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What to Do in Outram Park: A Captivating Place

Before we explore what to do in Outram Park, let’s have a little fun fact about the place.

Are you aware that its name is after a British General, 1st Baronet, Sir James Outram? 

 He is an English General who fought in 1857’s Indian rebellion.  

Outram Park is under the street of Outram Road.  It’s one of the suburban areas wherein you can be at ease living.  It’s a suitable community that is very accessible to essential institutions. Such of these are school, hospital, city park, etc.   It is highly recommended for couples starting a family.

Moreover, there are many things this place has to offer:

  • Easy access to public transportation, whether riding a bus or using the underground MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train. Commuting to various destinations is very convenient.
  • Stop by at the surrounding cafes with exquisitely irresistible to enjoy the ambience. Moreover, there are famous for serving truly delicious snacks and beverages.
  • Experience purchasing to a wide variety of retail outlets.  Take pleasure to shop to your preference of choice.
  • Meeting different awesome multi-races at one unique temple architecture. Admiring both the structure and the devotees.
  • A cost-effective traveller’s hotel.  A secure place to freshen up or sleep under an economical budget.

Undeniably, this is the perfect place to scout for what to do in Outram Park. A fantastic all-in-one location worth discovering.

Hanging Out at the Famous Outram Park Cafe

Outram Park is well-known for the nearby cafes around it.  These restaurants bring a feeling of warmth to your cup of beverage and add comfort to your tasteful snacks.

It is an exciting place where you can just chill and relax after an exhausting sightseeing escapade. There’s an impeccable selection of drinks and foods to choose from to satisfy your tastebuds.  Add to that, the ambience here is cosy.

Indulge in numerous delectable menus that only Outram Park Cafe can offer.  Plus, the wonderful smell of coffee encourages your senses to come and taste its uniqueness.

Adoptively, a few newly popped cafes have incorporated their country of origin to introduce them to the evolving market.  Also, themed and pet-friendly shops are now rocketing high. 

Although there are many cafes in the area, each offers a unique distinction to its establishments.  Their approach to their menu and store atmosphere is remarkable and quite fascinating.   

Famous Outram Park Cafe


The Practicality of Outram Park MRT Station

Outram Park MRT Station has a tactical location. It is underground between Bukit Merah’s boundary and the Outram planning areas in Outram Road, Singapore.

It is an interchange station between East-West Line (EW16) and North-East Line (NE3).  Hopefully, this 2022 will also be connected to Stage 3 of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TE12).  

Noticeably are two iconic Art-In-Transit to see in the North-East Line.  Its location is NE3.  It features the series of paintings of Wang Lu Sheng with the title “Memories” and the artwork of  Teo Eng Seng with the title “Commuters”.  

Currently, this station has four operating platforms running. The train frequency usually appears every 2-3 minutes during peak hours while 5-7 minutes during regular hours.  The daily schedule of these trains runs at 5:54 am and ends at 12:04 am for EWL.  For NEL, it is from 6:30 am to 11:40 pm.  As for TEL, it is still waiting for an announcement.  If you know what to do in Outram Park, you know which train to ride. 

Outram Park MRT Station


Revealing Cafes near Outram Park

Outram Park Cafes are experts at brewing their signature coffees.  Its flavorful aroma attracts customers to their respective establishments.  Plus, their signature dishes leave an unforgettable taste on your palate.

Cafes here daily serve their customers from morning to night.  Its menu ranges from continental breakfast to light snacks, salads and desserts.

There’s a wide choice of established cafe restaurants in this area.  Naming a few are:

  • Nanyang Old Coffee is one of the oldest coffee shops to serve the best traditional coffee.
  • Cafe 3 Outram is known for its special daily menu and set menu.
  • Acoustic Coffee Bar is a pet-friendly botanical themed cafe that offers all-day brunch. 
  • Three Point Two serves 18 different flavours of gelato and four kinds of durian desserts.
  • Kream & Kensho is a coffee place by day, brunch cafe at lunch, and dinner serving beer at night.

It’s a fantastic stopover while thinking about what to do in Outram Park. Three Point TwoCredit:

Shopping Galore at Outram Park Mall

There are many neighbourhood malls at Outram Park.  Most of these malls are along the mesmerising retro Chinatown.  In these areas, you can find great deals that are rare to find.  Unbiased, it provides a reasonably decent shopping experience. So, finding what to do in Outram Park is not a challenging task.

There’s also Concorde Shopping Centre.  It’s a large shopping centre with plenty of retail branded outlets for fashion-conscious individuals.  It takes pride in offering well-known brands, modernised amenities, and an abundance of quick-service restaurants.

The famous jewellery shop Viva Diamonds is in this area, too.  Here, you can purchase a diamond at a competitive price.  The atmosphere is delightful. Plus, the staff are indeed knowledgeable and approachable.     

Outram Park Mall


The Budget-Friendly Hotel 81 at Outram Park

A place to dwell is a must.  Hotel 81 caters to travellers who are on a modest budget.  It is usually a 2-star rating lodge with a 24 hours security. Although the amenities to their guests are minimal, their staff are well trained to assist with a smile.   

It is a habitation where you can comfortably straighten your back and rest your tired body.  Also, it offers excellent and clean accommodation after a whole day of strolling and sightseeing.

The standard room rate here ranges from around SGD65 to SGD100. But it depends and varies on the season.  The usual check-in time is 2:00 pm, and the check-out time is 11:00 am. It’s the best way to end your day from your adventure in what to do in Outram Park. 

Hotel 81 at Outram ParkCredit: 

The Colorful Outram Park Vinayagar Temple

The Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple is a sight to behold. It is an Isca Hindu pagoda.  It is along the Keong Saik Road.  Here, the famous Ganesh is the most visited by the Indian devotees.  

Many visiting tourists are curious to see the vibrant, coloured and detailed architecture on the exterior side of this religious site.  It surely attracts attention, especially its “gopuram”, considering it’s just a small temple. However, the conventional iconography and decor are also noticeable on its interior side.   

The elephant-headed deity is commonly known to be a Lord of good fortune. There’s a belief that it can provide prosperity, wealth, and success. It removes the obstacles from its worshippers.

Although usually crowded, it still managed to be a well-organized temple. It has a strict, limited broken-time worshipping hour that opens from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon. Another schedule is from 5:30 pm up to 8:30 pm. Also, the temple offers a free “prasadam” for all visitors.  

Outram Park Vinayagar Temple


Experience a lot of fun in your travels. Organise your plan with what to do in Outram Park. For sure, you’ll be satisfied with your stay. 

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