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What to Do in Holland Village for the Hip & Young

In Holland Village or Holland V, authentic livelihood mixed with modernity is there. The neighbourhood is between the areas of Bukit Timah and Queenstown. These areas are in Central Singapore offer a memorable adventure of what to do in Holland. 

With the occurrence of the pandemic, people long to experience vacations. But with proper conditions and precautions, you can visit certain places. We like to share authenticity in the areas that we see. But, we also want to feel comfortable with the technology that we use every day.

One of the most notable features of the Village is its appeal to young Singaporeans. It is because of its tons of eateries and shopping malls. You will not run out of shops and eateries when you visit here! Name all you want! It is all here, from small hawker exotic foods to the expensive side of cuisines! Luckily for you, this guide will help you find the best places for your different activities!

Holland Village


Get to Your Destination Fast with Holland Village MRT

One of the most needed places to know about your vacation plan is transportation. How do you get there fast? What kind of transportation do you need? These are some of the questions that might pop your mind.

Holland Village has an MRT, or Metro Rail Transit, Station, leaning to modernity. With the MRT, you can visit all the beautiful places in Holland Village in no time! The undergrad MRT station is on the Circle Line along the boundaries of two areas. These areas include Bukit Timah and Queenstown. 

Make sure to visit Holland Village MRT for less transportation time in your travels!

Holland Village MRT


Be Safe with Raffles Medical Raffles Holland Village

Another place that you need to know when visiting a site is its nearby health centres. Here in Holland Village, Raffles Medical Raffles Holland Village is your best choice! You can call it Raffles Medical for short. It offers specialist care for women, children, kind, family medicine, and many more!

You do not need to worry about medical issues when you visit the medical centre. So take care and have safe travels in Holland Village!

Raffles Medical Raffles Holland Village


Shopping Malls, You Ask?

Now let us move on to the most famous feature of Holland Village, the malls. There are many malls to shop. Here are some of the best shopping malls you can ask for in Holland Village:

Shop Now with Lim’s Holland Village

Lim’s Holland Village has the most prominent furniture store in the Village. You can decorate your home with tons of unique and authentic furniture here! Also, the store features a comfortable feeling with a hint of authenticity. You can observe the unique take of the store due to its style. 

Of course, you can add your style with your custom furniture here. You are in charge, after all. So come on down to Lim’s to add a new feel to your home!



Get Your Wallet Ready in Decathlon

Some of us have sports activities that need equipment. Decathlon is the leading sports gear store here in Holland Village. Even if you do not have a particular sport, you can still shop here and discover yours!

Name your sport, and they have equipment for it! From basketball to golf, Decathlon has different equipment for you to enjoy! Who knows? Your passion might spark here!

Decathlon in Holland V


Cold Storage Holland Village for Your Shopping Needs

Everyone needs grocery supplies. Here in Cold Storage is the shop for you! You can order quality fresh ingredients for your next dish here in Cold Storage! It caters to a wide range of products from seafood to meats and many more!

Due to the pandemic, the store also offers online delivery! Yes, you heard that right. So you can get your fresh ingredients right outside of our doorsteps! Visit Cold Storage or Cold Storage’s website now!

Cold Storage Holland Village


Have a Rest and Relax in Natureland Holland Village

Every once in a while, humans need to relax. One of the best ways to relax in Holland Village is through massages. Natureland Holland Village is a go-to spa centre in Singapore. Also, it is an award-winning massage salon. Natureland offers revitalising massages and spa services. They also provide other massages, such as the Swedish oriental body massage. It is why this massage and spa centre is for everybody!

On your vacation, do not forget to enjoy yourself. You do not need to visit all the famous tourist spots in one day. Instead, take a rest and revitalise with Natureland Holland Village!



Let Us Talk About Food

Are you hungry from visiting these stores? You do not need to worry because Holland Village has tons of food stalls and restaurants. Here are some of the best food places that you can visit:

Experience Being the Majesty with Crystal Jade Kitchen

Crystal Jade Kitchen is a restaurant that specialises in Cantonese cuisine. From your traditional dumpling to the favourite Peking duck, you have a lot of choices here! The restaurant also caters for events and weddings for your loved ones. Of course, you need to set a date and reserve it beforehand. 

You will feel like majesty when you dine in at Crystal Jade Kitchen. So visit Crystal Jade Kitchen now, your highness!

Crystal Jade Kitchen


Sushi Tei for Your Japanese Food Cravings

Japanese cuisine has a unique take on food. From sushis to teriyakis, they understand the different flavours of the mouth. Here in Sushi Tei, you can experience Japanese cuisine to the max with their variety of sushis. Of course, they also serve other dishes such as teriyakis or even salads. But, are you sure you do not want to taste sushi greatness? Come on and taste it now in Sushi Tei!

Sushi Tei


Have a Snack in Arabica

% Arabica or Chip Bee Gardens is a food enclave near Holland Village MRT Station. It offers a calming snack experience with its menu. The food place offers different coffee drinks and specific snacks. 

One of the most famous drinks that they have is its Matcha Latte. The drink has a unique yet satisfying feeling into it. It makes you calm with its flavour. They also provide snacks such as Beef Katsu Sando for your snacking needs. In this busy world, we all need a break. So have a break in % Arabica now!

Arabica in Holland V



Holland Village has a lot to offer. You will not run out of things to do, from the big shopping malls to the small cafes. Also, there are many other places to enjoy in Holland V. Some of the best places are suitable for beginners to explore. So get ready and apply precautions now for your trip!

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