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Quick Guide: Understanding ValueMax Pawn Shop Singapore

Why Pawn with ValueMax Pawn Shop Singapore?

Ever wonder why pawnshops are almost in every part of Singapore? 

Pawnbroking started from a basic principle of legal money lending from portable collateral. Instead of pawning real estate properties, you use valuable items like jewellery, watches, and gold will do. 

Singapore is among the countries that adopted the progressive pawnshop industry. The operation greatly depends on the principles of trust and integrity. You entrust your valuables in exchange for quick cash. 

As the industry continued to develop, different pawnbroking surfaced and grew too. More established pawn shops offer their services to people needing urgent funding. One of the top names you can recall is ValueMax. 

ValueMax Group Ltd provides an alternative credit facility—pawnbroking for better assurance and peace of mind. It allows eligible pawners to receive hassle-free instant loan cash without credit checks. 

Learn more about ValueMax and its services offered. Here is a brief discussion about the company. 

Table of Content

ValueMax Company 

What Does ValueMax Holdings Ltd Do?

How ValueMax Pawnshop Pte Ltd Works?#ltdworks

What are ValueMax Pawnshop Branches?

Frequently Asked Questions



ValueMax Company 

ValueMax holds one of the oldest and best-established pawnbroking chains in Singapore. It was founded in 1988 by Mr Yeah Hiang Nam and steadfastly serves many communities in the country. It stands with its mission, which is to provide professional, reliable, and sincere financial services at excellent value for each customer. 

In 2004, the ValueMax brand launched. It revolutionised the look and feel of pawnshops. With its new concept, the pawnbroking chain became popular.

ValueMax offers different services that anyone can avail of. It provides pawnbroking, secured moneylending, and retail and trading pre-owned items such as luxury timepieces, jewellery, and gold.

The Company boasts of its expert valuation and reliable services. If ever you think of earning from your precious items like selling, pawning, or buying, ValueMax is a great option. 

Another excellent asset of ValueMax properties is its stores’ convenient location island-wide. You can take advantage of their network products and services wherever you are. 

As one of Singapore’s progressive and earliest pawnbrokers, ValueMax always applies technology. Now, it offers online services such as valuation and renewal. You can begin the journey of pawnbroking at your fingertips. 

Awards and Certifications

ValueMax is the first company to be enlisted in the Singapore Exchange Mainboard. From this achievement, the company continuously strive to attain other recognitions.

2018 – Singapore Quality Class 

Service award for commitment towards business quality excellence.

2019 – E.Y. Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Recognition for Mr Yeah Hiang Nam’s contributions to society and the economy

2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 – The Edge Centurion Club

In Retailer Category for Growth in PAT for over 3 years

2020 and 2021 – Singapore Corporate Awards

Recognition for Corporate Excellence and Resilience Award


What Does ValueMax Holdings Ltd Do?

If you ever wonder how ValueMax Company can assist you financially, look at its services. From here, you can choose which is suitable for your needs. 


gold jewelries


Present your luxury items for valuation for any branch and receive the highest value. Your pledged timepieces and gold are secure. The pawn shop in Singapore maintains your item’s original condition. You can renew your contract for another six months or redeem it any day within the six-month contract period. 


This ValueMax service is subsidised licensed moneylending from VM Credit Pte Ltd. It has loan products and services that aid in financing your personal and corporate investment needs. Its offerings include Private Financing, Property Mortgage Loans, Unsecured Personal Loans, and Dealership Financing. 

Retail of Jewellery and Watches

ValueMax Jewellery and Timepieces is an online shop with the best money value offered. Every piece has 100% authenticity. You can see and try their items before purchasing. Plus, it provides hassle-free returns. 

Gold and Precious Metal Trading

With its long years of service, ValueMax is an abundant trading experience for precious metals. It has competitive trading prices make them garner loyal clients. The company sells scraps of gold with various purities, silver, and platinum. Also, it accepts preloved jewellery, diamonds, stones, and luxury timepieces. However, it only sells fine gold and gram bars and scraps of gold bars. 


How ValueMax Pawnshop Pte Ltd Works?

