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What to Do in Jalan Besar: Singapore's Heartland

Jalan Besar is famous for its quiet, calming, and timid vibes. All because of its traditional shophouses and cafes. Also, it is renowned for its mix of conventional and modern landmarks. Plus, it boasts of excellent food sanctuary that you surely don’t want to miss. Here is a simple yet great guide to show what to do in Jalan Besar.

Reserve a Staycation Room at St Signature Jalan Besar

Location: 15 Upper Weld Road, Singapore 207372

When visiting any place, the first thing to do is look for a cosy and convenient staycation room. But, of course, an affordable one is a bonus! 

St Signature is one popular SG clean certified hotel and staycation approved. It has excellent reviews that prove the satisfaction of its past customers. Also, previous visitors tagged it as exceptional and recommendable to others.

The top amenities offered are its location in the heart of Singapore. So it’s close to the public station with free wifi. That’s why it gives you excellent access to your itinerary of what to do in Jalan Besar. 

In addition, being SG clean means compliance with high general hygiene standards. Also, you can check-in through their fast and precise application. It’s almost the same as walking in. 

According to reviews, the staff are friendly, and the rooms are neat. It is a hidden gem worth every penny. The owner turned it from an old shophouse into a lovely co-living hotel. So if you are looking for a worthwhile hotel in Jalan Besar, you should consider St Signature.

St Signature Jalan Besar


Have a Sip at Famous Jalan Besar Cafes

People tend to visit cafes for various sets of reasons. Maybe to unwind, relax, catch up with friends, do unfinished work or try the taste of one’s speciality. Jalan Besar cafes are famous for having something for everyone’s taste.

The place provides a cosy and atmospheric area to gather, work and drink. But, are you looking for cafeterias located in Jalan Besar that’ll suit your standards? Then, it would be best if you continue reading the list of coffee shops’ recommendations below.

Recommendable Cafe

Black Fairy Coffee

Location: 131 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207553

Black Fairy Coffee is one of the top growing cafes in the area. Some of their trademark dishes are Popcorn Latte, Soy Chicken, Rustic Beef Stew, and a variety of hearty Bento’s. 

If you are looking for a cafe with coffee, brunches, Asian cuisine and snacks during the daytime, this shop could be the answer. But wait, it also offers a lively partying bar during the night. That’s why this is a must-visit locale for you!   

Also, they promote “The magic in our Coffee.” It highlights their ingredients, freshness, precision, and consistency in every cup they serve. Plus, they advertise that each mug of Black Fairy coffee hands over an enchanting aroma and an unforgettable flavour. Choose which one you like. 

Their premium selection is from 100% handpicked Highland Arabica Coffee Beans. That’s why it delivers a distinctive taste.  Plus, a consistently rich cup of coffee no matter what season you visit.

Black Fairy Coffee


Asylum Coffeehouse

Location: 217 Lavender Street, Singapore, 338772

Asylum Coffeehouse can be a home away from the household for guests. So if you wish to escape this rush and dash world, search for what to do in Jalan Besar. Its interior was one of the most anticipated to welcome guests. Plus, it provides accessible communication with the baristas and staff. 

This coffeehouse serves two signature sandwiches – Overload and Asylum’s Cubano. The Overload has smoked barbecue pulled pork, trinity mac & cheese, homemade barbeque sauce, and slaw. 

Another crowd choice is Asylum’s Cubano. Every serving has Ciabatta, homemade Mojo Pulled pork, gherkins, swiss cheese, mustard. Then, pressed to give you a great crust and mouth-watering juiciness.

Also, they present their Espresso blend with Keluak. It is dominant chocolate, nutty and earthy note. Keluak was influenced by the Peranakan dish Buah Keluak and its style. Weekly defined speciality beans will also be accessible for pour-overs.

If you are looking for a place to relax and chill, contemplate going to this place. Its best feature is its relaxing ambience. Every time you’re in a rush and don’t have enough time to come and sit. No need to worry! They have pickup available and islandwide delivery too.

Asylum Coffeehouse


Old Hen Coffee Bar

Location: 88 Rangoon Road #01-03 Singapore 218374

Old Hen Coffee is a modest family-run business. They grow with the community. So, they get inspiration from the daily people who come through their doors. Its industry has experienced numerous changes over the years. But it remained firmly committed to its coffee philosophy since the beginning.  

The shop consistently chooses to work only with honest and responsible coffee professionals. It maintains the respect of relationships and shares a similar approach. Thus, keeping the coffee quality and sustainable. As a result, a delightful taste of coffees results from tedious work. Also, it includes dedication invested by farmers, producers, coffee traders, roasters and brewers. 

