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What to Do in Clementi: Activities You Mustn't Miss

Clementi may be an old estate in Singapore, but this town in the west has a lot to offer. That’s why it’s best to know what to do in Clementi. So you wouldn’t miss any exciting activities. 

Singapore’s southwest is home to a vibrant, thriving town. Once, it was swamps and kampungs. 

The estate gets its name from Sir Cecil Clementi Smith. He served as the Governor of the Straits Settlement from 1887 to 1893. It is one of Singapore’s earliest HDB towns, built between 1975 and 1979. 

Today, the area is bustling with great food options, top schools, and historic rail tracks.

Clementi Singapore


How to get to Clementi

The Clementi area is easily accessible to Singapore’s different towns and cities. The transportation system is excellent in this area. 

Trains from any city of Singapore are easily accessible from Clementi MRT Station (EW23), on the East-West MRT Line. Taking this route allows one to enjoy the stunning scenery while relaxing. 

Also, the road going here is easily accessible. Therefore, travellers can rent a car and drive themselves to the area if they are coming from anywhere in Singapore. 

Also, you can take the frequent Clementi Bus Interchange bus to get here.

Plus, you can use it to commute within the city. You can find the SBS Transit and Tower Transit bus terminals at the Clementi Bus Interchange. 

To get to Clementi by air, one can fly to Changi airport, the closest airport. 

Some buses and cabs offer service to the area, which is just 33 kilometres from Changi.

Clementi MRT


Where to Go Shopping 

Clementi is a tropical shopping paradise with chic malls, trendy boutiques, and giant department stores. Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy this guide on what to do in Clementi. 

The Clementi Mall

Located in the heart of the town, this mall is reasonably large. The mall is a six-story shopping centre that provides everything you need. It includes clothing stores, bookstores, restaurants of all kinds, a food court, and a supermarket. 

Clementi MRT station and Bus Interchange are near the mall. These are intricately interconnected. From 10 am to 10 pm, you can enjoy their colourful and spacious interior. Also, you can reach the mall at 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore 129588.

The Clementi Mall


321 Clementi 

321 Clementi has food and entertainment options for all ages. 

On level 3, you will find WE Cinemas, a modern cinema. Unfortunately, tickets are hard to come by here. 

WE Cinema turns out to be Eng Wah. The entertainment firm opened 321 to address the neighbourhood’s lack of cinema.

Aside from the cinema, the mall offers a selection of unique and well-known food & beverage outlets. Plus, they aim to give off a dynamic, energetic, fun, and captivating vibe.

321 Clementi 


Art Friend Clementi

When it comes to getting the necessary materials for your design projects, Art Friend may be the first name that comes to mind. Art enthusiasts frequent the store here. They find a wide selection of handy supplies and tools. 

Art Friend is a one-stop-shop for craft materials. If you ever need anything for your art projects, this is the best place to visit. But it can’t be found it anywhere else.

Art friend singapore


Clementi Food and Cafe Spots

Complete your activities of what to do in Clementi with these mouthwatering food spots. 

Kedai Kopi

In the new Kedai Kopi halal coffee shop, a Kopitiam meal has the feeling of dining in a casual restaurant. But it is priced like a Kopitiam meal. 

Kopitiam takes after Tenderfresh’s hipsterish Tenderbest Makcik Market at Bedok Point. But it’s not the usual tacky plastic furniture. Instead, diners can eat at wooden tables and in industrial metal chairs.

Kedai Kopi features nine different stalls, each offering a unique concept. Also, Tender fresh operates six of them. 

Its namesake stall serves Western dishes like a roasted spring chicken. Also, it has a mod zi char eatery, Hawkerman Street Kitchen. It typically serves non-halal dishes now lard and pork-free, such as Hokkien mee and char kway teow.

In addition, the group operates 380 Nasi Lemak. It is a hawker offshoot of the  Nasi Coco restaurant. Plus, they manage Mee Bagus, which serves bak chor mee-style mie ayam without pork. Also, there is the Banana Grill, which serves barbecued seafood on banana leaves.

Kedai Kopi will be a spacious 5000 sq ft restaurant with 144 seats.

Kedai Kopi


W39 Bistro and Bakery

Singapore’s West Coast is home to a cute little restaurant called W39 Bistro & Bakery. The little restaurant lies hidden in a residential estate near Clementi Stadium. It’s the kind of place you feel incredibly comfortable in immediately.

W39 Bistro & Bakery’s interior is reminiscent of a country house and a holiday home. A Hampton’s feel about it immediately makes you feel at home. Plus, you’ll find a good selection of magazines. It keeps you entertained while dining. So dining alone can be a pleasant experience here.

W39 Bistro and Bakery


Avail a Relaxing Massage and Spas 

There are a lot of fantastic spas and massage centres here. Here are our recommendations of what to do in Clementi. 


As far as beauty and wellness are concerned, Theresa is already a household name. For over three decades, they have built an excellent reputation. 

The Aromatherapy Body Massage is one of our most popular services. It is ideal for people who spend most of their time at home or sitting for long periods. To remedy stiffness and improve blood flow, Theresa uses natural aromatherapy essences.



Precious Foot Reflexology

Precious Foot Reflexology is the best place to go if you need foot pampering after standing or walking for long hours. They are known for the best foot massages in Singapore. Also, they use only the best oils and creams. 

Precious Foot Reflexology


Explore the Sports and Nature Trip 

In what to do in Clementi, an outdoor adventure is a must-experience. Check out these places. 

Clementi Woods Park

The Woods Park offers a welcoming environment. It is full of mature trees and natural vegetation for people looking to get close to nature.

You can hear the chirping of birds and the soothing hum of insects among the trees along the footpaths lined with trees. As you walk through the park, you will be surrounded by the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of the woods. A tower at one end of the park offers visitors a bird’s eye view of the area. Enjoy the tranquillity of Clementi Woods Park while dining at the restaurant located in the tower block.

Also, it is a ‘Learning Park.’ It has had a partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic since 2007. Students at Ngee Ann get the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. Everything is in a natural setting. They can work on ideas and projects there.

Clementi Woods Park


Clementi Sports Hall

The western suburb of the town is home to another sports and fitness centre. 

People can use a running track, a swimming pool, and a gym equipped with the latest fitness equipment for free. 

Among the other amenities are badminton and table tennis courts. But, again, you need to make reservations in advance. 

People often come to the centre from all walks of life, from students to homemakers to business executives.

Clementi Sports HallCredit:

What to do in Clementi is truly extensive. Travelling here is hassle-free, and making an itinerary is easy. Also, getting financial assistance will be the least of your concerns. Many legal moneylenders are within the area. 

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