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Wedding loan: Getting your dream wedding in Singapore

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Short Term Loans

We offer the most flexible repayment terms you can meet with ease.

Short Term Loans

We offer the most flexible repayment terms you can meet with ease.

Short Term Loans

We offer the most flexible repayment terms you can meet with ease.

Eligibility and Documents Needed

Loan applicant must be aged 21 years and above

Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

In employment

Eligibility and Documents Needed

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Getting Your Dream Wedding in Singapore

Your fiance finally popped the question.

And you’ve got that shiny, diamond ring in exchange for your “yes”.

Congratulations! You are now getting married.

But despite the excitement of the next months, you’ll surely need to get your savings ready.

Weddings are expensive. Many realize that they still lack funds as the date draws nearer.

Don’t get stressed out. You can now apply for a wedding loan.

A wedding loan is a personal loan in Singapore that can help finance your big day. It is a fast cash loan that can give you the opportunity to make your dream wedding into a reality.

Do you want to buy the perfect wedding dress?

Are you worried about the entourage? Or the perfect flowers?

Do you need cash to accommodate your families in a hotel?

A wedding loan could be the answer. 

A wedding loan will give you the breathing room you need during wedding preparations. Many couples delay their wedding due to the financial strain it will cause. Applying for a wedding loan will be the solution for the shortage of funds.

So how does a wedding loan work?

A wedding loan is an unsecured loan. This means legal direct lenders do not require collateral or a guarantor. A wedding loan is flexible and is easier to process. You only need to prepare lesser requirements compared to secured loans in banks.

Licensed money lenders analyze your capacity to pay. They consider your lifestyle and your financial capacity when making a payment scheme.

As long as you provide complete documents, your chosen moneylender can provide the funds within an hour or less. The funds will be released in cash or directly to your bank account.

Once you receive the loan, make sure that you will pay on time. This keeps your relationship with your lender healthy. You will also develop a good credit score.

Weddings are not cheap especially if you want a Traditional Chinese or Malay wedding.

You may want a simple ceremony on your big day but there will always be things to spend on.

Consider these expenses :

  • Engagement party invites, venue, food and drinks.
  • Hens party and bridal showers
  • Wedding invites and thank you gifts for your visitors
  • Wedding dress and accessories
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Groom and groomsmen suits
  • Wedding venue
  • Reception location, catering and decors
  • Photography and videography
  • Hair and makeup for the bride and bridal party
  • Transport to and from wedding to venue or catering
  • Honeymoon

All licensed moneylenders in Singapore have unique loan policies. Nevertheless, the Moneylenders Act mandates that they require basic documents for loan services.

With the use of technology, the best personal loan for weddings is an online wedding loan.

You need only to visit the website of the licensed moneylender. You must fill up the forms. You will then get a call from the loan officer to set an appointment.

Bring your documents for information verification. Then a loan officer will discuss your loan terms and applicable fees. Once you sign the loan contract, you will get your funds.

To find the best wedding loan, you need to get it from a licensed moneylender who offers flexible terms.

You can get a loan from any lender.

But the best wedding loan is from licensed money lenders.

Banks do not have unsecured wedding loans. You can use their personal loan for their wedding. However, the loan process takes a long time especially if you have no bank account with them.

You family and friends may let you borrow but it would risk your personal relationship if you fail to pay. A lot of people are also not comfortable getting a loan from someone they know.

If you need funds for an immediate wedding need, apply for a wedding loan. Consider borrowing from licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

Licensed money lenders have the most flexible repayment term.

They evaluate your financial capacity and tailor a payment scheme so that you can pay on time.

There are 5 steps to applying for a Wedding Loan.

Step 1: Visit the moneylender’s website.

Step 2: Answer the Wedding Loan Application Form

Step 3: Wait for the loan manager to call and book an appointment at your most convenient time.

Step 4: Go to the licensed moneylender’s office on the day of your appointment. Sign the loan agreement after understanding its terms and fees.

Step 5: Wait for your loan to be released.

Make sure that you understand the loan agreement before you sign the contract.

Signing up online takes 3 minutes. Get a call from a loan officer to get an appointment. You could get invited to visit the lender’s office within the day.

