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What to Do in Jurong West: The Place to Be in SG's West

Once called Peng Kang, Jurong West is a planning area and residential town. Its location is in the West of Singapore. Also, it comprises nine sub-zones within Jurong West. So it makes a residential neighbourhood. That’s why there are fabulous ideas on what to do in Jurong West.

In addition, you can find shopping malls, schools, and restaurants in the area. Also, there are many things to experience. These are feasible for your visitors. 

Jurong West


Sit in on Jurong Point MRT 

There’s always something old-school and charming when it comes to riding trains. Of course, the regular fares let you save money.  But also, convenience is one of those factors that attract commuters.

Jurong Point MRT will not disappoint you. Below are some well-known MRT stations for the flexible features that will surely make you ride them.

Recommendable MRT Stations in Jurong Point

Boon Lay MRT Station

This MRT station is an above-the-ground station along East-West Line (EWL). It is currently a transport mode for residents of Jurong West and other parts of the Jurong Industrial estate.

Also, it serves the Jurong Point shopping mall, SAFRA Clubhouse, and Jurong West Community Building. Along with housing developments and schools in the Town Centre area. 

It has two elevated platforms in an island podium arrangement. Plus, it has passenger information systems located on each platform. While at the ground level, you can find the ticket concourse. 

Boon Lay MRT Station


Pioneer MRT Station

Pioneer MRT Station got its name from the nearby Pioneer Road North. It is an extension of the Pioneer Road that extends far into Tuas. Also, it is an above-the-ground station along the EWL.  

This station opened in February 2009 as part of the Boon Lay Extension of the EWL. It is in the heart of the Jurong West residential expanse.

You can find the station’s ticket concourse at Level 2. There are escalators, stairs, and lifts connecting the platform level to the ticket concourse level.

As for the safety of commuters, Half-height Platform screen doors are at the platform edges. Also, tactile flooring guides the visually handicapped from the platform to station exits. 

Pioneer MRT Station


Buy Essentials at Popular Jurong Point Shopping Mall

Nope, this isn’t just an ordinary and boring mall. It has many exciting and unique places. You can visit while walking. Also, it has everything for your everyday needs.

One thing that stands out in this mall is the variety of restaurants inside. The same goes for the massive array of F&B options, IT stores, and supermarkets! Not to mention all their bubble tea shops, too! These are a good catch for guests.

In addition to that, there are plenty of personal care services. It ranges from hairdressers to nail services. Plus, there’s a massage parlour in the basement. 

It is a place to shop for essentials and eat. This place is oozing value for money. The shopping experience comes with convenience. So go and have a walk-in this mall. 

Jurong Point Shopping Mall


Work Out at Jurong West ActiveSG Gym

Jurong West ActiveSG Gym is a public gym operated by Sport Singapore. This place is known as the 3rd integrated facility with pool features. It successfully positions itself to be a sports and leisure venue.

Jurong West Sport Centre isn’t just a venue for sports activities. Also, it offers a length of food and beverage stalls. Aside from that, they have ample sheltered parking lots, too.

The spot is possibly the best ActiveSG gym in Singapore. It is evident according to the reviews. In addition, it is very spacious and well equipped. They even have a female corner.

Also, it is known as a convenient gym for workouts. It is because it has free weights and lots of machines. On top of all, this place has friendly instructors.

Jurong West ActiveSG Gym


Take a Dip at Jurong West Swimming Complex

If you are looking for a swimming spot with cheap rates, go immediately to this place. It is a public swimming complex by Sport Singapore. They have slides and wave pools as well. So the entire fam bam will surely enjoy it. 

This swimming complex has large swimming pools. It has two Olympic length pools, one open-air, and one cover with lanes. That’s why it is a venue fit for proper swimming training. 

 Also, they have a kids’ play area with various things to do. It will keep your kids entertained while you are relaxing.

Jurong West Swimming Complex


Step in Jurong West Massage Places 

Are you tired of a long and busy day? Well, massage places are waving at you! You deserve a rest. So you should experience it in the hands of professionals. Check out our recommendations below for a unique yet quality serving Spa.

Recommendable Spa at Jurong West

Masego The Safari Spa

Do you want to try a unique yet fantastic spa experience? Then, make sure to list this in your must-visit spot. It is the first and only safari-themed spa in Singapore. 

They have a fascinating safari theme. Aside from that, the place itself is very cosy and relaxing. The services are good plus the staff is well-experienced.

As for the rates, it is pretty affordable and worth it. According to reviews, their experience was always superb. You must walk into this place and be surprised by many factors.

Masego The Safari Spa


New V Spa

A spa with a soothing and cosy ambience sounds interesting. In that case, New V Spa is the standard in Jurong West. The best part here is the free food and beverages to their customers!

This place provides spa and massage services as expected. Also, they accept corporate bonding and events. As for their customers and guests, they offer a membership package.

If you wish to relax all by yourself, they have another option. Try out the gender-separated sauna and jacuzzi pool. The prices they offer are veritably worth the experience. It is an excellent place to unwind after a long tiring day, even on a tight budget.

New V Spa


Enlighten your Day at Jurong Cafe

Every cafe has its uniqueness. But the main thing it should serve is convenience and peace of mind. So no matter your reason for sitting inside a coffee place. Enlighten your mood by tasting one’s speciality.

Recommendable Cafes at Jurong

Sunday Folks

This spot is an excellent place for everyone. In this place, they always make sure to focus on quality. As a result, the specialities are light yet satisfying. 

A cosy ambience and a great atmosphere will greet you. It is a place where you can chitchat with friends, family or loved ones. Also, their desserts are Instagram worthy! Perfect for those guests that are techy.

Their products have excellent taste. You can choose from soft-serve ice cream to cakes and waffles. Plus, the services were superb. It is indeed the best place to spend a lazy, indulgent Sunday.

Sunday Folks


The Daily Scoop

This shop is a tasty haven for ice cream lovers. Regardless of what flavour you want, this place provides a wide selection for you. Also, they have exotic flavours and unique versions!

This place does not just serve ice creams. Also, they offer waffles and iced coffee topped with ice cream. Those mentioned are their specialities that are always popular.

In addition, the staffs are cheerful and friendly. It is a well-match with the cute ambience of the cafe. Plus, the prices are pretty reasonable too. It was a nice place to rest and a go-to spot to visit for dessert.

The Daily Scoop


Final Thoughts

We wish you nothing but to enjoy and relax during your stay in Jurong West. Self-care isn’t being selfish. Instead, it is about knowing your worth. You deserve to have a reward for yourself. 

The things listed above will be perfect for your unwinding. But, do it all by yourself, with friends or loved ones. We hope that we’ve given you ideas on what to do in Jurong West. It is possible during your spare time only. 

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