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How to Get a Singapore Cash Loan

Do you plan to take a Singapore cash loan to cover an emergency expense? 

Are you in need of an urgent cash loan today Singapore?

A fast cash loan Singapore is the best financial solution for any economic situation. This loan product allows you to quickly get cash loans without the lengthy and tiresome application procedure. 

Furthermore, instant cash loan Singapore stands for its name. Aside from the swift loan process, the approval no longer takes weeks. You can learn about your progress within a few hours or days. 

You can quickly identify the benefits of the Singapore quick cash loan from here. However, borrowing quick cash loans can be intimidating and problematic. If you don’t know what to watch out for, you might fall into the trap of illegal money lenders. 

Let this article guide you in getting the best fast cash loan Singapore from reputable lenders. It tackles the must-knows of Singapore cash loans.

Table of Contents

What Is A Singapore Cash Loan?

A Singapore cash loan, also known as a fast cash loan, is a short-term loan for quick funding of unexpected spending. You can borrow these cash loans for medical emergencies, car repair and maintenance, home renovations, and more. 

What Is A Singapore Cash Loan?

The fast cash loan Singapore requires less demanding eligibility requirements. You can apply based on your annual income, residency status, and creditworthiness. Then, you can have the disbursed quick cash in a matter of hours or days—no more agonising waiting game.

With the new Singapore cash loan system, borrowers can enjoy a more streamlined loan application and process, faster approval, and cash disbursements. 

Why Apply for Singapore Cash Loans?

A fast cash loan Singapore is a primary source of financial aid for many Singaporeans. You can understand their reasons for this because of the following benefits. 

24/7 availability of Singapore cash loan


Borrowing quick cash loans is more lenient than secured loans. The requirements needed are less tedious than before. Gone are the days that you have to complete a checklist of paperwork. Instead, your documents are all within your home. 

In addition, licensed money lending institutions are more approachable. You can communicate with them without stepping out of your doorstep. You know about your loan progress before you visit a lender’s office. This way, you don’t have to waste your time and effort just for a Singapore cash loan. 

Lenient Credit Check

Credit checks with a Singapore cash loan are flexible. Your loan application can progress even with a poor credit history. Sometimes, zero credit score borrowers can still get approved. 

Legal money lenders in Singapore focus more on your income stability. You have a higher approval chance if your annual income can suffice your repayment responsibilities. So don’t hesitate to approach any legit lenders for quick cash loans. 

24/7 Accessibility

Nowadays, licensed money lenders offer a simple online loan procedure. Your loan adventure begins wherever you may be. You can take out a loan from your living room, work office, classroom, and more. You can send in your application if you’re equipped with a strong and secure internet connection. 

With online accessibility, you can get granted faster than in the old days—no more queuing and going back and forth to the money lender’s office. As a result, you can receive the instant cash loan Singapore you urgently need. 

On top of helping borrowers recuperate from their financial weakness, these Singapore cash loans teach you a management lesson, too. That’s why it is no surprise that many seek its assistance among the pool of loan services available in the country. 

Drawbacks of a Singapore Cash Loan

Despite the numerous benefits of an instant cash loan in Singapore, you should still be wary of its disadvantages. 

overborrowing for Singapore cash loan


Borrowing a Singapore cash loan looks appealing based on the positive feedback of previous clients. However, with your emotions involved, you might take out quick cash loans you cannot repay. It is not advisable as it will result in further financial difficulty in the long run. 

With the convenience of taking out an instant cash loan in Singapore, you can borrow as much as possible. But again, let’s be realistic. You must be accountable for your finances. So, you need an estimate for the loan amount. This way, you won’t exceed your credit limit and will not be considered credit-greedy. 

High Risk of Default

Singapore cash loans come in short duration. Your loan tenure lasts for a few weeks or months. Borrowers often become complacent, thinking their loan repayment will be done in a blink of an eye. However, being content with your financial management might lead you to forget about making your repayment. When this happens, you might pile your interest rates and late fees. 