Once in the office, they will verify your information and discuss your loan. Take the time to understand the agreement before signing the loan contract. This may take as short as 30 minutes.

Anyone can apply for a loan. As long as they are able to meet the eligibility requirements.

They must also be able to present the required documents to licensed moneylenders.

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore follow strict guidelines when providing loan services. The Moneylenders Act mandates that legal financial institutions follow due process.

Once you passed the loan application process, you are approved for a wedding loan.

If getting a loan is too easy and there are no required documents, you are dealing with a scammer.

What is considered a good wedding loan term?

There are plenty of licensed money lending institutions in Singapore. Having a variety of choices can be confusing.

You must determine how much you need to borrow.

Calculate how much you can stand to borrow and repay. Consider the amount of time needed to settle the loan in full and compare your options. Look for good deals and a lender whose eligibility requirements you can provide.

Rest assured that if you are getting a loan from a licensed moneylender, the interest rate will not be more than 4%. Research well and decide on the wedding loan that suits your needs. Take a short-term loan that is offered by a licensed moneylender.

Licensed moneylenders are closely monitored. Rules and regulations are frequently updated. This enhances the moneylending industry.


As a result, both the lender and borrower feel safe on equal footing.


The Ministry of Law put into place caps for unsecured loans.


Borrowers earning less than $20,000 annually, will be capped at $3,000. This is the highest amount of total loan that moneylenders in Singapore can provide.


For those that earn more than $20,000, aggregate loan will be capped at 6 times a person’s monthly salary.


For example:


Borrower A earns $3,000 per month. This means that the annual income of Borrower A is more than $20,000. Borrower A can get a maximum loan of $18,000 from all moneylenders in Singapore.


If Borrower A got approved for $10,000 loan, he can only borrow $8,000 from other licensed lenders.


The loan cap includes just the capital loan amount. It is not inclusive of Interest charge and other fees.

Computations for a wedding loan are based on the guidelines of the Moneylenders Act. The calculations for your wedding loan depend upon your annual income.


Consider this:


Borrower B is unemployed for a month. He started working in February 2019. In April 2019, he applies for a loan of $3,000.


  • January 2019 – no salary


  • February 2019 – $3,000


  • March 2019 – $3,000


Annual income is 0 + $3,000 + $3,000 = 6,000


  • $6,000/3 = $2,000


  • $2,000 x 12 = $24,000


Borrower B’s income is more than $20,000 annually. He can borrow up to 6 times his monthly salary that is $18,000.


Computations for a wedding loan depends on various factors. This includes the annual income, your existing loans, financial responsibilities, and other source of income. Annual income calculation base itself on the last 3-month salary before loan application.

Using the Wedding Loan Payment Calculator is very convenient.


Key in the amount you want to borrow and the repayment term that is most convenient for you.


Take into consideration your daily needs aside from your loan repayments. You have other finances to consider such as food and transportation. You must be able to plan your finances well.


The loan calculator allows you to check if you can repay the loan without sacrificing daily necessities. It is an instrument to aid in adjusting your finances as much as possible.


A wedding loan is a useful financial tool for your dream wedding. It can help provide adequate funds during wedding preparations. Repayment only depends on your financial skills and self-control. Having a wedding loan also builds your credit score.


Get a loan amount that you can confidently pay in full along with your other financial responsibilities.

Always remember to use the wedding loan payment calculator in considering the interest rates. Make sure that it will not be difficult for you to settle your loan.


Always apply for your wedding loan with a licensed moneylender. You can be assured that the interest rate will not be more than 4%.

There are many reasons to decline a wedding loan application.


  1. A common reason is a low credit score.


The licensed moneylender gathers important information from the loan applicant before loan approval. They will authenticate the information and identification given. They will compare them with up-to-date, legitimate documents.


The Moneylenders Credit Bureau crosschecks the information provided. The lender informs the applicant that the information is sent to the Bureau. They will produce a credit record from the information sent to them. This will be kept securely in the record of the licensee.


The credit score is the report of your past financial history. A low credit score means that you unsatisfactory payment behaviour. The lender will thinkyou are a high risk to default a loan. A high credit score also has a higher chance of loan approval.


If declined, the licensed moneylender will remove your credit report from the record. If approved, your record will be kept by the lender for 5 years until you finish your repayments.


