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Which UOB Credit Card Stands Out?

Credit cards are widely used nowadays. You can use it both for online and offline shopping. Also, it is a key to your long-time planned escapades. If you have an unexpected purchase, a credit card helps you with it. 

Many banking facilities offer credit card services. UOB is one of the prominent brands that give it. 

UOB Credit card provides promotions, rebates, miles, contactless spending, and more. It is generally generous to every cardholder. 

Of all the UOB credit cards, the UOB One Credit Card is the most promising. So, let’s find out why it stands out among others. 

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UOB One Credit Card

UOB One is the best rebate UOB credit card. It is a card suitable for regular spenders or individuals with stable budgets. It lets you absorb as much cash rebate as possible. 

At first, the UOB One Credit Card offers cashback for retail spending. Recently, it introduced an additional inclusion. You get a cashback for every transaction made on Grab services and Shopee. Purchases from Dairy Farm Group merchants earn rebates as well. 

Also, paying off your utility bill payments is more convenient. If you utilize UOB Travel Planner, you take home a cash rebate, too. 

On top of that, UOB One Credit Card has a lot to offer. Get to know more about it. 

Experience UOB Credit Card Rewards

Securing a UOB One Credit Card is a wise choice for your everyday spending. Such a card earned recognition as Singapore’s most generous cashback card. 

These UOB Credit Card rewards include the following. 

Up to 10% cashback for your Shopee, Grab, Dairy Farm Singapore, UOB Travel

Shopee: In addition, receiving UOB One is the perfect match for your online shopping. 

Shopee Singapore lets you enjoy your additional 5% cashback, excluding ShopeePay. 

Also, you are privileged of the following: 

  • Remarkable discount on Big Campaign Days
  • Get $6 off Shopee Supermarket for every $60 minimum spend
  • Exclusive deals during Super Brand Days
  • Special promotions on pre-launch products

Grab: UOB One credit card helps you save more on transport and food delivery. In addition, receive an extra 5% cashback with Grab services. 

Be mindful that it excludes mobile wallet top-ups. Nevertheless, it applies, especially if you qualify for quarterly cashback. 

Dairy Farm Singapore: Buy your daily essentials at any of their merchants with your UOB One card. Get the most generous savings you never imagined. 

Purchases from Cold Storage, Guardian, Giant, Marketplace, Jasons, Jasons Deli, and 7-Eleven earn an extra 5% cashback. It is applicable, especially if you qualify for your quarterly cashback. 

UOB Travel: One of the perks of UOB One is bringing forward your holiday plans. It gives more than 5% cashback for UOB Travel spending. 

Things excluded are the online, flights-only bookings and other relevant taxes. So, it is applicable, especially if you qualify for your quarterly cashback. 

All in all, UOB One Credit Card has a $2,400 rebate every year. 

Up to 6% cashback on bills under Singapore Power Utilities

The partnership of UOB One and SP Group is beneficial. For every bill due paid, cardholders get an additional 1% cashback. It is applicable, especially if you qualify for your quarterly cashback.

Calculation Basis of UOB credit card rewards 

Spend: With a minimum of five purchases, cardholders must spend $500, $1,000, or $2,000 every month. 

Months: Based on your qualifying quarters, you must spend three months consecutively. 

Cashback: Receive rebates of either $50, $100, or $300, respectively per quarter. 

How does it work: A cardholder’s statement is every 15th of the month. Therefore, if you want to earn a quarterly cashback, make at least five purchases. 

Combining with minimum expenses is also possible. But the posting should be before the statement date. If you fail to do so, you fail to qualify for the rebate. 

Fuel Savings: Aside from the groceries, health, and beauty expenses, the UOB Credit Card rewards you with fuel. Get up to 21.15% off with your fuel at Shell and 24% at SPC. It allows you to go further on less spending. 

UOB One Credit Card is genuinely an exceptional card. It is practical for people with stable budgets. It provides the highest rebate tier when consolidating all your spending into one card. Thus justifying its name. 

Always read the terms and conditions and ensure that it includes all the card benefits and privileges. 

UOB Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

Just like any other credit card, UOB One has an annual fee. 

Principal card: Every year, the credit card has a $192.60 fee. Thankfully, in your first year, the annual fee gets waived.

Supplementary Card: Subsequent cards cost $96.30 for their annual fee. Nonetheless, it is free on the first cards. 