With their highly experienced appraisers, ValueMax became more popular for its pawn shop services. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents seek financial assistance during tough economic moments. 

How can you maximise their service? 

Here is a brief discussion of how ValueMax pawn shop works. 


valuemax pawn shop

What is the Process of ValueMax Pawnbroking?

ValueMax Pawn Shop offers quick and easy loans for every eligible pawner. You can borrow money from them without worrying about credit checks. 

Step 1. Visit ValueMax Pawn Shop. The process begins when you bring your pawnable articles to any ValueMax store. The qualified appraiser will assess and authenticate your items. Afterwards, an experienced appraiser will make an offer based on their valuation.

Step 2. Receive your Pawn Ticket and Cash. Decide whether you will take their offer or not. You can turn your precious gold necklace into instant loan cash if you agree. 

Step 3. Redeem your Pawned Valuables. You can pay off your pawned item within six months. Or you can renew your loan through interest payment.


What does ValueMax Invest in?

ValueMax accepts a variety of collaterals. You can bring the following precious articles to ValueMax pawn shop for appraisal. 

  • All kinds of gold
  • Jewellery 
  • Luxury timepieces 
  • Luxury writing instruments like pens
  • Loose diamonds 

What are the ValueMax Pawning Requirements?

If you decide to pawn your valuables at ValueMax Pawn Shop, you must bring the following.

Pawnable Item. Your article must fall into the list of acceptable items of ValueMax. It ensures your approval for your transaction for instant loan cash. 

Proof of Identity. If you’re a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, you need your Identity Card. But your passport or foreign document is essential if you’re a foreigner working or residing in Singapore. 

In addition, your ID must indicate that you are at least 18 years of age to make a transaction. 

These two are basic and easy to find. And it proves how pawning with ValueMax is indeed convenient.


How Much is the Maximum ValueMax Interest Rate?

ValueMax is a licensed pawnbroker that abides by the law. Its interest rate is 1.5% per month or a part thereof on your principal loan amount. However, there is an additional monthly interest if your redemption period lapses. 

Therefore, ValueMax has a maxim annual percentage for an interest rate of 18%.


How Does ValueMax Online Valuation Works?

ValueMax pawnshop boasts of its accessibility and convenience. Thanks to technology, you can start your pawning adventure anytime, anywhere. You only need a computer or mobile phone, a strong internet connection, and a captivating photo of your beloved item. Here’s what to do. 

Step 1. Complete the online application. Fill out the online form from the ValueMax Online Valuation website

Essential details include your name, email address, and contact number. Then, choose which category your article belongs—Gold Bars and Coins, Jewellery, Luxury Timepieces, or Luxury Pens. Afterwards, specify more information about your items, such as weight, purity, brand, etc. Lastly, review all the details you entered. If you wish to add another entity, you can. When you have confirmed everything, click the button “Finish Application.” 

Step 2. Response from ValueMax. After sending your application for valuation, ValueMax will contact you within one working day. The Company will provide an estimated offer about your item. 

Step 3. Take valuables to any ValueMax branch. Schedule an appointment at any ValueMax store island-wide if you have no violent reaction. Bring articles with you for an accurate valuation. 

Step 4. Agree with the final offer. Weigh whether you’ll accept ValueMax’s professional appraiser. Note that the final quote is from the in-person assessment of your valuables. 

Step 5. Receive your instant cash loan. You can get your quick cash from ValueMax. Your pledge is kept safe and secure inside the well–equipped ValueMax pawn shop. Its reinforced safes have alarm systems and 24-hour surveillance cameras. 

Step 6. Repay for your pledged item. If you wish to redeem your possession, be diligent in your payment. This way, you can bring home your pledge or renew it if needed. 

What is ValueMax Online Renewal?

You can renew the service if you still prefer to entrust your precious bracelet to ValueMax. You can skip the hassle of a store visit by renewing your pawn ticket online. Here’s what to do.

Step 1. Register for the Online Renewal Service. The renewal service only applies to customers who provided their mobile numbers and emails during the initial pawnbroking process. 

Step 2. Check for the registration email. You will receive an email—“Your ValueMax E-Services Account.” You can check the Promotion, Advertisement, Spam, or Junk folders. 

