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Is taking a Maybank Personal Loan beneficial?

Maybank Singapore is one of Asia’s superior banking groups. It offers wide-ranging products and services. 

Maybank has over 2,600 branches of an international network. It is ready to give financial help to individuals, businesses, and corporations. 

The global business footprint of Maybank leads its way to access immense opportunities. It covers 18 countries all over the world, including 10 ASEAN countries. 

The worldwide recognition of Maybank gave way to other financial products of the institution called personal loans. 

Maybank Personal Loan escalated in the industry. Clients obtaining the service receive financing solutions designed to their specific needs. 

On top of that, Maybank Personal Loan Singapore provides a wide range of products. It applies to most of the basic needs of man. 

Find out more about the personal loans offered by Maybank Singapore. 

Table of Contents

Outstanding Maybank Education Loans Singapore

Since the financial institution is available globally, continuing education is the least of your problems.

Whether you study overseas or locally, Maybank Education Loans is accessible. It saves you from worrying too much about tuition fees and more. 

Also, the repayment method offers a scope of flexible plans fit for every borrower’s situation. You can either pay it off during your studies. Or complete the financial obligation after graduation. 

Maybank Education Loan Singapore

Educational Loan is one of the most applied loans in Maybank Singapore. It supports your child’s education needs with this type of loan. 

Benefits of getting a Maybank Education Loan:

Here are the inclusive perks when you take this loan: 

  • High Loan Amount: Get loan cash up to 8 times your monthly income. Or a total of around $200,000. It depends on whichever amount is lower. 
  • Attractive Interest Rates: Loan for your studies starts from 4.45% p.a.
  • Long Repayment Period: Paying off the education loan can be up to 10-year period. 
  • Flexible Repayment Plan: Set your repayment plan for an education loan based on your financial status. Choose among the most convenient for you. 
  • Always Available: Aspiring students can apply for both local and abroad studies. 
  • Include Supplemental expenses: Studying within or outside the country requires books, computers, gadgets, and accommodation. Maybank Personal Loan Singapore finances education-related other expenditures, too.

Maybank Education Loan Eligibility Requirements: 

Here are qualified applicants for Maybank Education Loans. 

Age Limit Requirement:

  • Student Applicants: Must be 18 to 65 years old. 
  • Guarantor: Must be 21 to 65 years old. (Guarantor is only necessary if the school requires it).

Annual Income Needed: 

  • Local Student Applicant (Part-Time Studies): Must be a minimum of $18,000
  • Guarantor: Must be at least $30,000 (only if mandated). 

Maybank Education Loan Rates and Fees

Loan Administration Fee: $200. (If there are any changes, the company will give a 30-day notice prior.)

Maybank Education Loan Application Process 

Applying for an education loan is easy. Use your mobile device to message your desire for the loan service. 

Key in STU and send to 79898. 

The above statements prove how beneficial the education loans by Maybank Personal Loan are. Experience the convenience while you expand your knowledge with this financial help. 

Marvellous Renovation Loans Singapore

A home is a personal space for relaxing after a long, tiring day. But what if your place of rest needs a makeover? Getting your house renovated calls for a budget. It’s a good thing that Maybank Personal Loan Singapore has a renovation loan at hand. 

This type of loan allows you to achieve the fancy designer finish you have always wanted finally. It fulfils your long-awaited dream home. Plus, the approval is hassle-free. You don’t have to queue in line. 

And the most important thing is that the interest rates are competitive. You are sure that you’re paying for what you deserve. 

Benefits of getting a Maybank Renovation Loan:

Applying for a Renovation Loan from Maybank Singapore is beneficial. You’ll enjoy the following:

  • Reasonable Loan Amount: You can get a cash loan up to six times your monthly income, or S$30,000. That depends on whichever is lower.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The rates depend on the type of applicant. An existing Home Loan customer gets a 2.88% p.a.
  • A new loan customer who applies for a one to three years loan tenure receives a 4.30% p.a. 
  • A new loan customer who applies for a four to five-year loan tenure receives a 4.20% p.a. 
  • Find out which one you belong to and how much interest rate you will be charged. 
  • Repayment Period: Repay the renovation loan for up to five years. 
Maybank Renovation Loan Calculator

The use of the Renovation Loan Calculator is a necessity. It helps you visualise all your financial obligations once you apply for the loan. 

When using the Maybank Personal Loan Calculator, ensure to tick the type of borrower. Questions will be like these: “Are you an existing home loan client?”, “Do you plan to take a one to three-year loan tenure?” “Or four to five-year loan tenure?”

Afterwards, enter the loan amount. Remember that the most you can get is up to $30,000. And choose the loan tenure you prefer. Then, click compute. 

The results will state how much your monthly payment will be. Also, it’ll note how much the total amount of payment due and the entire interest payment. 

Nonetheless, always remember that the loan calculator is not as accurate as you think. It only sets your expectations before your loan application. 

Maybank Renovation Loan Rates and Fees

The Administration Fee for Loan Restructuring is $200. Please take note that it may vary from time to time. Anyhow, the bank will give a 30-day notice prior.

