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Quick Guide: Understanding Shing Heng Pawn Shop Singapore

Be familiar with how Shing Heng Pawn Shop Singapore.

Are you out for a weekend getaway? 

Everything’s ready—booked flight and reserved accommodation. 

Sadly, your paycheck is still due next week. 

Your expected budget for vacation is still missing. 

How will you survive without it? 

Easy. Pawn your valuables to the best pawn shop in Singapore. 

The country boasts licensed pawnshops, highly experienced appraisers, and accurate valuations. 

One of the trusted and leading pawn shops is Shing Heng. Learn more about the company, its services, and why many opt for it. 

Table of Content

Shing Heng Group 

What Services Does Shing Heng Pawn Shop Offer?

How Does Shing Heng Pawn Shop Operate?

What Is Shing Heng Pawnshop E-Renewal?

Where are Shing Heng Pawn Shop Locations?

Frequently Asked Questions


Shing Heng Group

Shing Heng is a company engaged in the pawnbroking industry for 25 years. It endured all the challenges of time and became pertinent despite the ever-changing customer demands and intense rivalry. 

Shing Heng Pawnshop originated as a solitary shop in 1996. But it evolved into a well-established pawnshop chain boasting six stores strategically positioned in residential areas in Singapore. 

Today, Shing Heng Pawnshops cater to individuals seeking secured loans, luxury timepieces, gold, and exquisite jewellery. These items are globally acclaimed in Switzerland and around the globe.

Milestones of Shing Heng Pawnshop

Back in 1996, the very first pawnshop sprang up in Woodlands. It went by Shing Heng Pawnshop and remained our flagship spot for over two decades. It is within a lively town bustling with locals and Malaysians working in Singapore. 

The store kept growing strong. Shing Heng even climbed the ladder to become one of the Top 10 pawnshops in Singapore, measured by the total value of pledges we collected.

In 2002, Shing Heng Group unveiled its second Shing Heng pawnshop Tampines. It targeted the eastern side of Singapore. Just two years later, the company headed west and opened up shop in Boon Lay.

Over the following years, the Shing Heng pawn shop expanded. It set up four more branches in high-traffic locations that connected more folks from major housing areas. The sequence began with the Shing Heng pawnshop Bedok store in 2011, followed by Ang Mo Kio in 2012, Marsiling in 2013, and Serangoon Central in 2018. All these outlets are just a stone’s throw away from suburban malls.

In 2010, Shing Heng wanted more than helping folks with finances. The company decided to broaden our services. It entered retail, offering new and pre-owned jewellery and luxury timepieces. And to top it off, Shing Heng started fixing up high-end watches.

In 2017, the flagship Woodlands store had to close up shop. The Old Woodlands Town Centre, where we’d been operating since 1996, had to make room for the Woodlands Checkpoint extension. It kept things smooth for the customers after the Woodlands store closure. The Shing Heng Group Marsiling branch was the go-to point of contact for folks living in northern Singapore.

What Services Does Shing Heng Pawn Shop Offer?

Shing Heng is different from your ordinary pawnshop.  In addition to its pawnbroking service, it presents a range of offerings that undoubtedly hold advantages.



Shing Heng Pawnshop offers a loan that needs valuable collateral. If you give your pledge, a branded watch, gold, or jewellery, you will receive your money in return. But there is an interest involved.

Shing Heng Pawnbroking is super hassle-free. No credit checks to worry about. But your chosen collateral must be eligible to pawn. 

If you follow through the pawnbroking process, you will receive a pawn ticket. It is a document confirming the transaction and a receipt for your pledged collateral.

If you wish to extend the loan duration of your loan, you have the option of renewing your pawn ticket available to you. You can accomplish it conveniently by visiting a physical outlet or utilising our digital platform through the designated app.

If you decide to retrieve your pledged item, the process is easy. You must bring your pawn ticket and valid proof of your identity to any Shing Heng outlet. Then, you must settle the outstanding loan amount and the accrued interest. Once done, your item will be promptly returned to you, concluding the transaction.

Safe Keeping

Shing Heng Pawnshop offers a practical solution for individuals planning a vacation. It addresses concerns about the security of their valuables while far from their home. 

The premise is simple yet effective. You entrust your valuable items to Shing Heng pawnshops during your absence. In return, you can avail of two distinct advantages.

