What to Do in Redhill Singapore: A Fun Day Trip

Are you new to Redhill? Do you wonder where to go and what to explore? Well, you’re in luck! We’re here to guide you with an exciting experience of what to do in Redhill Singapore. So read along and try it out!

Travel in Redhill MRT

Going around Redhill is a lot easier thanks to its convenient transportation options.

Redhill MRT Station – EW18

The MRT station is along the East-West Line. Its location is in the Redhill planning subzone and along Tiong Bahru Road. Also, it is adjacent to the Alexandra Hills subzone.

The presence of Redhill MRT serves as a transport node for residents living in Redhill and Alexandra. Plus, it provides an excellent travel convenience for students and employees along with the schools and businesses of Leng Kee Road.

Redhill MRT Station - EW18

Credit: https://www.streetdirectory.com/stock_images/travel/preview/16010298510346/18008/redhill_mrt_station_ew18/

Redhill Bus

Two official bus stops are connected to Redhill station. The first is 10209 – Tiong Bahru Road which directly travels to Redhill station. Meanwhile, the other is 10201 – Tiong Bahru Road, opposite Redhill station.

Redhill Bus

Credit: https://landtransportguru.net/great-world-city-shuttle/great-world-city-shuttle-redhill-pickup-point/

Redhill Taxi

Near the Redhill MRT is the taxis. It helps locals and tourists to reach their destination in no time. That’s why taxi stands serve as pick up and drop off points for passengers.

Whichever you plan to go around Redhill Singapore, it is more accessible thanks to its different transportation options.

Redhill Taxi

Credit: https://mothership.sg/2013/10/12-signs-spores-taxi-system-broken-dozen-places/

Dine at Redhill Food Centre

The yummy Redhill hawker centre is a few steps away from the MRT station. Here is a list of must-try stalls and food.

Zhong Ji

Carrot cake is the signature dish of the stall. Zhong Ji gives justice for being the hawker staple food of residents.

Try out their Black Carrot Cake! Every ingredient helps make the food burst into flavours. The radish chunks are quite bigger than others. Nevertheless, the black sauce coats each piece perfectly.

Redhill Zhong JiCredit: https://the.fat.guide/singapore/eat/zhong-ji-delicacy/

Hong Seng Curry Rice

Hong Seng Curry Rice

Credit: https://sethlui.com/hong-seng-curry-rice-redhill-food-centre-singapore/

As its name suggests, Hong Seng Curry Rice is the stall’s signature dish.  A decent portion gives you a strong taste of Assam and spiciness. Some say it’s close to the dish Curry Fish Head.

Also, you can make add ons to make your dish more delectable. Ask for pork chop and battered fried prawns. Plus, every serving in here is so affordable. So don’t miss a chance to taste when exploring what to do in Redhill Singapore.

Yan Fried Bee Hoon

If you’re looking for a quick fix for chicken craving, Yan Fried Bee Hoon is the best food stop! It serves affordable yet delicious Chicken Wings. Also, it’s the best as it dishes out a freshly fried batch.

Be enticed with its extremely fragrance. No wonder why there’s always a queue here. Plus, the skin is crispy and flavourful. Every bite gives you tender but juicy meat. It’s a great place to satisfy your palate.

Redhill Food Centre offers mouthwatering and affordable dishes. Check it out once you go out and explore what to do in Redhill Singapore.

Yan Fried Bee Hoon

Credit: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2016/11/yan-fried-beehoon-and-fried-chicken.html

Shop at Redhill Mall

Aside from the travel and food convenience, the area offers a shopping spree. So splurge your way in this what to do in Redhill Singapore tip.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a two-storey gem in Redhill Singapore. The go-to mall for bargain-savvy shoppers has several boutiques to check. Some famous brands include Charles and Keith, Cotton On, and more.

Whether you’re looking for something fancy yet within the budget, visit the mall. Then, if you still can’t find what you need, head over to IKEA just across the road. Before you go home, for sure, you have secured the products required.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Credit: https://www.timeout.com/singapore/shopping/anchorpoint-shopping-centre

Redhill Market Shopping

If you just want to tour and find Redhill Singapore, visit Redhill Market Shopping. The place reflects the personality of the city. No wonder, it is chaotic but in a systematic and fun manner.

Find various knick-knacks as you walk along. Also, buy anything that piques your interest. Plus, bring home some souvenirs or whatnot. On top of that, Redhill Market serves traditional dishes. In addition, it lets you taste other parts of the world. So head over here and experience it yourself.

Spending some cash won’t hurt. If you need it, buy it at any shopping centre in Redhill Singapore.

Redhill Market Shopping 

Credit: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/redhill-market-gm1212305717-351885350

Relax with Massage Redhill

Having a happy tummy and a splendid shopping escapade requires energy. Although it’s exhausting, it gives a satisfying feeling. Plus, it relieves the stress part off your shoulder by having a massage. So here are the top choices.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a famous name in Singapore. It started in 2001 and now have several outlets all over the country. If you’re staying in Redhill, visit its branch in Alexandra. Drop by here from 11 am to 10 pm.

The massage parlour provides a full body massage for an hour. Also, you even have variations to select. Try out their Swedish, Thai, pressure point, and deep-tissue massages. After the session, you’ll feel rejuvenated from the week-long stress caused by work.

Healing Touch

Credit: https://placesingapore.com/es/healing-touch-spa-fd14157

Massage Master

Massage Master is a one-stop spa in Redhill, Singapore. Their services use organic ingredients for better relaxation. Also, its location is along Alexandra Road. It opens every 10 am and closes every 10 pm.

Although it’s relatively more expensive than others, the service quality is beyond your expectation. Savour your experience at the sensory spa more relaxing. Masseuses use aromatherapy and premium extracts while kneading your tensed muscles.

Do you need to relieve the tension off your body? Visit these massage salons. For sure, you’ll get the best services from here. Plus, it gives you holistic healing. Experience all this by following our advice on what to do in Redhill Singapore.

redhill massage master

Credit: https://placesingapore.com/es/massage-master-fd14262

Now you know what you can do in your new place. You don’t have to guess where to go and how to get there. That’s why you can enjoy more of what to do in Redhill Singapore.

Plan your tour around the area without breaking your budget. If it seems challenging to stay within your funds, apply for an online loan. Cash Mart Singapore is a reputable and trusted legal money lender in the country. It lends an instant cash loan. Therefore, pushing you to continue your adventure as you learn what to do in Redhill Singapore.

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