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Discovering City Square Mall Where Shopping Meets Entertainment

Strategically situated in the bustling urban centre of Singapore, City Square Mall epitomises contemporary sophistication and ease. It presents an extensive range of retail offerings, diverse dining establishments, and engaging recreational pursuits that cater to individuals and families alike. History and Development City Square Mall commenced operations in 2009, signifying a substantial addition to Singapore’s retail sector. Constructed by City Developments Limited (CDL), this environmentally conscious shopping centre was conceptualised with sustainability as a core principle, incorporating eco-friendly features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. Its prime proximity to Farrer Park MRT station ensures convenient accessibility for both residents and international visitors. Dining Delights City Square Mall offers various dining establishments catering to diverse culinary preferences. Whether one desires local delicacies, international flavours, or a casual coffee experience, there is a selection to meet every palate.
  1. Local Delicacies at “Koufu” Food Court: Located on the third floor, Koufu Food Court offers a variety of local and Asian delights. One must-try dish is the Singaporean favourite, Hainanese Chicken Rice. Tender poached Hainanes chicken is served with fragrant rice cooked in its savoury chicken broth and accompanied by chilli sauce and ginger paste, which epitomises the essence of Singaporean comfort food.
  2. International Flavors at “Marché Mövenpick” and “Shabu Sai”: For those craving international flavours, Marché Mövenpick on the second floor offers a vibrant marketplace atmosphere with Swiss-inspired dishes such as Rösti and grilled meats. Meanwhile, Shabu Sai on the fourth floor serves a Japanese hot pot (shabu-shabu), where diners can customise their broths and enjoy a variety of fresh meats and vegetables.
  3. Cafés and Dessert Delights: City Square Mall is also a haven for café enthusiasts and dessert lovers. Indulge in artisanal coffee at Joe & Dough or satisfy your sweet tooth with delectable pastries at Paris Baguette. For a refreshing treat, head to Yogurtland for a customisable frozen yoghurt experience.
  4. Family-Friendly Dining at “Swensen’s” and “Dian Xiao Er”: Families visiting the mall can enjoy a hearty meal at Swensen’s, known for its generous portions of ice cream sundaes and American-style comfort food. Alternatively, Dian Xiao Er offers traditional Chinese cuisine in a cosy and rustic setting, specialising in herbal roast duck and other Chinese delicacies.
Similar Venues in Singapore While City Square Mall offers a unique blend of shopping and entertainment under one roof, several other malls in Singapore provide similar experiences:
  • VivoCity: Known for its waterfront location and extensive dining options, including international cuisines and casual eateries.
  • ION Orchard: A luxury shopping mall with a diverse selection of fine dining restaurants and trendy cafés, perfect for shopping and culinary indulgence.
  • Jewel Changi Airport: Famous for its stunning architecture and indoor waterfall, Jewel offers various dining choices ranging from fast food to upscale restaurants, catering to travellers and locals alike.
You’ll discover more than just a shopping destination at City Square Mall. It’s a place where food lovers can embark on a delightful culinary adventure, sampling a wide range of gastronomic delights from local and international cuisines. The mall promises a unique experience where delicious food meets leisure, ensuring a memorable visit for all patrons. What’s more, it is near the best licensed legal moneylender in Singapore!

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