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What type of Standard Chartered Personal Loan should you get?

Singapore Standard Chartered is a distinctive banking institution. It holds several services that all members have a privilege. Opening an account and deposit is at the top of the line. Recently, Standard Chartered Personal Loan skyrocketed. The company’s aim to fulfil every customer’s life goals has a favourable result. 

Personal loans contributed to turning the client’s wishes into reality. As an unsecured loan, borrowers don’t have to provide collateral or guarantors. 

The interest rates depend on the client’s eligibility criteria. Possible factors could be the borrower’s credit card score and credit history. Besides, the institution maintains every transaction to be safe and secure. 

Learn more about what Standard Chartered Personal Loan Singapore has to offer.

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Different Types of Standard Chartered Personal Loan Singapore 

A personal loan is a smart key to being ahead of your finances. It comes in handy in emergencies. For example, you need urgent cash for your unexpected medical bills. Or for your utility bill price hikes. 

Also, the quick cash allows borrowers to do unfinished home renovations. Getting loan approval even secures a vehicle you and your family need. 

On top of that, Standard Chartered Personal Loan is present for other financial needs. Here are the types of loans offered by the company. 

Travel Loan

Travelling is already a necessity for humans. Visiting historical sites around the globe is usually on everyone’s bucket list. Experiencing different cultures is worth remembering. 

However, obtaining this dream is quite expensive. You need funds for travel expenses and accommodation. Your shopping spree overseas is not even part of it yet. 

Travel loans help in ticking off your list. You’ll never miss out on a tour package of your target destination. 

Availing of a travel loan is very convenient. The waiting game for approval is also not that long. 

Marriage Loan

Another significant milestone for anyone is having the perfect wedding. Fulfilling a stress-free wedding preparation requires a high-priced coordinator. Although they help a lot, they hurt your budget as well. 

Back your finances for the big day with personal loans. Look for a financial company that offers acceptable interest rates. Find one that also provides flexible tenure choices. 

Loan Against Term Deposit

Another personal loan by Standard Chartered is a loan that is against term deposits. 

The loan aims to assist borrowers in managing their financial matters. It is easy to meet a kind of loan. Anyone will have a flexible borrowing facility. The attractive interest rates are a bonus. 

Loan Against Securities

The main goal of Standard Chartered is to find solutions to your money issues. 

This next type of loan is available at low interest and against securities. It combines all the borrowers’ debts and always comes with a high overdraft limit. 

These are the top-tier Standard Chartered Personal Loans. It is ready to cater to almost every client’s possible financial needs. 

Advantages of Standard Chartered Personal Loan Singapore

A personal loan from Standard Chartered is not about quick cash. It is beneficial for both the moneylender and the borrower. 

Let us count the perks of getting a Standard Chartered personal loan. 

Quick Approval

A loan grant is one of the factors aspiring borrowers check. The institution has a well-established capability of being a leading international bank. 

Also, the online application permits faster yet safer transactions. 

Loan Amount

The loan amount Standard Chartered Singapore can set borrowers into an extended vacation. It can even cover the planning fees for your dream wedding. At most, it can get a luxury car brand. 

The money lending facility does not use restrictions on personal loans. Also, it does not need any borrower to place private property at risk. 

Paperless Documents Required

Standard Chartered now has loan applications available online. Borrowers can apply for a loan through the lending’s online loan services. 

Clients must complete the needed information through the lending’s official website. 

Supply the primary supporting documents via online upload. Be careful not to disclose too many details. Provide only the necessary ones like identity proof and address proof. 

Then, the process is already. There’s no need to fuss about queuing. 

Mark Down Processing Fees

Aside from a fast application process, online personal loan application has discounts, too. Standard Chartered offers 50% off the individual processing fee. 

But it is a must to read the terms and conditions first to see if you’re qualified. 

Equitable Interest Rates

Standard Chartered Personal Loans have reasonable interest rates. The money lending company does not overcharge or undercharge clients. 

Instead, they review the applicant’s credit score and credit history. If there is insufficient information, the lender looks for other eligibility criteria. 

Adjustable Repayment Tenures

The personal loan process and approval are as fast as you need them. But the repayment process is not. 

Standard Chartered made sure that applicants had options to choose from. Either they choose 12 months or 60 months. 

It is flexible to attend to every borrower’s financial needs and repayment capacity. 