Meanwhile, some borrowers feel overwhelmed with their debts. Instead of facing it headstrong, you take a new loan to repay your initial loan. How can you manage the second loan if you can’t oversee your first loan payments? If this happens, you might end up in a deadly debt spiral.

Prey for Loan Sharks

The sudden boost of the online instant cash loan Singapore is remarkably relevant to the growing number of lenders in the country. These are not just licensed money lenders; they also include the lurking illegal loan providers. That’s why it is essential that you can identify a legally registered lender. 

The digital platform created golden opportunities for loan sharks to search for prey. Digitalisation makes it easy for them to hide behind distinguished and legit money lenders. Sadly, there are licensed moneylenders that practice unfair lending policies. So always be cautious whenever you borrow money from any loan creditors.

When you take out a fast cash loan Singapore, engrave your sole purpose in your brain. This way, you won’t go astray with your expenses. Also, you will be more attentive when applying for only licensed moneylenders in Singapore. 

How Do You Qualify for a Singapore Cash Loan?

Borrowing a fast cash loan Singapore requires qualifications you shouldn’t miss. This way, you can ensure quick loan approval. Here are some fundamental factors you must remember to avoid getting denied. 

regular income borrowers

Updated Personal Information

When you submit your online loan application form, provide accurate and up-to-date personal details. Legal moneylenders always verify the information you submit. Getting your loan rejected is inevitable if there is wrong or inaccurate information. However, providing correct data allows you to continue with your Singapore cash loan application.

In addition, a loan representative will contact you to verify your application and requirements. Ensure that you enter your active mobile number so your loan can proceed. You will most likely get denied if you are out of reach during their follow-up. But if they can contact you immediately, you can receive further instructions, specifically the face-to-face consultation in the lender’s office. 

Income Stability

Your income is crucial in your application for an instant cash loan Singapore. You don’t need the highest-paying job or the best professional career in the country. Having a regular job and income equate your financial capability for loan repayment. But if you have been jumping back and forth between various small jobs with no stable paycheck, you are at high risk of missing a repayment. 

You should highlight your stable income in your Singapore cash loan application. You can present your payslip from the last 3 months or show your business’s revenue. If you’re self-employed, your proof of income from the bank will suffice.

Borrow Within Means

Licensed moneylenders review your credit report and check your credit limit. When you apply for cash loans, they calculate how much is still allowed for your account. If you take out an amount exceeding your borrowing limit, it reflects your irresponsible financial management. As a result, getting your loan rejected is possible. That’s why it is best if you track how much you have borrowed and how much is still left for you. This way, your loan provider will entrust you with an instant cash loan Singapore. 

In addition, budget your finances wisely. Determine if it is a must that you apply for a Singapore cash loan or not. If taking out a loan is necessary, borrow for the loan amount you need. Legal moneylenders assess your repayment ability from your monthly income. If you take out an amount you can’t afford to repay, say goodbye to your loan approval. 

Every time you borrow quick funds from a trusted lender, ensure you are fully equipped. This way, you can receive the cash loans you badly need. 

Repayment Tips for Fast Cash Loan Singapore

Getting approved with your Singapore cash loan is a small step in building a healthier credit score. However, fulfilling your loan obligation is a different matter. If you can repay your cash loans diligently and on time, you can have a better chance of applying for a higher loan amount. You can do the following: 

repayment tips for singapore cash loan

Choose a Suitable Repayment Term

During your visit to the legal money lender’s physical office, discuss the repayment scheme they offer. Allow them to elaborate on the various terms available. A Singapore cash loan often comes with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedules. 

When choosing the best repayment, consider your payday. You should opt for the monthly term if you get paid for your work every month. But bi-weekly can be perfect for you if you receive your paycheck every 15 days. The most vital detail you must remember is that your income is always available before your due date. This way, you can budget your finances and regular expenses, including your loan repayment amount. 