  1. You exceed your maximum loan amount.


Be reminded that the MinLaw sets loan cap on lenders offering unsecured loans. If you earn less than $20,000 annually, you can only borrow until $3,000. If you earn more than $20,000 per annum, you can borrow as much as 6 times your monthly salary.


Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum amount from other lenders. Otherwise, you will be declined by your chosen lender.


  1. Understandably, if you do not comply with the eligibility requirements you will be declined.

If you are planning a Chinese wedding here in Singapore, you will next all the extra cash you can find. The truth is, this type of wedding is grand and expensive.


Here are ways you can use a wedding loan for your Chinese Wedding:


  • Guo Da Li is the Chinese betrothal ceremony. You need to pay for the red packets for parents, wedding biscuits and cakes.


  • The dowry has to be paid by the groom as requested by the bride’s parents.


  • Matrimonial bed setup (An Chuang) where a matchmaker will put on the new sets of linens on a new bed. This symbolizes fertility and good health of the newlyweds.


  • Wedding bands and solemnisation


  • Red packets for gatecrash, helpers and young relatives

Malay wedding is all about giving and celebrations. This is why it’s usually lavish and grand. Here are ways that you can use a wedding loan for a Malay wedding:


  • Merisik gifts


  • Engagement gifts and dowry


  • Wedding preparation course which is a compulsory course by the court of Syariah


  • hantaran (trays of gifts)


  • akad nikah, or wedding solemnisation

Even if you borrow a small amount, you need to make sure to pay the loan on time. This will reflect on your credit history.

Moneylenders are strict when it comes to updating your credit report. In the future, you may decide to apply for a loan in banks and financing facilities.

Your credit score will be the main consideration in loan approval. Building a good credit score will ensure fast approval if you decide on applying for other loans.

A small amount of loan will still reflect on your credit history. Make sure that you comply with the repayment terms discussed with you.


Moneylenders are authorized with updating your credit profile. In the future, you may decide to borrow from banks or other financing facilities.


The main consideration for loan approval is your credit score. Building a good credit score will ensure a faster loan approval.

Licensed moneylenders are strictly regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore. They are only allowed to release the borrower’s information to the borrower and the Registrar. They can also release information to the Moneylenders Credit Bureau. This applies to online wedding loans as well.

Financial institutions are often closed during the weekends. They normally operate only during the weekdays. Sometimes, you need to apply for a wedding loan to pay for an immediate need.


Luckily, there are licensed money lending companies that allow borrowers to apply for a wedding loan even during the weekends.


Cash Mart process loans even on Saturdays. But you can start signing up online even on holidays and Sundays to get the earliest appointment on the next working day.

  • Online loan applications make everything easier and more convenient. A wedding loan lender nearest you is the one that offers online application. You can apply comfortably from your home.

    You can apply for a wedding loan online any time, anywhere and any day of the week. Once you have a verified appointment, you can visit the office of your chosen moneylender. Sign the contract, and get your funds in cash or cheque.
  • Think logically. Emotions and stress can cause faulty decisions. Rational thinking is important in borrowing money. Never think of borrowing from a loan shark. It may seem to be the solution to your financial difficulties, but it will only bury you in spiralling debts.


  • Always borrow from a licensed moneylender. Ensure that your chosen financial facility is in the list of Licensed Moneylenders. This is provided by the Registry of Moneylenders for your safety.


  • Calculate using a Loan Calculator. Borrow only the amount you need. Make sure that you pay on time and do not sacrifice your daily needs.


  • Compare the Interest Rates. Licensed moneylenders should not charge more than 4% interest rate per month. If they ask for more than 4% then it is a fraud.


  • Ask for other fees. The moneylender must be transparent with all transactions. All costs should be listed in the contract.


  • Be careful of advertisements. Licensed moneylenders can only advertise through its own website and office vicinity. Licensed moneylenders are prohibited from advertising via SMS, social media, pamphlets, or emails.


  • Understand all contract terms accurately. Do not sign anything unless it is explained to you clearly.


  • Secure a copy of your contract for safekeeping.


Over the years, the need for quick cash solution is growing. This has led many licensed moneylenders to produce better loan processes. They also offer quick applications. Many wedding loan applications are now available online at your convenience.

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