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What to Do in Tiong Bahru: A Happy Day-Trip

Are you getting bored of your usual routine? Well, you’re in luck. What to do in Tiong Bahru is a happy day trip within your budget. So read along and understand the things you can do to this part of Singapore. 

Tiong Bahru is two different words. Tiong (Hokkien) means cemetery, while Bahru (Malay) means new. It is opposite to Chinatown’s old cemeteries. But, then, they turned the graves here into one of the housing estates in the country. Also, the surrounding area expanded into public housing. 

Today, the area is packed with beautiful spots and places to visit. Check it out as we lay out the best plans for doing in Tiong Bahru. 

Tiong Bahru


Take a Ride at Tiong Bahru MRT

Visiting Tiong Bahru is more accessible thanks to its MRT Station EW17. It runs under the Tiong Bahru Road along the East-West Line.  As an underground station, it is near the Lower Delta Road junction. 

The MRT Station is adjacent to Bukit Ho Swee, Henderson Hill subzones, and Tiong Bahru. It currently serves a large number of residential developments. Most of these are HDB flats in the area. Schools, parks, and Plaza Shopping Centre are highly accessible, too. 

Tiong Bahru MRT


Chill at Tiong Bahru Cafe

Aside from the convenient commute system, the area offers satisfying and relaxing spots. Listed below are the most visited cafes in Tiong Bahru. 

Merci Marcel 

56 Eng Hoon St., #01-68, Singapore 160056

Merci Marcel Tiong Bahru is undoubtedly worth the try. Although the cafe has various outlets, its ambience is so remarkable. You’d want to keep coming back.

Reserve a seat in their alfresco area if you seek peace dining. Plenty of greenery surrounds the shop, while the interior is full of gold and pastel. Also, it feels like you travel to France even though you didn’t leave Singapore. Also, it feels like you travel to France even though you didn’t leave Singapore. 

Their sumptuous menu fits perfectly with the cosiness of the place. Their best-seller is Ravioles de Royans with Tete de Moine cheese. Also, you can order their Australian grass-fed Angus beef. Plus, their artisanal French cheese is undoubtedly addictive. But, of course, pairing it up with wine is highly advised. So bring your friends here and experience a photo-worthy brunch. 

Merci Marcel 


Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru

1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore, 168641

Plain Vanilla Bakery is the best bet when having a cupcake craze. The cafe serves a wide selection for you to relish. The quality of each came from the finest ingredients. These are bittersweet Belgian chocolate, French Butter, and pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. Also, the cafe doesn’t use preservatives. 

Patrons love buying their chocolate, peanut butter fudge, and strawberry lychee. Also, you can order their dark chocolate ganache or red velvet. It brings an exceptional flavour to your taste buds. So if you’re staying in a CBD, you surely won’t miss this quaint little shop. 

Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru


Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari

130E Minden Rd, Singapore, 248819

Bakery Safari is a top choice for its French pastries and coffee. Its rustic safari theme makes it stand out among other cafes in the area. That’s why it expanded up to six outlets in Singapore alone. 

The cafe location is in the heart of a tropical garden. It sits next to a farm to table restaurant called Open Farm Community. You surely want to try this when exploring what to do in Tiong Bahru. 

In addition, the set includes a hardy tent-like structure. Its wood furnishings make you embrace the outdoor and rustic safari concept. Also, warm colours and earthy tones pump up the vibe. Plus, there are canvases, polychromatic Kilim carpets, and rope-lined pillars. Finally, the walls have a display of neatly-framed insect taxidermies. 

A must-try is the signature croissants. These are baked every couple of hours. That’s why it’s fresh for every customer. Also, it serves savoury options. One of the best is sourdough Liege-style waffles. So you can indulge your palate even during weekdays. 

Tiong Bahru Bakery SafariCredit:

Take a Bite at Tiong Bahru Market

30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore, 168898

Do pastries and coffee not enough to fill your stomach? Are you still craving a hearty meal? Well, the Market can be your next stop. It allows you to immerse in a local market vibe. 

As a hawker institution, it houses well-known local food of Singapore. So if you crave a specific dish, this hawker centre got you covered. It served any signature dish all under the same roof. Various stalls serve roast meat, lor mee, pau, chwee kueh, and prawn noodles. Also, there is even Michelin Bib Gourmand stall like chicken rice. 

Also, you can have a goat hunting adventure in the market too. Search for the hand-painted goats within the market vicinity by Ernest Goh in 2014. He is a local artist who created these goats in participation in the goat’s lunar zodiac year. 

Tiong Bahru Market


Shop your Needs

On top of filling your tummy with mouthwatering meals, indulge yourself with a shopping spree. 

Books Actually

9 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168645

Are you a bookworm? Then, Books Actually is a mandatory list of what to do in Tiong Bahru. Its shelves have a wide range of literature. So whether you’re here for classics or local authors, it indeed has one for you. 

Also, the bookstore sells out a quirky mix of souvenirs. You can buy random vintage and antiques as a remembrance of your visit. Try out the book vending machine if you’re too overwhelmed with the books available. Wrapped in the paper are books ready to be brought home. Only short descriptions or titles are visible to pique your interest. It is a great tactic not to judge a book by its cover. 

Books Actually


Heveya by European Bedding

32 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169780

Are you in search of a bedding store? Then, Heveya is the best shop to visit. It is complete with homely and functional items that are handy for a better night’s sleep. 

Their high-selling piece is the bamboo duvet sheets. It is silky soft, yet breathable in the heat. Also, it has an antibacterial feature for your protection. Another best-seller is their adjustable ergonomic slated bed. Its contour offers comfort for your hips. Thus, it allows the best rest from a tiring day of work. 

However, don’t forget to check out Heveya’s signature. The natural organic latex mattress is suitable for supine support. Therefore, every night of sleep recuperates your body’s strength. 

Heveya by European Bedding


Walk Along with Tiong Bahru Murals

Aside from the dining and shopping experience, what to do in Tiong Bahru is famous for its mural paintings. 

Pasar and the Fortune Teller

Blk 73 Eng Watt Street 

The title and details came from the memory of the artist’s father. Also, it shows the thriving past of Singapore’s hawker culture. The table on the right shows the zhui kueh and laksa. On the other side is an Indian stall that sells the putu mayam. 

Pasar and the Fortune teller



Blk 74 Tiong Poh Road

The Home reflects the history and ambience of the estate. On the TV screen, Wangsa Yefung is the 70s famous comedic duo. Meanwhile, the newspaper highlights the late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He campaigned for Speak Mandarin in 1979. 

Take home a unique picturesque view of the murals. It makes your adventure live longer. 

Home in Tiong Bahru


Explore the child in you at Tiong Bahru Park

Along Lower Delta Road and Tiong Bahru Road 

Suppose you’re up for some physical activity, head on to Tiong Bahru Park. The locals’ go-to spot for a fitness and family day out. 

Two running trails are present in the park. One is about 730m while the other is 1050m. Also, a line dance happens every Sunday morning. You can join them as your day begins. 

Are you looking for what to do in Tiong Bahru out with the kids? Bring them here for the playground. It looks fun and exciting as the centrepiece looks like a train. The young and old will surely enjoy nature for some time off from gadgets and technology. 

Tiong Bahru Park


What to do in Tiong Bahru is well-known for cafe hopping. But what you don’t know is that the place is more than those chilling shops. There are plenty of other hotspots to visit. So spend a day trip here and experience what these are. 

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