Part Payment Method

Standard Chartered Personal Loan eases up the borrower’s repayment method. They can pay off using the Part Payment option. It assists in attaining financial obligations of up to 25% of the exceptional balance in a year. 

With these benefits, it is no surprise why several borrowers opt for the company’s financial help. 

Guide For Standard Chartered Personal Loan Calculator 

A personal loan calculator is a must-have for every loan application. It sets you a better view of the monthly EMI. 

How to use a personal loan calculator?

A personal loan calculator often requires two steps. It helps determine the payable EMI based on the interest rate. 

First, enter a principal value that you need. It can be between $1,000 to $250,000. 

Then, enter a tenure available. Choose between the least and greatest that you can afford to pay off. 

Factors Affecting Personal Loan EMI

The Standard Chartered Personal Loan Calculator needs the following three parameters. 

Loan Amount: The principal amount borrowed from the Standard Chartered Bank. It is common to have higher EMI payouts if you have a higher loan amount. 

Interest Rate: The rate of interest charged on a specific loan amount usually starts at 14.00%. Higher interest rates result in a higher EMI payout over the loan tenure. 

Loan Tenure: Loan tenure is an essential matter in the loan calculator. It is the repayment period that a borrower can manage. Standard Chartered Personal Loan Singapore gives out tenure between 12 to 60 months. 

The shorter the repayment tenure is, the higher EMI payouts can be. Still, it saves borrowers from paying too much interest on the loan amount. 

Benefits Of A Personal Loan Calculator

Standard Chartered Personal Loan Calculator is very helpful. 

Manageable Finances: With the calculator, applicants have a good viewpoint about the cost of the loan—the loan amount and loan tenure help in budgeting future finances. 

Free and Accessible: The loan calculator is very convenient. Use it any time of the day, and anywhere you are. Plus, there is no limit. Use it many times a day for the whole week. You can calculate as long as you have a gadget with an internet connection. 

Time-Saving: A personal loan calculator keeps applicants from tedious mathematical calculations. All you must do is key in the desired loan amount and the target loan tenure. Then, you have an idea of the monthly payout amount. The interest rates are visible as well. 

Reliable: Standard Chartered Personal Loan Calculator uses computerised algorithms. Thus, it gives out error-free results. Unlike manual calculations, it’s no surprise why the numbers are more accurate. 

Standard Chartered Singapore is a competitive financial institution. It offers services that cater to almost all aspiring borrowers’ needs. 

Cash Mart Singapore

Cash Mart Singapore is a trusted money lending institution in the country. It is a reputable and trusted financial facility approved by the Ministry of Law

Cash Mart Singapore is famous for providing instant cash loans at your fingertips. It is hassle-free wherever you are. And available whenever you need it. The money lending company accommodates all sorts of financial help. It has loans offered for every aspect of human needs. 

Awesome Loans Offered

Find the best loan essential for your current situation. 

Payday Loan

payday loan allows you to get your money upfront. It is like having your payday on any day. The approval period lasts for only 30 minutes. Prolonging your financial agony is the least of your concerns. 

The best part is you can take out at least $500 up to $15,000. The interest rate is 0.98 per term. Manage the repayment by choosing between four, eight, or 12 weeks. 

Business Loan

Cash Mart Singapore Business Loan is definitely what your business needs. It provides the cash flow more than your venture demands. The loanable amount starts from $10,000 and extends up to $300,000.

Take note that the interest rate is up to 3.99% per term. Add the principal loan amount and interest and pay it in 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. 

Most get approved within seven business days. There’s no need to wait too long about the moneylender’s decision. 

Personal Loan

Cash Mart Singapore Personal Loan is very flexible. Utilise the cash loan for anything you want. Borrow money anytime you need it. This money lending company offers low-interest personal loans. To be precise, they offer an interest of 3.99% per term. You can get a loan amount from $5,000 to $50,000.

The loan amount plus interest is payable for up to 3 months. If you want to finish your financial obligation early, pay it off before three months. It is advisable since it saves you from paying accumulated interest rates. 

A personal loan by Cash Mart releases loan approval within 30 minutes. Cash Mart Singapore values the time of every applicant. They understand the urgency for quick cash. Thus, the money lending company assesses every loan application. Avoiding borrowers from waiting in vain while finding the financial solution.