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What to Do in Tanjong Pagar: SG's Cape of Stakes

Tanjong Pagar is famous for its well-maintained and colourful shophouses. Also, it is tagged as “Little Korean Town” in Singapore. Sounds interesting, right? Learning what to do in Tanjong Pagar will surely pique your interest more. Find out more about Singapore’s Cape of Stakes. 

Upon visiting Tanjong Pagar, Singapore, are you still undecided with your to-do list? Worry no more cos we got ya! 

Aside from the things we’ve mentioned above, there are many things to explore! Continue reading for you to finalise your list on what to do in Tanjong Pagar.

Hitch a Ride at Tanjong Pagar MRT 

Riding any public transportation is quite convenient for every traveller. Taking the train is one of the most cost-effective ways of travelling. It will be a wise choice, especially if you have luggage. It allows you to take as much baggage as you can carry without extra fees. 

The station is located under Tanjong Pagar Park and adjacent to Choon Guan Street. Also, it is near Tanjong Pagar Complex, URA Centre, International Plaza, Robinson and other known establishments.

The station sits between the Tanjong Pagar civic and Shenton Way financial districts. But, don’t be confused. The former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is a former railway station. Its location is a short distance away.

Tanjong Pagar MRT


Start Your Day at Tanjong Pagar Cafe 

Coffee shops have become trendy over the past years. One of the main reasons is the comfort and relaxation of their customers.

Tanjong Pagar will not let you down with the famous cafe in their neighbourhood. So if you are a coffee person, hurry and check out the cafe recommendations below. 

3 Recommendable Cafe at Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar Starbucks

We are 99.9% sure that most travellers and locals know this famous coffee shop. So you don’t have to worry if you doubt or don’t want to try another cafe. Tanjong Pagar got Starbucks to serve promising quality coffee for you.

It is the world’s largest coffee retailer. Its success offers an experience that changed how much of the world thought about coffee shops. Also, it is an eye-opener for entrepreneurs. Finally, it helps you see how many people drink coffee outside their homes.

Consumers love its fashion with a unique brew and a unique image. Aside from coffee, they serve delicious, handcrafted beverages and great-tasting food.

A perfect cup of coffee and a wholesome, delicious snack can make a person’s day. Their pastries and sandwiches are with high-quality yet straightforward ingredients. That’s because they always make sure everything you choose is of the finest quality.

Tanjong Pagar Starbucks


Pipes By Hattendo

If you seek a cafe that serves good tasting coffee and foods plus services, then this place is for you. Pipes by Hattendo always look forward to putting more smiles on their customers. And that includes serving the finest ingredients and Hattendo’s passion for perfection.

Their principle “Hattendo Homemade Happiness” welcomes customers to embark on a new journey. It features a range of gourmet Japanese Sandos. Also, it includes speciality coffee along with their signature Hattendo cream buns.

During the day, this cafe offers a different menu and delicious cream buns. It gives customers a refreshing break on a busy day. While in the evening, you can revel in a relaxing night. The savouring chef’s unique dishes and newly selected booze.

Also, it is a cosy, pleasing and satisfying spot. They offer a variety of coffee that is perfect for all coffee lovers out there. As for their dishes, it was very hearty, tangy and had a distinct taste that you surely don’t want to miss. 

Pipes By Hattendo


Cafe Kreams

Want to experience the sunny seasons in a cafe in Singapore? Don’t worry, as Cafe Kreams got you! Take a trip with them to the cosiest autumn spot. There are Freshly roasted coffee and sweet treats waiting for you.

This place is an excellent place to meet friends while having a coffee and a snack. It is very spacious but has a cosy ambience. Aside from a wide variety of coffee flavours, they serve the trendy Dalgona Coffee. There are an array of freshly-baked sweets, too. 

A previous customer left a magnificent review. It says that anyone cannot help but be captivated by the autumn scene entering this cafe. Different coloured autumn’s leaves such as amber, orange, crimson, green and yellow sway from the ceiling. It resembles a beautiful autumn wonderland in Korea.

The services offered are well rendered and fabulous too. The staff were amiable, kind, vibrant and accommodating. It is indeed a recommendable spot as it radiates tremendous energy.

Cafe Kreams in Tanjong Pagar


Devour Good Foods at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre 

Are you a person who likes unique food specialities? Then this is undoubtedly one of the must-knows about what to do in Tanjong Pagar. 

Tanjong Pagar food centre is famous for its authentic dishes. You can find various stalls inside this food centre with well-known unique meals. Find out more cuisines as you continue reading.

