What to do in Lucky Plaza

What to Do in Lucky Plaza: Most Affordable

Orchard is the heart of an extensive selection of shopping malls. Nevertheless, Lucky Plaza is still the top pick of avid shoppers who love great deals. It is the best tip if you want to know what to do in Lucky Plaza.

Opened in 1981, locals and tourists visit to explore well-priced stores. Also, they enjoy its famous basement food court. It serves various food choices, such as fast-food chains and local eateries.

Lucky Plaza is a fun place to be if you’re looking for affordable items for your home and hobbies. It showcases a wide selection of electronics, shoes, clothes, sporting goods and accessories. Don’t miss amazing deals and discounts as you explore what to do in this shopping centre.

Lucky Plaza is one of the most visited shopping malls. Because of its reasonably priced salons and barbershops, you’ll get affordable haircuts and treatments. In addition, you’ll be surprised by the quality of their services!

Its strategic location benefits tourists. They can stay at the Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel and Grand Park Orchard. Plus, they can visit the mall, enjoy their stay, and get a steal on vintage items at convenience. Tourists can even land at Changi Airport. Then, ride the MRT directly into the city.

In addition, people from the provinces can conveniently access Lucky Plaza. It is because it has two MRT stations which are just a walking distance away from it.

There are no more traffic jams and parking headaches. Instead, only cheap, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation is available!

Ready to explore what to do in Lucky Plaza? You’re in luck because we are about to show you a guide to maximise your stay and experience here.

Visit Lucky Plaza

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Go Thrift Shopping

Lucky Plaza is a place you might have heard about before if you’re into thrifting. The popularity of a slow lifestyle is gaining traction in Singapore. Also, it has become something many youths enjoy. Thrift stores are great for finding low prices on unique vintage finds – what’s there not to love?

Do you like to assess the quality of clothes before purchasing? Do you even prefer to try them on? Then, thrift shops are perfect for you. So get your hands on trendy camis and tops for less than $5. Help save the environment without much effort, too.

Whether you’re an avid shopaholic or someone with a tight budget, these offline thrift shops will be sure to help!

Thrift Shopping

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The first floor of Lucky Plaza features FleaWhere. It is where clothes, swimwear and bottoms are available. The stalls sell vary every weekend. Some products change every few days, so it never gets boring.


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Lucky Plaza Bazaar

Across from it is Lucky Plaza Bazaar. Students find vintage items like shoes or bags as low as $3. On the 4th floor of Lucky Plaza, you can buy clothes, swimwear, and bottoms here. Recently, it has expanded to a wider space. As a result, more students populate the stores searching for vintage and affordable finds. Thus, earning their rising popularity.

During the weekends, more establishments are open. However, shoppers are anxious to get their shopping fix, so be wary of the crowds. For the best experience, we recommend going late in the afternoon. But on weekdays, go early in the morning, 9 am.

That’s why Lucky Plaza made a new protocol. They prohibit visitors with ID cards ending in odd numbers from entering on odd dates. Meanwhile, those with ID cards end in even numbers from entering on even dates. It helps reduce weekend congestion.

Lucky Plaza Bazaar

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Dine and Have Fun: Top Food Choices You Must Try

Shoppers go hungry after their shopping spree. However, they still opt to stay to explore other what to do in Lucky Plaza. All because of the yummy delicacies offered by the restaurants here.

lucky plaza dining

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Jollibee Lucky Plaza

Most locals and tourists are probably aware of this iconic fast-food restaurant. The business that originated in the Philippines has over 800 locations globally. Not surprisingly, Jollibee serves some of Singapore’s greatest fast food-style fried chicken.

Jollibee Lucky Plaza has perpetually-long queues daily. Singaporeans love Jollibee’s “crispylicious” and “juicylicious” fried chicken. Also, the fast-food joint is famous for its YumBurgers (burgers), Jolly Spaghetti, and other Rice Meals.

Individuals can indulge in a 2-pc Chicken ($6.95) or 3-pcs Chicken ($9.50) set. Every serving includes a choice of usual side dishes (rice, fries, or mashed potato). Also, there is a larger groups offer. It can split the 6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket ($16) or Bucket Meal ($29) for sharing.

You’ll enjoy the crispness of the batter. Then, pair it with soft beef that explodes with delicious succulence. It is tasty enough on its own, but the dipping sauce takes it to a whole new level.

Jollibee Lucky Plaza

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Ayam Penyet Lucky Plaza

Are you seeking a distinctive and spicy chicken dish? Then, this is the place to be. Ayam Penyet is a smashed fried chicken. It is a famous Indonesian dish in Singapore.

The chicken is boiled with its secret blend of traditional herbs and spices. Then, it is fried and smashed to perfection. In addition, every dish serving includes fried tofu, fried tempeh, sambal and cucumbers. Enjoy your meal with fried rice or nasi goreng.

Don’t forget to visit Ayam Penyet when looking for what to do in Lucky Plaza. It’s on the first floor to satisfy your craving for authentic Indonesian food!

Ayam Penyet

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Lucky Chicken Rice

Popular with Indonesian Chinese people, the restaurant offers roast and steaming chicken rice. The best part is that prices begin at $5.

Lucky Chicken Rice is on the 2nd floor of Lucky Plaza. It’s a simple place with old school tables and wooden seats. Overall, it gives off a vintage vibe. The shop is popular with tourists and residents of the Lucky Plaza apartments above the mall.

Chicken noodles (from $4.50), oatmeal (from $3.80), and dumpling soup ($3/$5/$7) are all on the menu. In addition, chicken gizzards ($1/$2/$3) and veggies in oyster sauce ($3/$5/$7) are two side dishes to consider.

Diners find it convenient to have chicken rice in this air-conditioned mall. On Friday nights at 6 pm, the restaurant is usually empty.

Lucky Chicken Rice

Credit: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/12-best-places-for-chicken-rice-picked-by-st-food-writers

Sari Ratu Lucky Plaza

Sari Ratu is a modest diner. It is a newish nasi padang business originating in Indonesia. Nevertheless, it has amassed quite a following. The majority working class can claim well-heeled ex-pat Indonesians as part of their posse.

Their best-seller is a punchy, authentic, tasty meal. That’s why it is a significant draw, despite the basic and low-frills design. So it’s no surprise that the restaurant is always packed during lunchtime.

San Ratu’s top dishes include Ayam Gulai ($5.50), chicken curry served in a tiny clay pot, and their tasty Curried Hard-Boiled Egg ($1.50). The Sayur Lodeh ($2.50) could have used a little more body, but it is delicious to the last drop.

Unlike other branches, this one is considerably more convenient. But, of course, you may always shop to burn off the calories from your hefty meal.

You are free to dine there from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. However, we advise you to go early for the full range of options. You’ll be restricted to the breast meat areas of everything once the lunch rush has passed.

Sari Ratu

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Indeed, Lucky Plaza brings out the best food choices and affordable picks from Asia. Whether you are a local citizen or a tourist, you will enjoy discovering hidden gems from different cultures. Take note it is not limited to Singapore alone. Adults and students alike will enjoy spending their time here. They can shop, eat and relax here despite a tight budget. It offers all sorts of what to do in Lucky Plaza.

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