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OCBC iBanking Guidelines Singapore

At first, you might think that online banking and digital banking are the same. But, there’s a fine line that differs between the two. 

iBanking or online banking deals with essential transactions. It aids most people in managing their finances effortlessly. It focuses more on digitizing the core banking aspects. 

On the other hand, digital banking encompasses every digital platform for every transaction. Therefore, it has more profound and comprehensive re-engineers of the internal system of a bank. 

Regardless of the difference between the two, OCBC Bank Singapore offers both of the services. Nevertheless, iBanking seems to be more prominent than the other. 

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OCBC Singapore's Brief History

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation is also known as OCBC Singapore. It is a Singaporean corporation located at the OCBC Centre, Raffles Place. 

OCBC came from the consolidation of three banks. These are the Chinese Commercial Bank Limited, Ho Hong Bank Limited, and Oversea-Chinese Bank Limited. It was formed in 1932 and served as the longest-established bank in Singapore. 

For the past years, OCBC Bank Singapore consistently received recognition as one of the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks worldwide from Global Finance. Also, it gained the title of the Best Managed Bank in Singapore from The Asian Banker. 

As of today, OCBC Singapore provides multinational banking and financial services. From commercial banking to specialist financial and wealth management. Also, it caters to the consumer, corporate, and investment. In addition, the institution has involvement with transaction banking, treasury, insurance, and stockbroking services. 

That’s why it is no surprise it is available in other countries. Aside from Singapore, OCBC is accessible in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Greater China. Plus, it now has over 400 branches and offices. 

OCBC Singapore is one of the top banking groups in the country. And it continuously develops technology products and services for every individual in the country. The recent leading player of OCBC bank is iBanking.

OCBC iBanking Singapore

OCBC iBanking Singapore

With the current situation the world is facing, OCBC strengthens its services through iBanking. Online banking permits transactions that do not require account holders to get out of their homes. Thus, it provides an easy connection to OCBC customers.

Benefits of OCBC iBanking

OCBC iBanking Singapore is so beneficial. A lot of residents in the country opt for this service. There’s no need to visit a bank branch. Plus, it allows you to initiate banking transactions convenient for you. 

You can pay your bills and transfer funds while sitting on your porch. Also, you can verify transactions and account balances without stepping out of your bedroom. Or you can apply for a loan and deposit checks while working in your home office. 

Must-Have for OCBC iBanking

Nevertheless, it is a must that you have a gadget suitable for it. You may use a computer, mobile device, or tablet. A strong internet connection is incredibly essential. 

If you have these, you can quickly accomplish your financial responsibility effortlessly. 

Security of OCBC Bank Singapore

OCBC iBanking provides safety features to all account owners. Technology keeps your personal information and bank account number away from theft. Keep in mind the importance of the verification details such as your birth date and Social Security Number. 

Also, beware of online scams. OCBC Singapore always reminds every holder not to divulge crucial information. It is strongly advised to access your account via the authentic website only. Also, be familiar with phishing schemes through email or text. 

If ever errors or fraud occur, report it immediately. Federal law often protects account holders from such events. 

OCBC iBanking has a lot of perks. But without proper handling, it might end up in financial chaos. 

How to apply for OCBC iBanking?

Signing up for OCBC iBanking is so simple. But first, assess yourself if you have the qualifications. 

Eligibility for OCBC iBanking

Applicants for online banking must be an existing principal cardholder of any OCBC credit card. Or at least have any of the following OCBC accounts:

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Foreign Currency Checking Account
  • Foreign Currency Call Account
  • CPF Investment Account
  • Supplementary Retirement Scheme Account (SRS)

There are different methods to apply for OCBC iBanking. Below are the possible options you can take when applying through iBanking.

Visit any of OCBC’s Branches

If you opt for the traditional banking application, visit any branches. Then, you can talk to the bank executive and apply for Online Banking. In addition, you can get your access code and PIN immediately.

Apply via OCBC Mail

Firstly, make sure you have a copy of the banking application form beforehand. You can get your application form through download or collect it from any of the branches. Secondly, complete the necessary information in the form. Then, finally, send your application to their mailing address: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd, Account Services, Bras Basah Post Office, Singapore 911886.

Online Application

OCBC iBanking

With the strict implementation of homestay, online application is more prevalent. First, visit Then, second, you fill in the required details accurately. Afterwards, submit the online form.

Once done, you can check the instant access to Online Banking. Once you have secured your personal OCBC banking details, you can access your online account instantly. 

OCBC Mobile Banking App

OCBC iBanking Singapore truly brings out accessibility. In fact, OCBC has a mobile banking app that could bring extra convenience for everybody’s needs. OCBC Mobile Banking App is another feature where customers fully control their financial information. Thus, using it gives you a bird’s eye view all over your finances.

OCBC mobile banking app is downloadable from Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). So, download and have fun managing and checking your accounts in one place while sitting on a couch. 

Choosing Fast Online Lending 

Besides iBanking, you can also find online lending offering online loans to Singaporeans. Gone are the days when you must leave your home to apply for a loan. The money lending industry became more competitive with other financial institutions like banks. 

One of the trusted moneylenders in Singapore is Cash Mart, which has taken pride in serving the country since 1969. For over 45 years, the institution firmly upholds excellence, honesty, and integrity. Also, the company is adept at the legal process and current market trends. Thus, they can provide innovative and flexible loan options for Singaporeans. Here are the best loan services of the company:

Payday Loan

If you need money upfront before your next paycheck, apply for a payday loan. For example, use the instant cash loan to pay off your monthly dues or groceries. 

Receive a loan amount of $500 to $15,000 at an interest rate of 0.98 per term. Approval time for a Cash Mart Payday Loan is as early as 30 minutes—no need for the hustle and bustle to get approved. 

Calculate the amount you need and pay it off in your preferred term. For example, it can be in 4, 8, or 12 weeks. 

Business Loan

If you need continuous cash flow for your venture, seek a business loan. Find out how much you need for machine procurement or employee’s salary. Instant cash can also cover the business expansion. 

The loanable amount for a Business Loan starts from $10,000 to $300,000. It has an interest rate of 3.99% per term. Get approved for seven business days. 

Make sure to repay your loan cash in your chosen term. For example, it can be in 6, 12, or 18 weeks. 

Personal Loan

The leading financial product of Cash Mart Singapore is the low-interest Personal Loan. It is the perfect cash solution for any money problem. Securing your instant loan cash helps you manage emergency hospitalization, unexpected car and house repairs, and many more. 

A personal loan application takes about 30 minutes to get approved. It has a loanable amount of $5,000 to $50,000. The interest rate is at 3.99% per term. Plus, it is payable for up to three months. 

The best part about Cash Mart Singapore is its stress-free application procedure.  

3-Step Application Process

Conveniently apply for the loans without leaving your comfort zone. 

  • Fill up the inquiry form. Expect feedback within one working day. 
  • Talk to the loan executives as part of the verification process. Present all the required documents for a more effortless transaction. 
  • Sign the Note of Contract. Receive your disbursed loan cash instantly. 

Getting your funds from Cash Mart Singapore does not take too long. Everything is made easy and convenient for your comfort. Also, they value the safety of every applicant and borrower. 

Find the best financial solution in this most trying time. First, seek assistance from the top-tier moneylender in the country. Then, apply for the loan services by Cash Mart Singapore.