Firstly, the peace of mind that your precious belongings are securely stored and protected. As you embark on your unwinding journey, you can rest assured that your valuables are in responsible hands.

Secondly, the service extends beyond safekeeping. It provides an instant cash loan during your travels. You can enjoy the flexibility to indulge in overseas shopping with financial freedom. 

However, it is important to note even if the service provides convenience, interest charges still apply.


The “Trade-In Offer” presented by Shing Heng Group represents a valuable opportunity for individuals to leverage the worth of their cherished possessions. 

Shing Heng Pawnshop extends generous valuation. It ensures you receive a substantial cash value for the precious items you hold dear. It can be an exquisite piece of jewellery, a luxury timepiece, or cherished gold. Shing Heng commits to providing remuneration. As a result, it accurately reflects the significance and value of your belongings.

In addition, you can opt for a direct cash transaction, receiving immediate financial gain for your items. Or, you can explore the option of exchanging them. Shing Heng stores house various new and pre-loved items that you can peruse and select from. 

These two options underscore the company’s dedication to offering you versatile solutions. Therefore, you can align it with your individual preferences and needs.

Servicing and Alteration

Shing Heng Pawnshop offers an extension of service suitable for the diverse needs of esteemed clientele. It addresses general maintenance to more intricate fixes within luxury timepieces and fine jewellery.

Shing Heng provides various maintenance and repair services for luxury timepieces. Our skilled watchmaking professionals facilitate the process. From routine maintenance procedures to intricate repairs, the professionals are equipped with the proficiency to address a range of watch-related needs meticulously. 

Additionally, this service of Shing Heng addresses jewellery. Our precious bracelets and rings often hold immense sentimental value and personal significance. As your tastes evolve, you gain the desire to tailor them according to your personal preference. The skilled artisans assist you in achieving it. 

If you wish to resize a ring or reimagine the design of a necklace, Shing Heng pawnshop provides a seamless blend of tradition and innovation. But it is still concerning the unique character of each piece.

Online Shopping

Shing Heng e-Shop is another commitment to convenience and accessibility to valued customers. It is a virtual platform that serves as a digital marketplace. You can explore and engage various branded timepieces and gold or diamond jewellery products.

The Shing Heng e-Shop offers a user-friendly interface. It provides an intuitive navigation experience to browse through various categories seamlessly. It ranges from luxury timepieces to exquisite jewellery. The e-Shop showcases diverse offerings, catering to different preferences and tastes.

Customers can explore detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and pertinent information about each item. This way, you can make informed decisions in alignment with their preferences and requirements.

Purchasing through the Shing Heng e-Shop is a streamlined process. You can add your desired items to the virtual cart. Then, proceed to a secure checkout process. Afterwards, you select your preferred payment methods. All payment gateways ensure that transactions have the highest level of security.

How Does Shing Heng Pawn Shop Operate?

Shing Heng Pawnshop continues to stand tall despite all the trials they face. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents seek financial aid because of how it works professionally. 


Shing Heng Pawnbroking Process

If you are eligible to pawn, follow the steps below. 

Step 1. Free Valuation. Shing Heng Pawnshop has experts who assess the value of your pledge. 

Step 2. Get instant cash. Once the valuation is complete, you decide whether to accept the offer. If you agree, you can claim your instant cash loan from your beloved valuable. 

Step 3. Redeem or renew a loan. After receiving your quick online loan cash, you can redeem it by repaying the loan amount and interest. Or you can extend the loan process by renewal. 

The streamlined pawnbroking process ensures a fast transaction. Also, it provides flexible options that fit you.

Acceptable Collateral

Shing Heng Pawnshop accepts collateral such as diamonds, gold, jewellery, branded watches, and luxury bags. You can contact their pawnshop beforehand to ensure your cherished article is qualified.

Loan Amount and Tenure

The loan amount solely depends on your collateral value. Your article is subject to an appraisal of the professional valuers. 

There is no minimum loan period when pawning with Shing Heng. Although you can borrow for up to six months, you can still extend it. But it is still subjected to assessment.

Fees to Pay

You only need to worry about the interest when redeeming your pledged item. Also, you must consider the interest to extend your pawn beyond six months. 

In addition, you can pay the interest personally to any Shing Heng store. Or you can settle it online through their official website.

Pledge Assessment

Shing Heng pawn shop has a team of expert appraisers knowledgeable about all sorts of jewellery, diamonds, and gold. These folks know how to tell the real deal from the rest. 

