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What to Eat in Admiralty: Top 5 Hawker Stalls

Moving forward to today. Here are the Top 5 Hawker Stalls you can find on what to eat in Admiralty. Admiralty now contains an integrated planning complex such as Kampung Admiralty. Bringing together in one place a mix of public facilities. 

Influenced by the British Naval Base, the Admiralty got its name. The large British Base was in the area back in 1923. Admiralty’s location is in Sembawang district in the north of Singapore.

Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre

Travelling all the way to the north will be worth it. Because Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre is a foodie paradise. It is the home of many delicious hawker foods. With a seating capacity 900, this hawker centre can cater to many diners on what to eat in Admiralty, with more or less 43 hawker stalls to choose from. 

Father & Son


From being Mother & Daughter, they change their name to Father & Son. Walter Tay and his dad are the owners of Father & Son. After opening their first stall in Bukit Panjang back in 2015. And seeing success in their business. They have decided to open a new outlet in Kampung Admiralty.

Opening Mother & Daughter in Kampung Admiralty made Walter Tay busier. He is hands-on when it comes to running both outlets. That is why he goes back and forth on both outlets. To make sure everything is running smoothly, making sure customers know what they should eat in Admiralty. But recently they decided to adapt the original branding name. Now we have the Father & Son in that area.

Father & Son Carrot Cake comes in two versions which are the black carrot cake and the white carrot cake. If you are looking for something sweet but savoury, choose the black carrot cake. While white carrot cake is the choice if you want something spicy. If you still don’t know what your choice is, then why not go and order their mixed carrot cake? So you can have sweet, spicy and savoury all in one.

Father & Son - What to eat in Admiralty


Ayam Penyet


Ayam Penyet or what others known as Uncle Penyet made our list not just because of their Ayam Penyet. But also because of their delicious Ayam Panggang. This stall between the rows of Indian and Malay cuisines stood out. Specializing in delicious fried and grilled dishes.

For a hawker stall in what to eat in Admiralty, Ayam Penyet is good at presenting their food. Those who love to take pictures of their food for their social media account will have no problem getting a good photo. They also give out generous servings of their food. Yes, it is not only a feast for your eyes. But also a feast for your stomach.

You might be thinking that Ayam Penyet is the star of their menu, maybe because of their name. But the real star is their Ayam Panggang. Composed of chicken thigh, white rice, curry sauce and vegetables. The dish has a good play of flavours.

The curry sauce is enveloping the top of the white rice. In comparison, the big cut of grilled chicken has a deep flavour. Marinating the chicken well with different spices and sweet soy sauce made the dish perfect. The grilling of the chicken is done perfectly. Cooked well but it is still juicy and tender. A good sambal chilli sauce will be a perfect match for this dish to give it that spiciness.

Ayam Penyet


Ah Ma Mee Sua


Chye Lye Ah Ma Mee Sua or just Ah Ma Mee Sua, this stall is impossible to miss here on what you should eat in Admiralty. This is one of the stalls that has a long queue going in front. The queue usually winds up late in the afternoon. And that is how popular they are. With a delicious dish waiting at the end of the queue, it is worth it.

This simple yet good Chinese food stall offers delicious noodle soup. Ah, Ma Mee Sua is also what their signature dish is. You might think that this simple bowl of Mee Sua is something that you can easily make at home because the appearance of the dish makes it look easy to make, even on your own. It is indeed easy to make, but there is no guarantee that it will taste the same.

They serve a hot bowl of Ah Ma Mee Sua that is cooked upon ordering. The springy and smooth mee sua is perfect. At the same time, the broth has a flavourful taste without the MSG taste. The taste of the broth came from the spices and the meat when they boiled the meat. Each bite of this star dish will make you want some more. It’s a good thing they give out a generous serving of their food.

Ah Ma Mee Sua - What to eat in Admiralty


Best Zaika


When thinking of eating Indian food, Roti Prata, Chicken Masala and Biryani. But aside from thinking about Indian foods. Thinking about where to eat delicious Indian Food also comes in. In what to eat in Admiralty, Best Zaika is known For serving delicious Indian food.

Naan is not one of the first foods that will come to mind when ordering. But Best Zaika makes it a point that their Nan is not something to be unnoticed. Being a very flexible dish, Naan can be filled with a variety of ingredients. Like cheese, garlic, mushrooms and many more. That is how flexible this chewy flatbread that originated in northern India is.

Best Zaika offers a wide variety of Naan. But for you to know what naan tastes like, you should try ordering the plain one. Choices for the sauce that will accompany your Naan also come in variations. You can choose to go with the usual yoghurt sauce or choose their curry. Try to explore combinations of flavours to find your perfect match.

Best Zaika in Admiralty


San Yi Xuan


Offering Chinese food specialities, San Yi Xuan is run by a pair of Chinese Nationals. This stall has a fresh breath of ambience. You would not be seeing broilers or fryers here. There are no plates, either. Because here they prepare the food in a bamboo tube. Also, they use bamboo tubes to serve the food.

Choosing what to eat here in Admiralty, their menu has a wide selection of rice dishes. But they also serve soups and side dishes that come along with the rice dishes. A glance inside the stall, and you will see a huge steamer. This is where they keep the bamboo tubes in. To keep the food warm and fresh.

Mixed Mushroom Chicken Rice is their star dish. The lovely aroma of the chicken is welcoming. It is sitting on top of the fluffy white rice together with a variety of mushrooms. The chicken and mushroom are cooked separately as it has a slight churned taste to it. And that gives it the extra flavour. The rice has a tasty flavour and aromatic smell. The soup is average, but it is decent. The side dishes are what appear to be chicken skin and beans.

Make your trip to the North worth it, and try different delicious cuisines. Do not be afraid to explore and play with the taste.

San Yi Xuan - What to eat in Admiralty



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