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A Business District Tour: What to Do in Boon Lay

Are you looking for a modern Chinese neighbourhood? Then, look no further. Boon Lay is the perfect place for you! It is in the Jurong West where all the urban things you need! You will not run out of what to do in Boon Lay! Start from the latest MRT stations to the grandest shopping centres. So read along and enjoy the tour in the business district. 

The area has a lot of places for you to visit! Of course, you will also enjoy different activities here! Luckily for you, this is a guide for all the most fantastic places. Here are some of the locations you will enjoy.

Ride with Boon Lay MRT Station

Who does not love trains? They are simple yet efficient. Without it, people are yet to go to their respective places at the right time. BoonLay MRT, or Metro Rail Transit, Station is on the East-West line in Jurong West. It is one of the three stations in Jurong West new Town. It is famous for transporting people to great places near its station. 

Do not forget to try its MRT Station when exploring what to do in Boon Lay. Also, the station has modern upgrades you will not find in other stations. 

Boon Lay MRT Station

Get All You Want in Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Now that you know the MRT Station, let us move on to the places that you will enjoy after using it. The Shopping Centre is the largest shopping mall in the area. It has all the things that you are looking for! It has all the stores for all your needs!

Ranging from grocery retail shopping to banking, it has all the places you need in one location! The shopping centre is the most common meeting place for people. Without a doubt, it is the perfect place for a newcomer who wants to know what to do in Boon Lay. 

Shopping Centre in Boon Lay


Boon Lay Stationery for Your Office Supplies

The best shopping place for your office supplies is Boon Lay Stationery. It has all the requirements for your office. It got you covered from stacks of papers to a single paperclip. Also, you can ask their employees to guide you within the vast building. 

Boon Lay Stationery


Change Your Outlook in Life with Boon Lay Bus Interchange

You want to see huge buses coming in and out of a single place. Well, the Bus Interchange is the perfect place for you! It is an Integrated Transport Hub, or ITH, at Jurong West Central. It lets you plan your whole vacation with its accommodating schedule transports. Also, it is integrated within Jurong Point shopping mall for ease of access. So try it now if you want to get your trips fast with a great view!

Bus Interchange in Boon Lay


Be Safe with Boon Lay Clinic and Surgery

Safety must be first in any situation. It is why you need to know the nearest clinic whenever you visit a new town. The Clinic and Surgery is one of the best medical clinics. It provides all the necessary medical supplies that you will need in emergencies. If you want, you can also try their famous surgeries! You can ask for a specific part of your body that needs it, and they will schedule a date for you. You need to take care of your health, and Boon Lay Clinic and Surgery is there to help you!

Boon Lay Clinic and Surgery

Satisfy All Your Cravings with Boon Lay Place Food Village

What is the greatest what to do in Boon Lay? That is right, feasting out! Here, there are many hawker stalls for you to see. 

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak for Your Chicken Desires

One of the most famous stalls in Boon Lay Place Food Village is BL Power Nasi Lemak. Since it is a renowned stall, you need to hurry into the stall’s queue. It is because it is always full and its queues are long. But still, the food is worth your wait. 

The stall’s chicken offers a paradise of simplicity mixed with spices. Their chicken meal also provides a special sauce called sambal chilli paste. This paste will uplift all the flavours within your mouth the second you mix it with the chicken.

There is no doubt that Power Nasi Lemak will never fail your food. So do not forget to grab a taste whenever you are in the Food Village!

Power Nasi LemakCredit:

Change Your Typical Food with Lian Yi BBQ Seafood

It is common for the locals to taste the stingray in this hawker centre. But, people outside the country are curious about its taste and capability for eating. Luckily for you, Lian Yi BBQ Seafood will help you please that curiosity. The stall offers a barbeque of stingray. Yes, a barbeque stingray. The outer layer of the stingray offers a crispy taste with expert charring. The meat also is juicy, and you can bite it with ease because of its tenderness. 

Also, the stall offers a special sambal sauce for extra spiciness. Be careful not to have too much of the sauce because it is spicy. But, you will not stop eating it because of the additional flavour it brings to your dish. So give in to your curiosity now with Lian Yi BBQ Seafood!

Lian Yi BBQ Seafood


How About Some Fried Cake in BL Fried Carrot Cake & Kway Teow Mee?

When we say cake, the first thing that comes up in our minds is the sweet and delicious chocolate cake. But, Fried Carrot Cake & Kway Teow Mee’s speciality is the Black Carrot Cake. It has stir-fried cubes of radish cake. For those who do not know, it is healthy. Compared to the typical carrot cake, the Black Carrot Cake offers more sweetness to the dish. So, have some healthy cake now with Fried Carrot Cake & Kway Teow Mee.

Boon Lay Fried Carrot Cake & Kway Teow Mee


Try Duck Now with Heng Huat

Duck is a common ingredient in local stalls. Here in Heng Huat, you can try one of the most flavourful Duck Noodles that you will taste! The booth offers a unique take on its Duck Noodles. The soup that they make is fantastic. It has this sweet yet savoury flavour. The meat that they give is also generous and tender. It is the best stall for your duck noodles!

Duck Now with Heng Huat


Boon Lay has many unique places that you can visit. The article serves as your guide to maximise and reach all the what to do in Boon Lay. So pack your bag now and have a tour!

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