Maybank Renovation Loan Application Process

Take out a renovation loan by messaging the bank. 

Type Reno then sends to 79898. 

Maybank Personal Loan Singapore for renovation is a great partner for achieving your perfect home. 

Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan

One of the best assets of Maybank Personal Loan Singapore is the Debt Consolidation Plan (DCP). 

This type of loan combines all your debts into a single monthly repayment. You don’t have to worry about leaving another tab behind. 

Furthermore, the whole bill is now at low-interest rates. Adding up all your debts lessens the interest you have to pay. 

Benefits of getting Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan:

Applying for a Renovation Loan from Maybank Singapore is helpful. 

  • Lower Interest Rates: The lower rate of interest allows interest savings. Also, it permits borrowers to settle outstanding balances in an instant. 
  • Easy Repayment: Fixed monthly repayments are more manageable. Paying into only one financial institution lets you control your finances better. 
  • Courtesy Credit Card: A complimentary card is a convenient payment mode for daily expenses. The greatest credit limit is 1x of your monthly income. 
  • Repayment Period: Finish financial obligation up to a ten-year repayment period. 
Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan Eligibility Requirements:

Assess yourself if you have what it takes to get a DCP. 

  • Residency: Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • Age Limit: At least 21 years of age and above 
  • Annual Income: $30,000 to $120,000
  • Debts: Owns many unsecured debts with interest that is 12x of the monthly income. It can be from credit cards or unsecured credit facilities based in Singapore. 
Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan Requirements To Submit:

Complete the necessary documents to ensure a fast loan approval. 

Full-Time Employee

  • Application Form – completed and signed
  • Credit Bureau Report – recent
  • Proof of Balances – statements and confirmation letter
  • Photocopy of NRIC – front and back
  • CPF contribution history (last 12 months) or latest payslip

Self-Employed or Full-Commission Earner

  • Application Form – completed and signed
  • Credit Bureau Report – recent
  • Proof of Balances – statements and confirmation letter
  • Photocopy of NRIC – front and back
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment (last two years)

Variable Income Earner

  • Application Form – completed and signed
  • Credit Bureau Report – recent
  • Proof of Balances – statements and confirmation letter
  • Photocopy of NRIC – front and back
  • CPF contribution history (last 12 months) or payslip (previous three months)
How Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan Works?

Maybank Personal Loan for DCP works in two ways. It could be through a Debt Consolidation Loan Account or a Revolving Credit Facility.

Debt Consolidation Loan Account 

It sums up all your unsecured debts regardless if it’s a credit card or credit line. That includes all your bills across multiple financial institutions. 

Once combined, the Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan gives you an obligation to settle the fixed monthly repayment. 

Maybank Debt Consolidation Plan Hotline

Be in touch with Maybank Singapore about the Debt Consolidation Plan. Message and send to 79898. 

Maybank Personal Loan Singapore DCP overcomes the stressful debts dragging you down. 

Revolving Credit Facility

To give out further financial help, Maybank Personal Loan Singapore lends a Credit Card. The credit limit is like your monthly income. 

Maybank CreditAble

With Maybank Personal Loan CreditAble, you are one step closer to achieving your dream. 

Maybank CreditAble Term Loan

A loan designed for whatever you and your family need right now. Whether it is for home renovation or vacation plans, the interest rate is low. 

Also, it has fixed monthly instalment repayments. And fulfil it for up to 60 months. 

Maybank CreditAble Fund Transfer

Maybank Personal Loan Singapore lets you enjoy interest savings with this Loan. Get this every time you transfer money from your 

Maybank CreditAble account to any bank. Regardless of whether it’s for savings, current accounts, credit cards, or credit lines. 

The best part is that it has a minimal processing fee and no interest charged for six months. 

Maybank Personal Line Of Credit

The CreditAble Loan you need whenever and wherever you need it. It is easily accessible, like carrying extra cash. 

The repayment period can either be flexible or fixed. It depends on your capability to pay off. 

Also, they issue a complimentary chequebook. 

CreditAble is the perfect financial solution for handling your money issues. 

Maybank is a financial institution ready to assist any qualified applicants. Maybank Personal Loan is the cream of the crop, among other products and services. 

Licensed Moneylender Cash Mart Singapore

Cash Mart Singapore is a leading money lending facility in the country. It provides the best fast cash loan any borrower might need. Choose among Payday Loan, Business Loan, and Low-Interest Personal Loan

3-Step Personal Loan Application

Applying for a Cash Mart Personal Loan is quick and easy. 

Step 1: Fill up the application online 

Complete the inquiry form through Cash Mart’s online loan services. You can use your computer or mobile device. 

Step 2: Verify  Your Loan

Wait until the loan executives review your eligibility. Also, they verify all the documents submitted. 

Step 3: Get Credited

Read the loan contract and sign it. Receive the cash disbursement. 

It’s that easy. Cash Mart Singapore aims to deliver instant cash loan conveniently to anyone who needs it.