Professional valuers carefully check out your articles and give them the authenticity stamp. Then, they assess their condition before giving you an offer. 

Furthermore, the appraisers are savvy about the current Shing Heng gold price. That’s why you are sure your items are in good hands with these experienced pros.

Pledge Redemption

Once you accept the appraised value of your item, you will get a pawn ticket. It is a golden key to retrieve your pledge back. You must keep it safe so that redeeming your item is fast and easy when it comes. 

You must visit the Shing Heng outlet and pay off the remaining loan amount and interest. Bring your pawn ticket and ID to prove your identity. Then, you will receive your item back.

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What Is Shing Heng Pawnshop E-Renewal?

Before, you could carry out renewal transactions to any branch near you, but now, online renewal of your pawn ticket is possible in Shing Heng Pawnshop. 


Perks of Shing Heng Online Renewal

The Shing Heng mobile app is an excellent choice if you seek convenience. No queues to worry. You can save time and effort with their available digital service. 

Furthermore, the Shing Heng app aids in securing your pawn ticket. If you are a registered app user, you can monitor all your transaction activities in their database. You can have your own hardcopy replacement, too. But you must go to a Shing Heng pawnshop outlet and settle the replacement fee. 

Most importantly, Shing Heng protects your personal information. It is similar to other private-sector entities that abide by Singapore’s PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act).

Downsides of Shing Heng Online Renewal

Despite the advantages of Shing Heng’s e-Renewal, disadvantages are inevitable. 

Currently, the only acceptable mode of payment for interest through the app is eNets. 

However, the mobile application only offers limited services. You cannot update your personal particulars in the app. If you wish to change any information, visit the nearest Shing Heng Pawnshop branch.

Where are Shing Heng Pawn Shop Locations?

As of today, Shing Heng Group Pawnshop has six outlets strategically situated across Singapore. You can visit any of their branches. So you can enjoy Shing Heng jewellery, luxury watches, and pawning services. 


Shing Heng Ang Mo Kio

Address: Blk 702, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-2517 Singapore, 560702

Contact Number: +65-6457-9850

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8:30 am to 8 pm


Shing Heng Bedok

Address: Blk 205, Bedok North Street 1 #01-391 Singapore, 460205

Contact Number:  +65-6245-0879

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8:30 am to 8 pm


Shing Heng Boon Lay

Address: Blk 221, Boon Lay Place #01-124 Singapore, 640221

Contact Number: +65-6265-9203

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8:30 am to 8 pm


Shing Heng Marsiling

Address: Blk 302, Woodlands Street 31 #01-297 Singapore, 730302

Contact Number: +65-6367-0323

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8 am to 7:30 pm


Shing Heng Serangoon Ctrl

Address: Blk 264, Serangoon Central #01-227 Singapore, 550264

Contact Number: +65-6214-3252

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8:30 am to 8 pm


Shing Heng Tampines

Address: Blk 201E, Tampines Street 23 #01-96 Singapore 527201

Contact Number: +65-6587-4618

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8:30 am to 8 pm

Shing Heng Pawnshop operating hours vary depending on its location. Before you drop by their shop, check its schedule first. In addition, keep in mind that Shing Heng pawn shops are closed during Public Holidays. 

Pawnbroking is fun and easy, especially if you have a gold valuable or a limited timepiece. But what if you’re also short on those? How can you push through with your much-awaited weekend escape?

Well, you still have other financial solutions in Singapore. Licensed money lenders in the country are an everyday go-to fix for quick cash loans. You don’t need to risk your prized possession for it to work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my valuables secured in Shing Heng Pawn Shop?

Shing Heng Pawn Shop keeps all pledges insured and secured. Your precious articles are kept in strong rooms and reinforced safes. Also, all stores have well-equipped alarm systems and 24-hour surveillance cameras. 

What happens if I fail to redeem my pledge or renew the pawn ticket?

You will have an additional interest charged for the pledge you missed to renew or redeem on time or upon expiry. Also, your items may be forfeited if you can not redeem them upon the end of the loan period. Nevertheless, Shing Heng provides a final reminder before doing so. 

What to do if my pawn ticket is lost?

A lost pawn ticket needs a replacement ticket. You can avail of it by visiting any Shing Heng pawnshop outlets. However, there is a processing fee entailed with it.