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What to Do in Anson Road: Take a Joyful Adventure

If you are about to visit or are currently in Singapore, one must-visit place is Anson Road. However, don’t judge the name itself. It is not just a road, but you’ll find unique spots throughout the area. So check it out and explore what to do in Anson Road.

There are numerous excellent hotels to stay in and rest. Suppose you love to try different alcoholic drinks, no worries. Bars are conveniently nearby. And, of course, we will never forget top tier foods in the area. We got you! Keep reading this guide for more amazing suggestions on what to do in Anson road.

Know More About Anson Road

Anson’s signature roadway is in the downtown core district of Singapore. Its name came after Archibald Anson in 1879. The exact area of this road was once a part of Mount Wallis.

Despite its history, this place has been a spot for different activities. It gleams with countless well-known structures. You won’t just cross or walk in this way. Today, you can explore and experience various things alongside this famous road.

AnsonRoad Singapore


Guide on How to go to Anson Road

There is various transportation you can use to go to Anson Road. It depends on where you currently are. There are subways; MRT, bus and taxi. For your transportation to be convenient, you can try using a travel app or website.

When it comes to Singapore’s top used travel app, Moovit is one of the most recommended to use. It is convenient to operate according to reviews and feedback from previous users. Moreover, it has 930 million users, which prove its legitimacy and usefulness.

It does make riding convenient, proving that it is one of the best public transport apps. You can get precise directions quickly through it. Also, the app helps find alternative routes to save time. 

Moovit will help you find the best way to get to Anson Road from around the corner public transit station. Plus, there’s no need to install an individual bus or train app. Instead, it will serve as your all-in-one transit app that helps you find the best bus time or train time available.

Also, you can check the cost and ride fares of Train, Bus or Taxi to Anson Road. It provides maps and directions to help you head out quickly during your visit, too. For sure, you’ll be able to estimate the time consumed when you travel.

Anson Road transportation


Things to Do in Anson Road

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Anson Road, there’s always something new to discover and try! Listed below are some of the top places and foods to visit. Include it in your itinerary when thinking of what to do in Anson Road. 

Look Over Hotels Nearby Anson Road

You will indeed search for accommodations during your visit to a particular place. When finding suitable accommodations, it must suit your likes and expectation. It is one of the most crucial things to do when planning your next trip.

The hotel location is a vital factor in choosing a hotel. Searching online will let you select a place in a good area. However, it should be the one with all the amenities you need. Also, the price of the hotel room must match your set budget. 

Don’t worry. We got your searching online much easier as you look for the perfect hotels near Anson road. Continue reading for more important pieces of information!

Hotels Nearby Anson Road


Top 3 Hotels Near Anson Road, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The hotel will not disappoint you since everything about it is perfect. Its location, amenities, services, and room offers are among the best. You’ll surely get your money’s worth!

They do adopt a new way of business nowadays. It has a comprehensive bunch of measures for the health and comfort of its guests.

 The hotel is an SG Clean certified locale. They have optimised their processes and initiatives using three principles: Prevent, Protect and Pursue. These etiquettes are generally above and beyond mandatory systems. You’ll find that they have re-defined what the future of hospitality is all about.

As for their property amenities, they have free high-speed internet. It is now a significant offer to be considered by travellers, even locals. Also, they have a pool and fitness centre with a gym suitable for those who love to exercise and work out. Besides that, there is also a lounge and casino for entertainment purposes. Aside from that, there are many more amenities to mention.

When it comes to room features, they have a lot to provide. For example, they have interconnected rooms. Two adjoining rooms have different doors yet are connected from the inside. In addition, their rooms are air-conditioned. Also, it has basic needs such as bathrooms, minibar, flatscreen TV and others. 

As for the bathroom, it has bathrobes, hairdryers, and more already in it! Additional to all amenities and services offered above, there are more than can be why you can check in this hotel. They have different room types. Some of those are the ocean view, bridal suite, non-smoking rooms, family rooms, smoking rooms, and others.

Those are just a summary of Marina Bay Sands offers. If you are a tourist who wants to experience the best comfort upon your visit, then this is for you. Feel free to check their official website for rates and other services offered. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Sofitel Singapore

If you are looking for a hotel that feels just like home, try considering this place. It is in the central part of Singapore. Most of its rooms are air-conditioned, featuring iPod anticipated stations and free minibar items. Also, it has LCD televisions with cable programming that provides entertainment.

Flatter your appetite for lunch or dinner at Xperience. It is a restaurant that serves international cuisines. Also, you can stay inside and take the edge of their 24-hour room service.

Their featured amenities include a business centre, express check-in, and express check-out. In addition, guests can use a roundtrip airport for an additional charge. Limited parking is also available onsite.

Sofitel Singapore


D’hotel Singapore

Are you looking for a hotel with stylish rooms? Check this hotel out. It might be the one for you. The boutique-style of D’Hotel Singapore combines classic and modern decorations.

Almost all of the rooms in this hotel are equipped with a 37-inch flat-screen TV. Also, their deluxe bathrooms come with rain showers, luxurious toiletries, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

In addition, they have a fitness centre, a 24-hour front desk, and wheelchair-accessible facilities. In terms of the convenience of their customers, they have laundry and dry cleaning available.