In addition, they first captured the attention of the cafe hoppers. Their unique cold brews and indoor decor were also kept simple enough. It preserves the extra touch of minimalism. The acclaimed mention goes to their hanging lights made of recycled materials. Thus, it exhibits eco-friendly and attractive to the eye simultaneously.

Their speciality, White Cold Brew, is superbly creamy and has lower levels of caffeine. It can be a good try, even for non-coffee drinkers. The Valrhona Chocolate, Matcha Latte and Iced Thai Milk Tea seem exciting choices. Their sincerity in serving speciality coffee is apparent and draws customers the most. 

Old Hen Coffee Bar


Commute using Jalan Besar MRT

If you don’t have a car when searching for what to do in Jalan Besar, try riding in Jalan Besar MRT. It offers a thrilling yet hassle-free ride experience. 

Jalan Besar station has two floors in an island platform arrangement. Both platforms are for trains travelling in either direction. 

Full-height Platform screen doors separate the air-conditioned station from the tunnel environment. Thus, it enhances commuter safety and station convenience.

The station has Passenger Information Systems. A plasma-presented screen exhibits the expected train arrival times and key messages. Concrete flooring helps lead those with sight impairment,  blind or partially sighted people. So it is convenient to walk from the platform to the station exits.

Jalan Besar MRT


Look Out For Jalan Besar Stadium

Location: 100 Tyrwhitt Rd., Singapore

Suppose you are a person who loves a little bit of history or a sporty person. In that case, this field is a must-visit place during your visit to Jalan Besar. The stadium held sports and handled many significant events in Singapore’s history. These are the first Singapore Youth Festival in 1955, the first Singapore Armed Forces Day in 1969, and the 1984 National Day Parade. 

Jalan Besar Stadium is a popular Singapore benchmark. It is at Tyrwhitt Road in the Kallang area. Also, it is known as the birthplace of football in Singapore. The official opening was on the 26th of December 1929. Since then, the stadium has held many football events. These include Malaysia Cup tournaments. Other numerous thrilling games are already hosted here. Rugby and hockey matches are some of them. 

Jalan Besar Stadium


Savour Good Foods at Jalan Besar Food Centre

For others, eating out is one of the best choices for their current phase in life. Deciding what to do in Jalan Besar includes where to eat out. It avoids the burden of cooking and tidying things up. When you visit a particular place, one of the things you listed is to try as many speciality foods as possible. 

Of course, many tourists consider the price of the food they will buy. Wallet-friendly good foods are one of those must-try foods. Savour the flavours and maximise the time and effort you exert from travelling.

Jalan Besar is home to foodstuff and coming eateries that spice up the food scene. However, some tourists often neglect the Berseh Food Centre along Jalan Besar. It’s not as fancy nor tourist-friendly as the other places in Singapore. But it is one of Singapore’s gems. 

Generally, you can buy several good foods here. Plus, there are numerous hip cafes and famous local eateries alongside! Keep scrolling through this guide for different kinds of must-try food recommendations.

Must-Try Budget-Friendly Good Foods 

Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake

Its shape is like a big round cushion. The outside, spread with crunchy peanuts and tiny Ikan Bilis, is exceptionally crispy. But, at the same time, everything inside remains moist and juicy. Unfortunately, there are only a few places to find this traditional deep-fried snack from Fuzhou. This stall is at Jalan Besar Berseh Food Centre. After placing an order, you will wait up to 30 minutes. Then, they will ring a buzzer to inform you when your order is ready.

Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster CakeCredit:

Lao Liang Shark Meat and Pig Trotter Jelly

Lao Liang is the only store in Singapore that sells Shark’s meat and Pig Trotter Jelly. They use the traditional Teochew cooking method. However, the dishes offered are not too salty and light. The cold pig trotter jelly and shark jelly are bouncy and refreshing. You will like how the texture and natural sweetness of the shark meat come through the jelly. It is a weird food culture that is worth experiencing upon visit.

Lao Liang Shark meat and Pig Trotter Jelly


Self-Made Fish Ball

It may look like a typical bowl of noodles for breakfast. However, these self-made fishball noodles are different. The fish balls and meatballs added are handmade and very meaty. It is far from the factory-made ones. The noodles are bouncy and flavourful from the chilli and pork lard. So, you should consider trying them out!

Self-Made Fish Ball in Jalan BesarCredit:

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you must visit Jalan Besar to experience the timid vibes. Relax alone or be with your loved ones, and be guided on what to do in Jalan Besar. Moreover, there are great places with great behind-the-scenes stories that you should experience. Lastly, their wallet-friendly peculiar meals are those types of unique foods that you must give a shot at!

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