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A Modern Vacation: What to Do in Shenton Way

Who does not want to live in a modern city? There are many nearby places where you can enjoy and practice different activities. You name it, and they have it. In our modern society, there are many things that you can do. Some of these are the top what to do in Shenton Way. 

What better way to spend your next vacation to Shenton Way? Where is that, you ask? Well, Shenton Way is a trunk road in Central Singapore. It is the perfect place to practice your modern lifestyle mixed with Asian Culture. 

The road has a rich history. Did you know that Shenton Way has its entirety built on the Telok Ayer Basin? Also, the street gained its name from a governor named Shenton Thomas. But, unfortunately, he decided to stay in the city. Then, he became a prisoner of war during the Japanese occupation.

Another fun fact about Shenton Way is Singapore’s Wall Street in the fifties. Picture an urban city filled with tall skyscrapers and great-dressed people. That is the Shenton Way. If you are looking to find what to do in Shenton Way, you are in luck. Here are some of the many things you can visit and do while in Shenton Way.

Shenton Way


Experience Modernity in Shenton Way MRT

Shenton Way has an advanced MRT to make you experience the future. But, it is still in the process. It is on Thomson-East Coast Line in Downtown Singapore. So, be ready to ride into the future with the Shenton Way MRT when it finishes soon!

MRT of Shenton Way


Be Bold and Craft Something with Bold & Craft

We all have a creative side. Here in Bold & Craft, you can exercise your creativity. It lets you pick your fashion and design in jewellery, knick-knacks, and other things. Also, you can assure that all the store’s smiths, designers, and manufacturers are top of the line. So you do not need to worry about them helping you lift your creativity within you.

Bold & Craft - what to do in Shenton Way


Overlook the Shore in Marina Bay Sands

Yes, you read that right. One of the top 7 of what to do in Shenton Way is its beachside hotel. You can relax and gaze at the sunset with Shenton Way’s Marina Bay Sands. The hotel is a classic tourist favourite because of its view and services to their customer. 

You are lucky since they recently added package deals when you check in with the hotel. You can have unlimited visits to a museum with infinity pool access. What a fabulous way to enjoy your stay, right?

Shore in Marina Bay Sands


Embrace Asian Culture in Satay Street

Let us say that you want to keep it low and venture into the streets of Shenton Way. Most people would tell you to go to Satay Street. It has a complete treat for walking tourists. The road has a lot of stalls for you to check. Plus, you can get something to eat or grab a souvenir for your loved ones. One of the most significant factors in Santay Street is its affordable delicacies! So ready for your walking footwear and visit Satay Street now!

Satay Street in Shenton Way


Asia Square Tower for your Fancy Needs

Let us kick it up a notch with the luxurious Asia Square Tower. Of course, the first thought that strikes your mind is that the food in the Asia Square Tower is super expensive. Well, you are wrong. Even though the building looks luxurious, its food choices aren’t. Yes, its menus are overwhelming, but they offer it low. So you can enjoy the fantastic view, majestic place, and cheap fine cuisines in the Asia Square Tower. It suits a deluxe experience when exploring what to do in Shenton Way.

Asia Square Tower in Shenton Way


Be Safe with Fullerton Healthcare Clinic

One of the most important places to know when in a foreign area is its health centres. You never know when medical help might happen. That’s why you should know these places. One of the best health centres in Shenton Way is the Fullerton Healthcare Clinic. The clinic is near the road for ease of access. Also, you can visit and receive immediate medical attention here. Whatever medical reason, you need to drop by the nearby healthcare clinic. With a great vacation comes great responsibility. That is why you should visit the Fullerton Healthcare Clinic when you are in Shenton Way.

Fullerton Healthcare Clinic


Restaurants Near Shenton Way

Of course, we will help you in the wide world of Shenton Way’s restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants and stalls for you to enjoy here. Here are some of the few places for you to visit:

Check Out Takayama

Takayama embraces Japanese culture in its bento. If you do not know bento, you eat all your food in a single container. Devour the contents of your meal here, except for the drink. The restaurant has a whopping great review.

One of their best sellers is the Lunch Omakase. The food contains yuba, uni, fish cake, and three sashimis. The dish is perfect for lunch and breakfast since it has heavy nutrients for your body. Also, you can add side dishes and change the meal’s meat. For example, you can get beef instead of chicken. Plus, you can add dessert for extra joy. Takayama has the perfect combination for you. Of course, it is a must-try for you.

Takayama cuisine-1


Get Your Stomach Full with The Harvest

One of the most incredible restaurants in Shenton Way is The Harvest. The restaurant embraces a healthy lifestyle. For those who do not enjoy vegetables, you will love them here. Some meals have no meat on them but are delectable. 

The Harvest is one of the most incredible restaurants in Shenton Way. It embraces a healthy lifestyle. If you do not enjoy eating vegetables, you will love them here. Some meals have no meat on them but are delectable. 

Also, the restaurant provides a Build with Your Own Bowl feature. You can create your own meal with a variety of vegetables and meat. Yes, they provide meat for your protein needs. 

The Harvest


Embrace Asian Cuisines with Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

Another restaurant that highlights its Asian culture is the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant. The restaurant specialises in, yes you got it, sushis! They have tons of sushis available. Also, you can create your own and enjoy it! 

The restaurant practices buffet serving. So you can enjoy all the sushis the way you want them. Plus, it has different side dishes for you to get. So let us get this straight, if you love sushi, go to Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant


Have a Sweet One with Sweet Mak Mak

Some of us cannot enjoy a meal without dessert. In what to do in Shenton Way, Sweet Mak Mak is an excellent choice. The store offers a buy one, take one feature to enjoy more desserts. One of their best sellers is the Brown Sugar Thai Milk Tea Shake. This dessert serves the delicacy of Thai milk tea with a sweet mix. You will enjoy it with every sip!

Sweet Mak Mak



Shenton Way has tons of places for you to visit. Enjoy different activities with each of them as you splurge on a great vacation spot. It is perfect for those who want a mix of what to do in Shenton Way. Who does not wish to have it all?

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