3 Recommendable Stalls at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff

What makes Hainanese curry puffs special? The owner, Mr Tham, said that Hainanese curry puff uses rempah chilli paste. He also calls it ‘Baba-style’ chilli paste in its filling. The rempah used at Rolina is freshly made every day using a variety of spices and chilli for two hours. 

Another fundamental disparity lies in the dough skin of the curry puff. He thinks that it is ultimately the filling that is the heart and soul of the curry puff. According to him, its skin is thin because it focuses on the filling.

Currently, there are two traditional flavours available. Those are Curry Chicken & Egg and Sardine. They want to ensure the quality of having a variety of puff flavours.

Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff


Soon Heng Food Delights

There is only one item Soon Heng Food Delights sells. And it is their well-known Lor Mee. A noodle dish of Hokkien origins.

Their stall is on the second floor of Tanjong Pagar Food Centre. Two flavours are available. The Batang version is shredded fish meat, while the fried shark uses shark meat nuggets.

Every serving in a bowl of thick yellow noodles and bean sprouts, drenched with braised sauce. Then, it is topped with chopped garlic, chopped chilli, and chilli paste. By looking at the number of ingredients, a bowl of Lor Mee is value for money.

Soon Heng Food Delights in Tanjong Pagar


Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak

If you have a space in your heart for pandan, you will surely love the rice at this nasi lemak stall. Their nasi came from freshly squeezed pandan extract. So you will be able to smell the flavour of the pandan even if you are wearing a mask.

They offer two nasi lemak sets that differ in the number of ingredients. The first set contains fish cake, fried fish fillet, luncheon meat, and chicken. In contrast, the other has three more items on top: sunny side up, otah and a kuning fish. If you’re not a fan of sets, you can also pick your ingredients caifan style!

Customers love this nasi lemak because the rice is richly flavoured! It was more flavourful than usual, and there was a strong pandan aftertaste in every bite. The slight sweetness from the coconut milk is present as well. 

Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak


Try Out Well-known Korean and Japanese Restaurants at Tanjong Pagar

Korean and Japanese restaurants are a rage today in terms of places. There are famous dishes that you will enjoy for sure. Tourists seem never to stop saying thoughts about the delicious traditional foods. 

Well-known dishes such as savoury soups, stews, and noodles will always be the best. But, also, it is the experience of dining in an authentic BBQ place. Those are simply an endless variety of wholesome experiences to enjoy. 

Tanjong Pagar will not disappoint you as they have it in Singapore too! So check out the recommendations below. Also, take note of the excellent Korean and Japanese restaurants at Tanjong Pagar.

3 Recommendable Korean Restaurants at Tanjong Pagar

Superstar K

Superstar K began from a small food court outlet in Singapore in 2004. Tanjong Pagar has many stalls of Korean barbeque. Regardless, Superstar K attracts attention the most. 

Don’t know how to speak Korean? No problem! All the staff are Koreans, but they are fluent English speakers. Korean crews are well trained, and their hospitality is also of high standards.

The prices offered can be pretty pricey. But their cosy interior and the roundtable provided is genuinely the best among all. It is indeed an authentic Korean experience you won’t regret. Moreover, they believed that a great atmosphere in the perfect location. 

Superstar K in Tanjong Pagar


Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant

Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant was established way back in 2014. It is a young fast-casual restaurant. Plus, it grew because of your love for hearty food from the markets and streets of Korea.

They have a physical menu where you can review the mouthwatering pictures. They also offer a variety of typical Korean side dishes. Do take note that they have a dining limit of 45 minutes only.

This place’s mission and vision are to feed every person. But with an act of love by simply cooking with fresh ingredients. Also, they take great pride in caring about their foods to their customers.

Ajumma's Korean Restaurant


Chicken Up

Are you a fan of the crispy Korean chicken treat? Chicken Up is present to serve you freshly cooked fried chicken. The meals they serve are tender and moist. Plus, its coating is addictive crunchy, thin and less fatty glazing.

Chicken Up’s exact technique is a strictly guarded secret. Meanwhile, their classic version holds a special place in every customer’s heart and stomach. If you don’t prefer a little spice, you should try their signature Spicy Up and the milder, sweeter Yangnyum style.

You can also drink alcoholic beverages with their chicken, as many said they are a perfect match. But, are you not an alcoholic drinker? Try their famous traditional bingsu dessert instead.

Chicken Up in Tanjong Pagar


3 Recommendable Japanese Restaurants at Tanjong Pagar

Katachi Style Sushi

Katachi Style Sushi aims to create an unforgettable dining experience. They are serving various fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine. 