Set a Payment Reminder

Sometimes, unexpected life events pour continuously. When this happens, we tend to overlook some of our responsibilities. Sadly, this includes financial duties like loan obligations. If you fail or miss your payment, you will incur penalty fees that add to your money burden. Of course, you want to avoid that happening. 

Fortunately, you can set a reminder on your mobile phone or bank account. Simply put a note for every bill due date. Make sure it is at least 2-3 days ahead so you have ample time to find funds. This way, you can always notice and always repay on time. 

Monitor Income and Spending

Budget your finances wisely after choosing the best term and setting an alarm for your loan repayment. Your Singapore cash loan is a new aspect of your monthly financial plan. It is an additional expense on top of your usual monthly spending. 

For example, your usual budget allocation in your regular paycheck includes utility bills, credit card dues, groceries, transportation, and savings. This time, you must compute your cash loans, too. So, if you’re spending too much on groceries, you must reduce it. This way, you can maximise your earnings for every category. 

As much as possible, managing your loan repayment does not mean you have to apply for a new loan just to pay off your existing loan. It shows poor decision-making on your end, which might add up to more of your expenses rather than earnings. Luckily, you can avoid such a dilemma if you consider these tips. 

Loan Sharks vs Legal Moneylender for Instant Cash Loan Singapore

A fast cash loan Singapore are among the best financial assistance available in the country. Various financial institutions guide borrowers into the most appropriate loan products and services. Furthermore, they are now more accessible, all thanks to the power of the internet. 

However, the increase in loan demand led to the sudden appearance of different money-lending facilities. Sadly, not all loan providers are legally allowed to operate in the country. That’s why it is critical that you can differentiate a legal money lender from an illegal one. 

Thankfully, you can immediately identify an unlicensed lender with these characteristics. 



Transparency refers to the absolute deal you’re getting from the loan contract offered by your chosen lender.

Licensed Moneylenders. The best legit money lenders explain every fine print in the loan terms and conditions. They are very detailed, clear, and concise, so borrowers can fully understand their preferred deal. 

In addition, legal lenders are mandated by the law to abide by the structure of a loan contract. On top of the loan terms and conditions, your principal loan amount, interest rate charges, repayment terms, payment methods options, and other information affecting your loan agreement is written. They are precise with no hidden agenda. 

Unlicensed Moneylenders. Meanwhile, loan sharks will never provide you with a loan contract. If they do, it might contain vague terms and conditions that will bury you further with debt. You’ll be one of their victims if you are not careful reading between the lines. 

Furthermore, illegal lenders sometimes send a PDF file about the progress of your loan application. Be wary that this is a loan scam.  Often, it indicates that you need to pay a deposit amount to get your loan approved. However, the MinLaw and MAS strictly prohibit legitimate lenders from collecting upfront fees for loan approval. Isn’t it ironic? You need urgent cash, yet the loan provider is asking for money. 


Any legal moneylending company’s marketing and promotion strategies must strictly adhere to the law’s rules and regulations. 

Licensed Moneylenders. In November 2011, the Singapore government announced and permitted only three advertising platforms. Reputable money lenders abide by marketing their loan products and services through the following:  

  • Printed or online media business and consumer directories 
  • Licensed money lender’s official websites 
  • Advertisements within the licensed money lender’s business premises, including the side of the wall, door, shutter, gate, and window

Unlicensed Moneylenders. With illegal lenders, you can quickly determine illegal lenders on the advertising method. On top of the allowed platforms, unlicensed money lenders send text messages and emails to your contact details. Also, they have flyers indicating all their loan offerings. 

Keep in mind that these methods are not permitted. If you encounter such advertising, consider it a red flag—never engage. Even if you check their registration through MinLaw, such lenders violate the law to gain more borrowers. Save yourself and other aspiring loan applicants from falling into their trap. Report such ads immediately to the Registry of Moneylenders (1800-2255-529). 

Loanable Amount

Approval of your principal loan amount requires cautious verification to avoid default. 

