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What to Do in Jurong East: Popular Hangout Spot

Are you still undecided on where to go and what to do during your visit to Singapore? Well, you are reading the right article! Below are some recommendations of exciting things that you might want to consider. Continue reading for more amazing tips on what to do in Jurong East.

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Watch a Movie at Jurong East Cinema

Being at the cinema gives you a better watching experience. The atmosphere of watching movies is different from at home. The realistic sound effect and a bigger screen will make you realise that you made a better choice. 

We got you some well-known cinemas for what to do in Jurong East. They have their uniqueness in terms of presentation. Continue reading as their offers are amazing.

Recommendable Cinemas 

Shaw Theatres Jcube

If you want a cinema that offers special 3D movie packages, you should consider Shaw Theatres Jcube. It has seven screens with Digital 2D, 3D, and IMAX facilities. It is the oldest in Singapore yet one of the best cinemas in Jurong East.

Also, they offer movie vouchers and gifts valid for purchase at their box office. They have special discounts for students and senior citizens too! If you are a student, you need to show your student pass.

Shaw Theatres Jcube


Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd.

Are you looking for a place where you can watch a movie and at the same time be comfortable while sitting? Well, this cinema is considered the most luxurious and comfortable. Moreover, it is one of the biggest cinema theatres with ten screens in Singapore! 

This cinema aims to provide the best movie experience for its customers. The prices they are offering are pretty reasonable too. You can purchase gift vouchers too. Additionally, your team can hold a meeting. Private screenings and award ceremonies are allowed in this place, too.

Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd.


Relax at Jurong East Spa

Are you a person who loves to lay down and relax? Then, it would be best if you consider visiting a spa. Get tempted by amazing offers of Jurong East well-known spas as you read further.

Recommendable Spa 

Joyre TCMedi Spa

The mission of this place is to create a platform for their employees to realise their dreams. They want to improve sub-health problems through their sincere and professional services. Also, the vision seeks to create a healthier and happier source of living. Therefore, people receive thorough treatment for wellness and beauty.

As per reviews, the services they are providing are excellent. For example, it always offered treatments with detailed explanations. So, it helps customers understand the essence behind them. Also, staff are professional and focused on what a customer needs.

Joyre TCMedi Spa


Adrift Anapauo Massage & Spa

If you had a long and tiring day, you need to pamper yourself with a fantastic treatment at a spa. And in this kind of situation, Adrift Anapauo Massage centre is one of the best places to go and relax.

The concept of a healing oasis inspires this place. From the word itself, “healing”, you will figure out that it is a place created in a meditative environment. Perfect for those who want to have a rest physically and mentally.

Previous customers were amazed by the services they provide. The prices are one of the cheapest in Singapore too! So if you are a massage lover, this spa will be the rescue for your bad day.

Adrift Anapauo Massage & Spa


Get a treatment at Jurong East Hair Salon.

Getting your hair done all by yourself is such a hassle. Being styled by a hair professional will allow you to save time. Also, if you visit a place and want to take great pictures, your hair should look fabulous.

Solutions to that are listed below! Fulfil your goal to make your hair look superb. Also, salons allow you to take a moment to relax and pamper yourself. Plus, you can get inspiration, advice and recommendations there!

Recommendable Hair Salons 

Program Hair Studio

This hair salon has provided elegant hairstyles since 2001. They give a lot of services aside from haircuts. Also, they offer Korean perms, hair colouring and other trends. Free consultations from them are possible, too!

One of their assets is their professional hairstylists attached to bring out your best styles. Plus, Program Hair Studio is known for using high-quality organic products. Perfect match for your hair to stay healthy and manageable.

Program Hair Studio


Espec Salon

Suppose you prefer a modern hair salon, Espec Salon will suit you. It provides the highest customer care of what to do in Jurong East. Their friendly yet professional hairstylists provide unique and fabulous hair treatments. It will surely exceed your expectations.

This place specialises in organic keratin treatment that results in hair being smooth. Their talented stylists are experts in ombre, hair treatments and highlights. Professionalism allows them to present a complete elegant experience to their customers. 

Espec Salon in Jurong East


What to eat at Jurong East?

Yep, we know that eating in a famous area is a need to experience during your stay in a particular place. So we got you as usual! We’ve picked the most affordable yet top rated eating places at Jurong East for you. See the list below and choose those places that suit your budget and expectations.

Hit a Mug at One of Jurong East Cafes

Want to chill or meet up with friends, loved ones or anyone else? A coffee shop would be one of those places that are perfect for a couple of hours of chitchats. Listed below are some of the great cafes located at Jurong East.

Recommendable Cafes 

W39 Bistro & Bakery

In this place, they believe that you should share your best moments with your loved ones; humans & fur kids! They are one of the certified pet-friendly & allow dogs/cats at their outdoor alfresco area. Also, they will give you warm services, good foods & a cosy environment away from the hustle of life. 

Aside from that, you will admire their cheery and bright decorations. Their menu consists of good fresh foods. It will challenge your point of view of what a small neighbourhood cafe should be.

As per reviews, it is one of the best places for breakfast. Also, the ambience was lovely, and the services provided were prompt. A true hidden gem indeed.

W39 Bistro & Bakery


Paris Baguette

If you are looking for a vibrant and pleasant cafe, Paris Baguette would be the best. It is a good place not just for coffee but also for desserts. Products they are offering are always fresh, tasteful, and, most of all, healthy.

Their latte and coffee full of aroma are fantastic for someone who’s just starting their weekend morning! Plus, their desserts and pieces of bread have a lovely presentation. Just by looking, foods are incredibly delicious and appealing.

 It is a great place to spend the night with their wide range of menus. Also, the services were good as the waiters were very attentive and helpful. The prices offered are average and worth it as they provide high-quality products.

Paris Baguette in Jurong East


Have a Meal at One of Jurong East Restaurants

If you are on a trip, of course, food destinations will never be out on your bucket list. We’ve prepared recommendations for you. You’ll surely want to consider this good tasting yet affordable restaurant. Continue reading below as we’ve made sure to list them for you.

Recommendable Restaurants

Jollibee Jurong East

Jollibee is a famous Filipino fast-food restaurant. Their best seller and well-known product is their fried chicken called “chicken joy”. However, they have other Filipino delicacies that will surely hook you.

Their well-known chicken itself was juicy, tender, and had thin, crunchy skin. You can tell that it was well marinated because it is delicious. Also, it has combo meals at such a low price. A satisfying and must try meal for real!

Jollibee in Jurong East


Meat N’ Chill

This restaurant aims to bring customers a complete fun dining experience. They are so determined and spend hours trying. Just to bring you the perfect mix of secret marinade for the supreme ribs in town.

It is ideal to have a hearty meat dish and chill over a glass of your favourite drink. May it be solo, with friends or with your loved ones. Expect superb service from the staff as they are friendly and all ears.

Meat N' Chill in Jurong East


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