There is a wide variety of Japanese classics on their menu. Some well-known dishes are sushi, sashimi, tempura, grilled meats, noodles, and desserts. 

Their menu during lunch adopts a more casual approach. It focuses on bento-style sets with the main dish and assorted appetisers. While for the dinner menu, they provide an elevated dining experience. Look out for their exclusive plated dishes.

Katachi Style Sushi


Hakumai Sushi and Omakase

This place loves Japanese food as much as you do! Their rice to seasonal seafood ensures that every ingredient is from the native land. Here, you can experience a new meaning of extreme Japanese cuisine.

They have a highly skilled yet down-to-earth team. The chef is renowned for his authentic omakase and fantastic culinary expressions. Also, they always make sure to treat their guests like family. 

As per reviews, this place is a highly Recommended Japanese Restaurant. The service they offered was excellent. It is also a value for money. That’s why many customers have made many return visits as they never disappoint. It is indeed one of the first-rates among Japanese restaurants at Tanjong Pagar.

Hakumai Sushi and Omakase in Tanjong Pagar


Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab

Pufferfish is one of those in the must-try dishes list of Japanese food-lovers. It is considered rare for many but no worries because it has it for you! Guenin Fugu and Snow Crab Restaurant offer torafugu, one of the best breeds of its kind. 

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by relaxing jazz music. The staff will also entertain and guide you. After being seated, waiters will give you warm towels. Also, they will ask your preferences for tea, whether you prefer hot or cold tea.

The prices may be high compared to others, but you will surely not regret it. They do provide quality food and excellent service. But if you are on a tight budget, you can try their affordable snow crab tempura in a rice bowl set lunch instead!

This place is truly for those who want to try the rare fugu. So don’t miss your chance and try it when exploring what to do in Tanong Pagar, Singapore!

Guenpin Fugu & Snow CrabCredit:

Lie Down at Tanjong Pagar Massage Places

A vacation is a time for relaxation. Please and pamper yourself plus the benefits of visiting a spa. You can have a relaxing treatment that will make you feel relaxed in a massage place.

Grab the chance to have knowledge and benefits of visiting the Spa. Spa treatments can make you completely relax, both physically and mentally. Consider trying a famous spa in Singapore as you read further.

3 Recommendable Spa at Tanjong Pagar

Blind massage services

Blind massage services consist of a private group of blind masseurs. It is a perfect place to have a massage. The prices are reasonable and worth it. The therapists are skilful, and you can tell they have years of experience already.

There are many reasons why you should book a session. Studies presented necessary physical, mental and emotional benefits from this relaxing therapy. However, the most significant thing here is that you will be supporting noble work. Try out the service of persons with visual disabilities.

Blind massage services


Le Kaki Massage and Wellness

Are you looking for a spa where the masseuse has strong intuitive hands? Do you want them to hit all of the sore spots in your back? Then this Spa is for you! Masseuse here is attentive and genuinely listens to its customers.

They care deeply about their clients and put their hearts behind their work. The staff are cheerful and friendly too. So you’ll surely be calm and relaxed throughout the massage session.

The place is clean, and they also have music that is smoothing when you enter their Spa. It is cosy comfortable and contributes to the deep relaxation you need to experience.

They do have promotions, and the prices are desirable and reasonable! Also, you can book hassle-free using your phone. So go and experience the magic hands at Le Kaki Massage and Wellness.

Le Kaki Massage in Tanong Pagar


Slimming House Beauty

This Spa aims to achieve maximum relaxation. Each guest receives a one of a kind therapeutic technique. Slimming House ensures that their customers can pamper themselves at their Spa.

They offer scalp and facial treatment, body contour, herbal cupping and others. This Spa is equipped with the most advanced equipment too. Afterwards, they always ensure that you will enjoy maximum comfort upon your visit.

The treatments they provide set the stage for a personal journey towards better health. You will feel refreshed and recharged after the whole treatment. So start your journey with Slimming House Beauty today!

Slimming House Beauty in Tanjong Pagar



During your visit to Tanjong Pagar Singapore, there are many exciting and fun things to do. Make sure to pick the best among all those things. Always remember that a vacation should be relaxing yet enjoyable. 

Get the hang of those recommendations above. Experience the best upon your adventure of what to do in Tanjong Pagar. May it be solo, with a friend or loved ones. We hope that we’ve helped you finalise your to-do list. We wish your visit to be extraordinary.

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