Aside from the annual fee, other charges inclusive with UOB One are as follows. 

Interest Rate: The annual interest rate is 25.90%. 

Minimum Monthly Repayment: Pay either 3% or $50 or which every amount is higher. 

Be mindful of these fees so you can wisely set your monthly and annual payments budget. 

UOB Credit Card Requirements

Applying for UOB One looks for the following qualifications. 

Minimum income requirements: All Singapore citizens/Permanent Residents and non-Singaporeans are welcome. However, the applicant should meet the annual income requirement of at least $30,000 annually. 

But for non-Singaporeans, the annual income requirement is $80,000.

In addition, they should have Fixed Deposit collateral of at least $10,000. That is if they don’t meet the annual income requirement.

Age Limit Requirement: Eligible applicants are individuals aged 21 years and above. 

Documents Needed to Comply

The following is essential for a UOB credit card application. 

Singaporean or Permanent Resident Applicants

NRIC and latest billing proof within the last six months. Income documents such as:

  • CPF Contribution History Statement (last 12 months)
  • Computerized Payslip (previous three months)
  • Tax Notice of Assessment (latest)

Foreigner Applicants 

Valid Passport for all nationalities and Employment Pass. Latest billing proof with our local residential address. Income documents such as:

  • Computerized Payslip (recent or last three months)
  • Employment Company Letter and Monthly Salary (dated within three months)

Bring home the easy-to-use card and maximize the rebates when you qualify for a UOB credit card application. 

UOB One is the perfect choice for stable spenders. It is a single card that lets you pay for your daily expenses. But, at the same time, it gives you the privilege of fantastic cashback. 

Crucial Points To Understand Credit Cards

Some people choose to get a credit card. Yet, some fear getting one due to the temptation of using it and being into colossal debt. Some people wish to have credit cards as their backup money whenever an uncertain event comes their way.

Here are some crucial points that every credit card applicant should know before applying for a credit card. 

How do credit cards work?

With credit cards, you get a revolving credit, which you can use anytime. Moreover, the used credit will be replenished every repayment period. But note that repayments will always depend on how much credit you use within your billing period. 

Advantages of Credit Card 

You get a smooth spending experience using credit cards. It’s lighter compared to carrying heavy cash in your wallet. It is also easy to manage your budget when using cards as long as you pay off your debt on time. Also, you get rewards and other perks when using the card. 

Another advantage of using credit cards is that they can help you with urgent expenditures or emergencies. 

Disadvantages Credit Card 

Credit Cards are easy to use. However, the convenience of using credit cards can become one significant disadvantage. It makes it more tempting to swipe your card every time you buy. And that’s the reason why many get pacified into debt. 

Another thing you should know about is paying your credit card with minimum payments. That will help you prevent paying fees. Yet, making the minimum payments with high-interest credit cards will lead you to pay hefty rates.

Are you ready to get your UOB Credit Card Singapore?

Owning a credit card makes it handy when purchasing. It’s an ideal tool for your regular purchasing activity in which you enjoy reaping the benefits while using credit cards. You can also use credit cards to buy high-ticket items. 

But if you’re thinking about consolidating debt using a credit card, you better consider other options like personal loans. Both can help you reduce your debts. But either of the two requires a good credit standing before getting one. 

The ideal credit score for getting a personal loan or credit card could be 690 and above. Yet, card issuers are pretty strict about credit approval. That’s why many choose to take a personal loan to consolidate debts. 

One advantage of personal loans is that they require lower credit scores. It’s more likely 580.

Several banks are offering personal loans for consolidating high-interest loans. Or, if you are looking for a low-interest personal loan, you can try applying to a reputable licensed moneylender in Singapore. 

Aside from banks, money lending institutions are also financial entities providing loan services. Therefore, they are also under the regulation of the Ministry of Law Singapore, abiding by the Moneylenders Act

Instant cash loans are what they offer with competitive rates and flexible repayment plans. You can also look up other online loan services they offer. Included are business loans, payday loans, and loans for ex-pats

Application is accessible, and the approval will only take up to 24 to 48 hours. But, of course, that depends on the authenticity and accuracy of your profile when you apply for personal loans.

Don’t get hasty when it comes to getting a credit card. Instead, sit back and keep calm. Doing personal research, first, will give you facts. Afterwards, use all the information you gain and check your financial standing. That would help you when choosing which is which.