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A National Treasure: What to Do in Raffles Place

During the pandemic, we long to travel. However, the situation puts a hold on our journey wants. But, fear not; you can pack your bags and travel now with proper precautions! So gear up yourself, what to do in Raffles Place offers a secure adventure.

Raffles Place is an excellent place for you to start! It is in the heart of the Financial District in Singapore. With a simple look into this place, you can see its modernity and grace. You will love its bright lights at night and clean roads and streets in the morning. 

Raffles Place has lots of places to do many things! You can shop in its beautiful malls. Also, you can embrace Asian culture through food in its authentic restaurants. Plus, you can embrace the nightlife with different places you want! There is a tremendous amount of what to do in Raffles Place. Take this as a starter guide for your trip. 

Raffles Place


Experience the Great Modern City

There is no doubt that cities light us up with modern architecture and technology. At night, you can gaze at the beautiful city lights and embrace their warmth.

Check out One Raffles Place

One Raffles Place is an iconic commercial building. It has two office towers and a shopping mall. You can go to the shopping mall to experience its unique stores when you visit this place. From the outside, you can appreciate its gorgeous architectural design. One Raffles Place is near the MRT station. That is why it is indeed accessible.

Check out OneCredit:

Homey Vibe at Ascott Raffles Place Singapore 

If you are looking for one of the best hotels, look no further. It is because Ascott Raffles Place will suffice any of your hotel needs! Ascott Raffles Place Singapore is a 5-star hotel in the area. It is also near the MRT station for ease of access. 

The hotel is famous since it caters to every luxurious need that you need. It has an excellent view from every room. Also, worrying about privacy is the least of your concern. The hotel excels in giving its customers peace. If you want the perfect hotel, check in to Ascott Raffles Place Singapore now!

Ascott Raffles Place Singapore


Venture into Authentic Asian Food

Of course, one of the most critical topics in travelling is food. However, not all food here is Asian-themed. Plus, you can find different restaurants that cater to your food needs.

Lau Pa Sat Food Court for Your Food Needs

If you want different types of food, check out Lau Pa Sat Food Court. Since it is a food court, there are many stalls here that you can order simultaneously. For example, you can get your ramen with Chinese-style chicken from other booths. It is your choice to mix up your menu.

Lau Pa Sat Food Court stalls are Budding Chef, Fishing Fish Soup, and Indian Curry House. There are different flavours from each booth. So do not forget to mix it up for the best taste!

Lau Pa Sat Food Court


Shop with Raffles City MarketPlace

If you prefer to pick your ingredients, go to Raffles City MarketPlace delivers fresh ingredients for your future meal. It ranges from vegetables to meat. So it is a guarantee that all food here is new. 

Then, you can ask a restaurant near the marketplace to cooking your ingredients. Let them make a meal for you! There is no better feeling than knowing that your food has fresh ingredients!



Try Authentic Food with City Hot Pot One Raffles Place With Home Delivery

If you want a simple yet elegant type of meal, try City Hot Pot One Raffles Place With Home Delivery. The restaurant has a steamboat for its theme. When you enter the place, you will experience extraordinary sea life. The restaurant provides dine-in, takeout, and home delivery.

You can order food here for those who want to enjoy time at home. Unlike fast-food restaurants, the restaurant provides a fresh and healthy menu. Enjoy your hotel view with authentic food.

City Hot Pot One RP


Looking for Desserts? Try Polar Puffs & Cakes

Let us get into the world of desserts. First, of course, we deserve a little bit of break once in a while. What better way for you to do that than ordering desserts! 

Check out Polar Puffs & Cakes for what to do in Raffles Place for desserts. It has a wide range of delicious menus. For example, it serves a simple chocolate roll to a raspberry pavlova roll. You will not run out of great options here! 

The store is halal-certified if you wonder whether these are safe for you. Yes, you heard that right! Polar Puffs & Cakes provide halal food here! That means you can enjoy all their desserts with the comfort of knowing that they are all halal. 

In addition, Polar Puffs & Cakes provides delivery that caters to some people! So try Polar Puffs & Cakes now and forget about your problems!

Polar Puffs & Cakes


Other Activities, You Ask?

The necessities of food and home are all checked; what are there to get? Well, there are plenty more activities. Learn more about what to do in Raffles place.

Get Active with Virgin Active

Virgin Active will help you work your body out if you feel the urge to exercise! It is a high-end fitness experience for those who want to have a healthy body! The location is in the heart of the financial district. If you have a hotel nearby, you can try this place! 

Also, the gym provides a spacious 3263 square meters of fitness playground! It is complete with all the necessary workout equipment. 

Virgin Active


Bonita For Your Beauty Needs

Bonita is a place for your beauty needs. It has all your beauty needs! It ranges from make-ups to beauty serums. 

Bonita is in One Raffles Place’s shopping mall. The store provides traditional threading, waxing, bleaching, and many more! So you do not need to worry about your next party. Instead, you can visit Bonita and go out feeling prettier than ever!

Bonita in Raffles Place



Raffles Place is rich in activities that one can do. You can embrace the Asian culture with the buildings and food. Also, you can enjoy the nightlife in different places. With its modernity, food provides better ingredients, too. An example of this is the halal-certified bakery. If you also want to try the list of what to do in Raffles Place, many stores provide almost everything. 

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