Step 3. Click the registration link. The registration email contains a link and instructions on how to get started with your renewal. Also, it has your initial login credentials for your account. 

Step 4. Log in to your account of ValueMax Online Renewal Service. Access your user account and change the password into a strong one you can easily remember. Follow the succeeding steps on how you can renew your pledged item. 

ValueMax protects customers’ privacy and information. You cannot request for creation of a user account online. Instead, you must visit the ValueMax outlet where you pawned your article.

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What are ValueMax Pawnshop Branches?

ValueMax pawnshops are available anywhere you go in the country. So whether you’re out for vacation or residing in the area, you can surely leave your possession behind for extra quick cash. Most importantly, you wouldn’t miss your financial obligation. 


valuemax branch

Main Branch

  • ValueMax Waterloo Centre

North Region

  • ValueMax Admiralty Place
  • ValueMax Ang Mo Kio Central
  • ValueMax Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
  • ValueMax Bishan
  • ValueMax Hougang
  • ValueMax Kovan
  • ValueMax Punggol MRT Station
  • ValueMax Rivervale
  • ValueMax Sengkang Kopitian Square
  • ValueMax Sengkang MRT Station
  • ValueMax Serangoon Central Drive
  • ValueMax Woodlands MRT Station
  • ValueMax Woodlands Vista Point
  • ValueMax Yishun Central
  • ValueMax Yishun Chong Pang
  • ValueMax Yishun Junction 9
  • ValueMax Yishun Street 22

Central Region

  • ValueMax Balestier
  • ValueMax Boong Keng
  • ValueMax Bugis Village
  • ValueMax Havelock
  • ValueMax Lucky Plaza
  • ValueMax Lucky Plaza 2
  • ValueMax People’s Park Centre
  • ValueMax Tekka Centre
  • ValueMax Toa Payoh Central

East Region

  • ValueMax Aljunied
  • ValueMax Bedok North Street 11
  • ValueMax Bedok Town Centre
  • ValueMax Joo Chiat
  • ValueMax Pasir Ris Drive 6
  • ValueMax Pasir Ris MRT Station
  • ValueMax Tampines Central
  • ValueMax Tampines Eastlink Mall
  • ValueMax Tampines Round Market
  • ValueMax White Sands Mall

West Region

  • ValueMax Boon Lay
  • ValueMax Boon Lay MRT Station
  • ValueMax Bukit Gombak
  • ValueMax Bukit Batok East
  • ValueMax Choa Chu Kang Centre
  • ValueMax Jcube
  • ValueMax Jurong Point
  • ValueMax Jurong West
  • ValueMax West Mall

ValueMax strategically placed its stores to reach everyone in need of urgent financing. You can pawn or sell your gold to any of these branches. 

However, only some have luxury articles to pawn. If you need quick online cash but have no collaterals to risk, you can seek a trusted lending company in Singapore. 

Cash Mart offers a low-interest personal loan. You can apply online and receive an instant cash loan without the agonising waiting game. As a result, you can meet your financial obligation fast and convenient.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay my interest to another ValueMax branch?

Yes. You can repay your interest and renew your pledges to any store of ValueMax. 

What are the consequences if I don’t make a timely payment?

Paying your loan amount in ValueMax can be in full or in instalments, although you don’t have to pay all at once. If you choose an instalment, your repayment holding period extends for another six months. 

However, your beloved item will be forfeited if you miss your pledge renewal or redemption after six months. 

How can I redeem my items?

You can only redeem your pledged article after paying the principal loan amount and the accrued interest. In addition, you need to present the pawn ticket and identification card. 

Can others redeem the pawned items on my behalf?

Yes. Your authorised family or friend can redeem your pawned items on your behalf. But they must have the pawn ticket, the representative’s identity card or work permit, the pawner’s identification, and an authorisation letter. 

What to do with the lost pawn ticket?

You can request a replacement pawn ticket from the ValueMax branch you pawned your item. You must pay a processing fee of SGD 10 for each replacement pawn ticket. The charge is inclusive of 7% GST.