Some previous customers tagged their room as cosy, spacious, and with fantastic views. The room settings were also superb. 

Additionally, the location is excellent as there are a lot of eateries nearby. It sounds very similar to home—cosy yet comfortable vibes. So check their official website online for more pieces of information if you are interested.

D'hotel Singapore


Try Out Food Specialty Offered Alongside Anson Road

Food is one of the keys that open the door to exploring one’s culture. Moreover, it is one of the essential things that assembles excitement when experiencing different cultures. So include it in your travel list when exploring what to do in Anson Road. 

Since we are living at home, local food is always much better. But did you know that it doesn’t end there? Even when travelling, it should always be preferred. Having a piece of knowledge and experiencing one’s local culture is a huge part of travelling. 

Trying traditional food is broadly connected with that cultural experience. Check the recommendations below for food recommendations that might suit your taste.

Food Specialty Offered Alongside Anson Road


Top 3 Famous Food Place Alongside Anson Road

Breakfast Club

Are you looking for a heavy breakfast while on a tight budget? Don’t worry. This diner’s name says it all. It is a spot where you can find hearty yet affordable meals.

It will surely satisfy your all-day brunch craving within your budget. Also, it offers an all-day brunch menu that will please your yearnings. Their recommendable items are the Breakfast plate, pancake, and french toast.

Breakfast Club


Anson Town

Anson Town is the best among all choices if you’re looking for Malay foods. Some of their famous delicacies are Chee Cheong Fun, favourite rice noodle roll and a steaming bowl of noodles. Nope, it’s not just simple noodles. Also, it comes in different flavours and variations!

In addition, you can find other Malay delicacies here. One of those is the ‘mee rebus’ Mastan Ghani, a boiled noodle dish served with a moderately spicy and sweet gravy. Other famous specialities are Mee Jawa, Nasi Kandar, Satay, Fruit Rojakand Soya Bean curd and more.

Local’s love for Malaysian cuisines and their influences are deep-seated in their products. So if you are a fan of Malay foods, this place can be your haven. 

Anson Town


Killiney Kopitiam

Killiney Kopitiam is Singapore’s oldest and still existing cafe. Also, they’ve expanded to other parts of Singapore. So it’s not just the branch, but their menu offerings extend with a wider variety of local delicacies. They do have an addition alongside Anson Road too!

It was an ancient yet humble shop. Their famous bread toast and warm beverages are popular among others. Although it was just an ordinary Hainanese Kopitiam, its good well-brewed coffee and tea is a must-try!

Their vision is to keep their tradition, “Kopitiam, ” for upcoming generations. Their team desires that this timeless tradition will continue to be shared for all to experience. As for their mission, their goal is to provide quality products and services at affordable prices.

On top of all, they want to conserve the Hainanese tradition. So this one of a kind blend of traditional and modern Kopitiam style will surely be a remarkable experience. It will bring you back to the good old days. 

Killiney Kopitiam


Hop In at Famous Bars Around Anson Road

If you love to go out and have fun at a party, Anson road will serve its purpose for you. There is something cosy and cheerful about bars along here. Maybe after visiting one here, you will realise why people love the bar so much. First, find it out yourself in the bars listed below. Then, experience it as you tick off the what to do in Anson Road list. 

Bars Around Anson Road


Top 3 Bar Near Anson Road

Graffiti Sky Bar

It is one of the classic bars in the town. Also, it is famous for its chic ambience, great food and variety of drinks. Plus, it gives a beautiful space to nourish a relaxing nightlife experience. By simply sitting here, you can enjoy a stunning view.

The place gives a peaceful space to relax when exhausted. It is comfortable and welcoming as well. Previous customers said it is a great place to chill with your colleagues, friends and family. The drinks they offer are worth the money as well.

Graffiti Sky Bar in Anson Road


J Bar

J Bar is at M Hotel Singapore. It is a known spot among bar hoppers, young and old. You can attend a party here with a drink and live music in Singapore. 

Also, you can schedule a date night at the J Bar. Some of their previous guests said that it was an unforgettable moment because of the fantastic staff service. They will make sure you are comfortable and enjoying it. Additionally, they are very attentive and efficient.

In a review, J Bar is worth mentioning with its music. It has a talented duo in the bar who seems to know every guest’s requested song. In addition, the bands make a perfect ambience for the place. It will make your visit a lovely evening for sure.

J Bar


1-Altitude Gallery & Bar

At the top of 1-Altitude is a multi-concept lifestyle destination in Singapore. Your experience in this place will be candidly on top of the world like no other. They decked out in leading-edge custom decorations and furniture.

Also, they highlight having rattan style furniture with LED light effects. Perfect for those types of people who love to post on their Instagram. Plus, they have a live band and DJs for entertainment. You can request your desired song.

1-Altitude provides a classy sunset and nightlife spot with a wide-range cocktail menu. It is indeed one of the world’s highest al-fresco bars. So it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the night with your loved ones. 

1-Altitude Gallery & Bar


In Summary

Anson Road isn’t a boring place nor a regular road. It is a must-visit place in Singapore as it highlights the best foods and sites. You surely don’t want to miss your visit. Check out the recommendations above to fulfil what to do in Anson Road! 

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