Licensed Moneylenders. Legit money lenders in Singapore with a secured loan approve any loan amount based on the collateral and repayment capacity of the borrower. Meanwhile, the unsecured Singapore cash loan has the maximum amount of money you can borrow. 

Instant cash loan Singapore depends on your yearly income. If you take out a loan, trusted lenders will look for your payslip as a reference. If you take out quick cash loans that are more than your paycheck can handle, they won’t approve your loan. Reputable lenders are considerate but also concerned. They will not allow you to create your own swirling pool of debt. 

Unlicensed Moneylenders. On the other hand, loan sharks approve a loan amount without limit. It sounds enticing, especially to borrowers who need large funds. Regardless of your income stability, you can take out any amount, which is scary. 

However, no matter how appealing getting approved with an enormous principal loan, always borrow what you can only afford. These loan sharks are excellent in their communication skills. You might sign up with them without a second thought. Sadly, they won’t discuss the hidden charges and interest rates that exceed 4% monthly. 

Fees Charged

Singapore cash loans have charges that keep going so that loan providers can process your application. 

Licensed Moneylenders. According to the law, registered lenders in Singapore can only impose the following fees and expenses. 

  • Late repayment fee not exceeding $60 monthly 
  • Granted Singapore cash loan fee not exceeding 10% of the principal amount
  • Legal costs for a successful claim by a reputable money lender for loan recovery as mandated by the court.

Furthermore, legal money lenders never impose total fees more than the principal loan amount. All charges included in cash loans are upfront administrative fees, interest rates, late interest, and late fees. 

For example, you borrow a loan amount of $20,0000. Your 10% administrative fee, interest rates, monthly $60 late interest, and late fees must be at most $20,000. 

Unlicensed Moneylenders. Loan sharks are scams. They often ask borrowers to pay money beforehand for the loan to be approved. If you’re desperate for funds, how can you pay them off? 

If you receive a message through SMS and WhatsApp asking for upfront payment, block them immediately. Sometimes, if you do not pay the deposit and loan GST, unlicensed money lenders will harass borrowers. They will send payment instructions even if you decide to cancel your loan application. 

If you encounter them, be wary that prepayment is never acceptable. Most importantly, report them immediately. 

Learning how a loan shark works and differentiating them from a licensed moneylender is now easier. With these tips, you can have a safe, secure, and promising Singapore cash loan transaction. Always remember that you borrow quick cash loans for better financial management. So, be responsible enough to apply from the registered moneylenders in Singapore

cash mart sg - licensed moneylender

Cash Mart for Urgent Cash Loan Today Singapore

Cash Mart is one of the leading money lenders in Singapore. As a licensed loan provider, it offers various loan products and services for any financial situation. Cash Mart is the best bet for quick loans for utility bills, hospitalisation, or automobile repairs. 

In addition, Cash Mart is famous for its online low-interest personal loan. You can receive your instant loan cash fast with an affordable interest rate. No wonder it can be your top partner for any financial struggle. 

Furthermore, Cash Mart is available 24/7. You can access its official money lending website anytime you need quick funds. Check it out and apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore Cash Loan

What is a cash advance loan?

A credit card cash advance is obtaining cash loans but through credit cards. Loan providers only recommend it if it comes with high interest and fees. It is only beneficial if you can pay off your cash advance within a short period. 

Here is a sample scenario: You are desperate for urgent cash. Sadly, your savings and checking account does not have enough funds for your needs, and your debit card cannot foot the bill, either. Your last resort would be to take your credit card to an ATM and use it for a hard, cold cash advance. However, there is a high risk involved. 

A Singapore cash advance loan charges a higher interest rate daily. This means you start paying interest charges on the first day of your withdrawal. In addition, if you fail to pay your loan fast, you build up too much interest. Therefore, you pay more than you should. 

Although credit card cash advances allow you to get funding quickly, they also increase your debts immensely. 

What should I do if my application for cash loans gets rejected?

