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7 Best Activities: What to Do in Bukit Gombak

Every once in a while, we want to experience nature. We want to embrace its high altitude combined with fresh air. But in the modern world, there are still activities that we need to do. Luckily for you, the list of what to do in Bukit Gombak is the perfect combination for these. 

The hilly neighbourhood is in the West of Singapore. Do you know that in the Malay language, Bukit means hill? Do you also know that Gombak means collection? Put those two words together, and we have a collection of hills! 

The area is rich in the environment and urban buildings. It is the perfect combination of two. This guide will help you explore the best things about what to do in Bukit Gombak. 

Bukit Gombak Singapore


Be Where You Want with Bukit Gombak MRT

One of the fastest transportation that you can get is the MRT. MRT or Metro Rail Transit allows people to travel fast through its stations. For example, the MRT enable you to travel fast to different landmarks. The MRT Station is an above-ground MRT station on the North-South Line of Bukit Batok. 

When you are here, make sure to ride the MRT for best time use! 

Bukit Gombak MRT


Feeling Sporty?

When you are on vacation, you want to spend your time resting. But in certain situations, exercise and sports are some of the best times for relaxation. The area has many places for you to visit and exercise your bodies!

Feel Like a Winner with Bukit Gombak Stadium

Bukit Gombak Stadium is a public sports stadium near the MRT station. Its accessibility provides a wide area to exercise your sport and body. Also, the site offers a stadium for track and field. But, it has certain opening hours for the public. It is because there are schedules required to do. So, make sure to research and schedule your time there according to the opening hours. 

Bukit Gombak Stadium


Get Yourself in the Hall of Fame with Bukit Gombak Sports Hall

If you want to experience indoor exercise and sports, you should try the Bukit Gombak Sports Hall. The Sports Hall is a public sports stadium in Bukit Gombak Sports Centre. Also, it is effortless to access. Since it is indoor, you do not need to worry about weather conditions and temperature. It has a complete air conditioner within its walls to provide you with balanced temperatures.

Bukit Gombak Sports Hall


Be Safe with One Care Bukit Gombak

One of the most important places you must know when visiting an area is its health centres. One Care makes sure that you are safe. Whatever medical treatment you need, they can accommodate.

Also, they accept health insurance cards such as MHC, Alliance, Allianz, and many more. Plus, they provide different services such as vaccinations and screenings. 

Visit One Care for your medical needs when exploring what to do in Bukit Gombak.

One Care


Are You Looking for a Bukit Gombak Massage?

Let us say you are weary and need to relax your muscles—one of the best ways to treat all is a spa. Here in the area, there are different spas that you can enjoy! 

One of the most famous spas here is the Kirin Spa. It is a uni-sex massage spa that specialises in body massage and spa treatments. You can kiss your pain away with the Kirin Spa!

Kirin Spa


Ride Your Bikes to Fame with Lim Seng Kee Cycle Company

Are you looking for a Bukit Gombak bicycle shop? Well, the Lim Seng Kee Cycle Company is your best choice! The shop offers different types of bikes such as MTB, BMX, Electric, and even children’s bikes! When visiting Lim Seng Kee Cycle Company, you will not run out of bike choices. So visit the Cycle Company now and ride on!

Lim Seng Kee Cycle Company


Play with Your Fur Friends at Bukit Gombak Park Dog Run

We sometimes do not want our pets to be lonely when we travel. So, there are situations where we let our pets join us in our travels. But, some places do not allow animals to run around with freedom. Here at Park Dog Run, you can let your dog be free and meet other ones! 

Park Dog Run provides you with a wide-open area for you and your dogs to enjoy! It also has a butterfly garden for your picture-perfect moments! Plus, the park is about the size of seven football fields! That is a vast area for you and your dog to run around and explore! 

The park also offers an expansive view of Bukit Gombak’s rich forest. Make sure to breathe in the fresh air there because it is sensational!

Bukit Gombak Park Dog Run


How About Bukit Gombak Food?

Of course, the best topic for every vacation is food. Who does not want to visit a new area and experience its cuisines? Here are some of the best places for you to get authentic food. 

Have Everything You Want in Select Gourmet Kitchen

Select Gourmet Kitchen provides Japanese, Chinese, and authentic Thai dishes. It is near Bukit Gombak Park. They offer food from simple ramen to exotic octopus. Also, the restaurant serves delicate meat for you meat lovers out there! You can experiment with your food here or enjoy your traditional Asian cuisines!

Select Gourmet Kitchen


Have a Break in Whisk & Paddle

Let us say you finished walking with your pet and want to enjoy a little snack break. Whisk & Paddle is your perfect choice in this manner. Enjoy non-heavy food with Whisk & Paddle or savour simple desserts or small plates of pasta with coffee. You will not run out of snacks here in Whisk & Paddle. 

Whisk & Paddle


Get the Best Soup in Ben Xiao Hai Mala Hot Pot

When it is raining, one of the best things to drink is a bowl of soup. Ben Xiao Hai Mala Hot Pot is the best place for your soup needs. It has the best soup dishes out there! Also, it features different sides for your enjoyment. Plus, you can add chillis for more flavour or garlic for texture. 

Ben Xiao Hai Mala Hot Pot



Bukit Gombak has different places for you to go. These are only some of the best places for a beginner. Then, of course, you can venture out there and find for yourself. But, these are some of the easiest and best places for you to visit right now! It’s best if you plan what to do in Bukit Gombak ahead. 

Visit the place and experience nature with an urban lifestyle!

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