench Bistro

You can visit this at Blk 332 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-1881

Let us hit it up with a great place that serves delicious Western foods on what to eat in Ang Mo Kio. Workbench Bistro offers not only regular Western foods. But they level it up by creating unique combinations of ingredients. So their food is rather practical rather than extravagant. Do not worry, because you won’t be overwhelmed. But relatively comfortable with their foods.

Some unique foods on their menu are Purple Sweet Potato Waffle, Salted Egg Chicken Pasta and many more. Their interesting creations are worth a try.

Purple Japanese Sweet Potato Waffle is one of the recommended foods by foodies, made with no extra food colourings. Instead, the waffle’s colour comes from the purple sweet potato. This dish is photogenic, with ice cream and homemade Gula Melaka sauce giving the dish the right combination of flavours.

One of what you should look forward to on their menu is their salted egg dishes. An example is their Salted Chicken Egg Pasta. Their new version of this dish comes with a fried chicken cutlet, which adds texture and crispiness. Another good one is their Salted Egg Wings. Covered in Salted Egg Sauce that they made on their own. The sauce has a yellowish colour. Using a certain amount of salted egg yolk contributes well to the colour and taste.

Workbench Bistro - What to eat in Ang Mo Kio


Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Mee

409 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-34, AMK Market and Food Centre

Coming from a prominent Hokkien Mee Hawker family in Singapore. Mr Tan of Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Mee brings his family recipe to Ang Mo Kio. Using thin bee hoon rather than the usual thick laksa. Which is not typical for a Hokkien Mee. This place has loyal customers already. So a queue is expected and normal in front of the stall.

Swa Lor Prawns is what they are using and not the common Tiger Prawns, making the dish more traditional. And it shows how Mr Tan makes sure to use only the best ingredients, which they make by boiling Prawns, squid and pork. There is no need for pork lard because the broth is flavourful already.

The noodles are moist and absorb the broth’s flavour nicely. They are topped with slices of pork and sambal chilli on the side. The flavours meet in the centre. The savoury broth, the sweet and juicy shrimp and the spiciness of the chilli. An excellent and worthy dish!

Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Mee in Ang Mo Kio


Rasa Sayang Western Food

Block 347 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

It is a good comeback for Rasa Sayang Western Food. Situated previously in S-11, it went under new management. After that, Rasa Sayang started to lose loyal customers. But now the old management is back. Their first step is relocating the store a few minutes away from its previous location, giving it a whole new comeback feel. The great food that everyone misses is back!

This place serves a big piece of chicken cutlet. That is why people are patiently waiting in the queue. Prepare for the long line and go there earlier if you can. That is if you want to taste the mix of Hainanese and Western-style food this place offers. Standing for a couple of minutes is worth it, especially when you get your food.

Chops and Steaks are some popular dishes on their menu, paired with your sauce of choice, such as garlic butter, black pepper, sambal chilli and mushroom. You have the option of chicken cutlets, Fish and chips, salmon fish and more.

Rasa Sayang Western Food in Ang Mo Kio


Fish & Chicks: Western What to Eat in Ang Mo Kio

Block 531 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

Expect something out of the box with this hawker food business, owned by a young generation hawker. Fish & Chicks serves great Western foods with Asian style. Justin and Albert combined their skills to make their business work to achieve the perfect recipes for their dishes.

Salted eggs, fish, and chips make their name bustling in the industry. And who could have thought that pairing it up with chilli crab sauce would make it more extraordinary? Crabless chilli crab sauce has a wonderful taste to it. It tastes like there are actual crabs in it, even if there are none. The spiciness of the chilli kicks in well also. In contrast, the salted egg yolk sauce has a creamy and savoury flavour. It is not overwhelming, even if it’s not diluted.

The efforts that they are putting in making their dishes are excellent. And they still manage to make the price affordable. No wonder why people love Fish & chips!

Fish & Chicks - What to eat in Ang Mo Kio


Hong Ji Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh

Block 107 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, 11 #1-138

Hong Ji Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh has come a long way since 1996. Ask a local for a good Bak Kut Teh place, and they will suggest this place for you. Located in a coffee shop, this humble store serves delicious food.

Residents around the neighbourhood patronize this place, especially on a rainy day. Well, what can we say? A good bowl of hot soup is always the best on rainy days. Moreover, they make it even healthier by using herbs, which is good for the body.

Try ordering their original Bak Kut Teh first to compare it with others they serve in a clay pot. You can smell the light herbal aroma of the hot soup. Pork, lettuce and mushrooms are thrown in the pot. The flavour of the soup penetrates the pork meat well. They are giving out a nice flavour to the pork. It is a refreshing and healthy dish.

Hong Ji Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh in Ang Mo Kio


Obsessive Chocolat Desire: Ice Cream Cafe

529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-2353

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 has many standout cafes, one of which is Obsessive Chocolat Desire, which is an ice cream cafe run by a pair of young-generation chocolate lovers. First, clearing how the name Obsessive Chocolat was born. Being new in the industry, they are making a bang already.

The owners, Terence and Melvin, are proud to introduce their exclusive range of chocolate flavours. Their chocolate offers a variety of flavours. Aside from their chocolates, they also provide different flavours of ice creams. Their ice cream flavours are split into two categories—regular and special ice cream flavours.

Snacks like a chicken lollipop, fries and popcorn are also available on their menu. You may also order cakes or waffles to pair up with your favourite flavour of ice cream. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy these treats.

Obsessive Chocolate Desire Ice Cream Cafe - What to eat in Ang Mo Kio



Make sure to explore these places once you get the chance to visit Ang Mo Kio. You’ll be sure to leave your tummy satisfied with their list of what to eat in Ang Mo Kio!

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