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What to Do in River Valley: Spoil Yourself

Are you wondering what to do in River Valley, Singapore? With so many exciting places in the country, it could be hard to decide where to go next. Every area has its specialities, activities, and hotspots. You can get all those with extra fun if you’re planning to visit River Valley. It is the perfect place for culture lovers and relaxation seekers! 

These are the best things that you must do.

Enjoy The Scenery

Fort Canning Park

Strolling through the park is the best way to start a productive day. A bit of sunlight and greenery will give our day the positive vibes it needs. The perfect place for your morning walk is Fort Canning Park. It’ll surprise you that the lush nature of this park houses decades of rich history!

Before using the name Fort Canning Park, this place was Bukit Larangan. The name translates to Forbidden Hill, where they would bury ancient kings. After decades, the Bukit Larangan was soon renamed Government Hill. Later on, they also built a botanical garden and an artillery fort here before it became the place it is today!

Fort Canning Park has several historical botanic gardens that you can explore. It also has a heritage gallery that covers the whole known history of the park. For your children, they would enjoy the nature-themed playground here called Jubilee Park. It is the perfect venue for gatherings, celebrations, or morning strolls!



Location: River Valley Road, Singapore

Hong San See Temple

Every day we get to see high-rise buildings or modernized places. And if you’re honest, when was the last time you saw a traditional structure? Since you’re visiting River Valley Road, we know the perfect place for sightseeing. This temple is the first in Singapore to get an Award of Excellence from UNESCO.

Hong San See translates to the Temple on Pheonix Hill. Dedicated to the Chinese God of Fortune, Guang Ze Zun Wang, the temple stands strong up to now. The building features traditional Hokkien architecture. But, you can still behold its magnificence today due to the restoration and preservation.



Location: 31-Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore

What to do in River Valley: Move Around With Fun Activities

Amped Trampoline Park

The Amped Trampoline Park is the perfect place for the young and young at heart! It is the first-ever indoor trampoline park in Singapore. With a whopping size of 5000 square feet, there’s so much to do in this park. It has different areas for you and your family to enjoy various activities!

It has interconnected trampolines for floors. Here you can do unlimited flips, splits, and jumps and burn heaps of calories. They also have a Slum Dunk Zone, Parkour Wall, Foam Pit, and many more areas to enjoy. So move around and have fun at Amped, no matter what age you are.



Location: 46-Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, Singapore

Hom Yoga River Valley

Yoga practice makes people more aware of themselves. For every move, we get to stretch and challenge our physical bodies. With its peace, it can help our mental and spiritual state. You can find the best outlet for Hom Yoga in River Valley Singapore.

They have a beautiful and spacious studio with a well-mannered staff! The facilities are spotless, peaceful, and pleasing to the eyes. Hom Yoga offers a variety of classical and traditional methods of yoga. You can also bring your kids since they also have special classes for young ones. But, wait, there is more of what to do in River Valley.

Hom Yoga River Valley


Location: 491-River Valley Road, 01-18/19, Singapore

What to do in River Valley: Satisfy Your Cravings

Little Farms River Valley Café

Sometimes, eating hawker food can feel heavy and unhealthy. If you’re looking for a detox, Little Farms Café is the answer to your problem! The café started as a grocery store with organic and fresh produce. Now they’ve extended to a café and kept a farm-to-table concept for their meals.

Every healthy produce they serve is sure to be organic and ethical! Little Farms offer brunch until 3 pm and lunch until 5 pm. Here you can choose from a diversity of healthy meals, beverages, and desserts. Feel no guilt with their healthy, excellent dishes and service that’s worth the price.



Location: 491 River Valley Road, 01-20, Singapore

Zamas River Valley Restaurant

If you’re still undecided about what to do in River Valley? Try a new cuisine. Zamas is worth trying! The local young community loves this Indian food place. The open-air restaurant has a nice ambience, especially on lovely evenings. Unfortunately, it is still open until late at night, so it gets crowded around the same time. 

Although the restaurant is open-air, they are strict when following cleanliness standards. They have accommodating staff and offer quality services. Aside from Indian food, they also have a wide range of Malay and vegetarian meals. Their reasonable price and great taste prove why they get so crowded at night.



Location: 429 River Valley Road, Singapore

Relax and Pamper Yourself

Bump River Valley

Are you wondering what else to do in River Valley? It’s time to love yourself with the leading Spa and Salon here.  

If you’re up for a hair make-over session, Bump is the best place for you to try! This Japanese salon offers the best hair services in the area. The stylists are careful and attentive to details when styling your hair. They are also friendly and accepting, so ask away if you have any hair problems and they will give you advice.

Not only will you feel relaxed with the staff and their services, but you will also love the look of the place! The loft aesthetic of the salon is elegant and chic. The ceilings are high, and glass partitions divide the station for their services. They also have the proper dim or bright lights for each station that will get you in a relaxing state.

Bump River Valley


Location: 11-Mohamed Sultan Road, 02-01/02, Singapore

Palace Spa River Valley

After a long day of stress or walking, nothing can beat the relaxation you get from a massage! But of course, you would love to choose a spa with actual experts. Palace Spa has trained professional therapists that will assist you. These experts are well-known for their exceptional service and warm approach.

At Palace Spa, they offer a wide variety of services. They provide different styles of full-body massage or massage for a specific area of the body. They also use pure and natural products that give off heavenly aromas. The main goal of the Palace Spa is for you to overcome the mental and physical stress you carry.

Palace Spa


Location: 282-River Valley Road, Singapore

In River Valley, you will have the time of your life. Here it’s easy to make new acquaintances, learn history, and spoil yourself. It’s time to indulge yourself but need cash? Try an online loan. Check out Cash Mart Singapore, a legal moneylending in Singapore. Apply now! Your stay in River Valley will give you an unforgettable time.

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