Legit money lenders in Singapore can deny your loan application for various reasons. It could be because of your low credit score or incomplete documentation or because you reached your credit limit. Regardless of the cause, the primary move you can make is to contact your trusted lender. 

Ask them to politely discuss the reason for getting your loan rejected. Be open-minded and listen carefully for their explanation. Also, ask them what your next move is to get your loan granted. Never discredit a money lender, especially if you receive an unfavourable decision. 

How to get a cash loan online?

You can apply for a Singapore cash loan online with the evolving digital market. However, for your safety and security, follow these tips whenever you make any online loan transactions. 

Maintain information accuracy. Ensure you enter the correct details every time you complete online forms. One wrong tick can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. Unlike the traditional method, you only type in your personal information. So inaccuracies and errors are bound to happen. Always double-check for any discrepancy before you click the Submit button. 

Use an online Singapore cash loan calculator. The online loan calculator lets you find the suitable cash loans. You can easily compare loan amounts, tenures, interests, fees, and terms. The best-licensed money lenders in Singapore help you do the math. This way, you can evaluate the following crucial details. 

  • Possible interest rates to pay
  • Gauge the most suitable loan tenure based on your financial status
  • Determines your eligibility for a particular Singapore cash loan 
  • Improve your financial management by reducing your expenses and loan tenure 

If you can figure out these details beforehand, you can save time when applying for loans you don’t qualify for.

Avoid loan sharks. Falling into the tricks of unlicensed money lenders is made easy with digitisation. Fortunately, you can quickly identify a legal money lender from a loan shark. If you take note of the law mandated for moneylending, you can avoid loan sharks. 

For example, verify the registration of a money lending company from the government’s master list of legitimate lenders. Also, if you receive notifications about any loan product and services, ignore them. These actions are of illegal moneylenders. 

Protect yourself from making your money problem worse. Remember that online cash loans can hasten your financial solution, not vice versa. 

How can I get instant cash loan Singapore?

Taking out a Singapore cash loan is now more handy. You can begin your application with just your computer. 

Step 1. Submit Online Loan Application

Visit your chosen money lender’s official website. Make sure that you are on the right and secured webpage. Then, complete the loan inquiry form by following the prompts. Afterwards, expect a call from the loan executive. Listen carefully for instructions about your in-person office visit and interview. 

Step 2. Face-to-Face Interview

Prepare all the required documents before going to your preferred lender’s physical office. Don’t forget to bring them and present them at your appointment. The loan executive will assess and double-check all your information as part of the loan due process. 

Step 3. Receive The Cash Loan Payout

Before you receive your Singapore cash loan disbursement, the loan executive will present you with a loan contract. Review and understand all the terms, conditions, and fine print. If you have questions, ask away and request further discussion. This way, you will have a full comprehension before signing up for the loan program. Then, patiently wait for your disbursed cash. Often, the fastest waiting time is 30 minutes. 

 Step 4. Pay Off Diligently

But wait! Your Singapore cash loan journey is still ongoing! You still have to pay off your loan to finish. You can repay your urgent cash loan today Singapore bank transfer, PayNow, or in person.

Applying for a fast cash loan Singapore is simple. Follow these four easy steps to solve your financial problem. 

What requirements do I have to prepare for a Singapore Cash Loan?

Borrowing funds through a fast cash loan Singapore requires the following documents:

Identity Proof. It can be your passport, Singapore Identification Card or Employment Pass (EP). 

Address Proof. It includes documents showing your residential address. You can bring your utility bills indicating your residential address.

Income Proof. It can be your latest computerised payslip or salary crediting into the lender’s bank account for bank loans. Also, your contribution history statement for the last 12 months in your Central Provident Fund and the latest income tax Notice of Assessment are vital. 

What should I do if I run into illegal moneylenders? 

The Ministry of Law governed the registered money lenders in Singapore. If you come across or suspect a money lender is unlicensed, you may do the following. 

  • Call 1800-722-6688 
  • Visit to learn how to protect your financial and personal information.
  • Contact the police at 1800-255-0000