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Quick Guide: Understanding Maxi-Cash Pawn Shop Singapore

Explore more about Maxi-Cash pawn shop Singapore. 

Are you currently on vacation and unexpectedly need extra funding?

You can get the additional cash you need at pawn shops in Singapore. It offers a unique and accessible method of obtaining quick online cash. It is a perfect choice for people who are unqualified to take out traditional bank loans. If you have poor credit or have no time to go through the lengthy application process, pawning your valuables is the best option.

Among the top options in Singapore is the Maxi-Cash pawn shop. It has well-known and reputable pawn shop chains conveniently accessible in all regions of the country. It has competitive interest rates and fees, making it stand out from other pawn shops in the country. On top of that, it has additional features that you will surely enjoy.

Discover more details regarding Maxi-Cash and the range of services it offers. Here is a concise company overview.


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How Does Maxi-Cash Work?

How Maxi-Cash Pawnshop Pte Ltd Operate?

Where is Maxi-Cash Near Me?

What is Maxi-Cash Online?

Frequently Asked Questions

Maxi-Cash Singapore

Maxi-Cash started its corporation in 2008, a subsidiary of Aspial Corporation Limited. It is a pawnbroking shop and retail store for branded merchandise and jewellery. In addition, the company offers secured lending services.

The inaugural Maxi-Cash pawn shop opened in February 2009 at Ang Mo Kio Central. But it doesn’t stop there. It rapidly grew and now has an island-wide network of pawnshops and retail outlets.

Currently, Maxi-Cash Singapore is accessible in over 48 strategically chosen areas. Also, it has retail outlets across Hong Kong and Malaysia.

On June 12, 2012, Maxi-Cash was the first public-listed pawn shop on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) Catalist.

Maxi-Cash commits to building a customer-focused business. The company aligned and designed a Maxi-Cash App that addresses Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. It integrated online payment services through iPayment and online valuation—E-Valuation. Maxi-Cash E-Shop brings a seamless digital shopping experience to customers.

Awards and Recognitions

Maxi-Cash continuously grow and innovate products, services, and customer experience. It became a leader in the pawnbroking and retail industry. As a result, it garnered the following.

2022 and 2023 – Strait Times Singapore’s Best Employers Award

How Does Maxi-Cash Work?

Maxi-Cash has designed various products and services to cater to multiple needs. Find out what they offer.

gold bangle for Maxi-Cash pawn shop


Maxi-Cash is one of the prominent players in the pawnbroking industry. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents can pawn their cherished possessions at favourable interest rates. Plus, you have the assurance that your pawning transaction is swift yet secure.

Citigems Jewellery Shop

Maxi-Cash takes great pride in its exquisite jewellery selection. You can discover a wide range of contemporary diamond and gold jewellery in its shops. All of these perfectly suit modern men and women.

999 and 916 gold price in Singapore Maxi-Cash maintains the limelight. As one of the Maxi-Cash jewellery and gold collections, it boasts masterfully crafted beauty. Adorning yourself with it elevates your appearance with glow and brilliance.

A Maxi-Cash gold necklace, bracelet, ring, and others have exceptional purity. It showcases the most natural and dazzling gold, enhancing a woman’s beauty and radiance.


Maxi-Cash LuxeSTYLE offers a selection of fashionable and sought-after preloved items like watches, bags, and branded jewellery. In addition, the unique service has a crucial role in promoting a sustainable luxury circular economy.

If you participate in the LuxeSTYLE buy and sell off your preloved luxury items, you contribute to reducing carbon waste and waste footprints. Maxi-Cash dedicated a team responsible for conducting rigorous checks to inspect the quality and authenticity of every item bought and sold in Maxi-Cash.

How Does Maxi-Cash Pawn Shop Pte Ltd Operate?

Maxi-Cash Pawn Shop Singapore is the country’s pioneer pawnbroker offering Instant Cash via PayNow. The convenient service eliminates your need to carry a massive chunk of cash and endure long queues at the bank.


What is the Pawnbroking Process of Maxi-Cash?

The Maxi-Cash procedure is a continuous cycle, depending on your financial circumstances. It takes four simple steps.

Step 1. Present your valuables. Before you take your precious gold, diamonds, branded jewellery, bag, or watch at any Maxi-Cash branch, assess its quality first.

Step 2. Obtain a valuation for your item. Maxi-Cash has a team of experienced valuers who will gauge the value of your pledged item.

Step 3. Receive quick cash. A Maxi-Cash appraiser will offer you the amount that best suits your pledge. You will get your instant cash loan immediately if you agree with the offer.

Step 4. Redeem or Renew. Become a responsible pawner by repaying your loan amount on time. Or renew your pawn ticket as needed.

From here, it is evident that pawnbroking with Maxi-Cash is less tedious than before.

How Maxi-Cash Online Valuation Works?

Maxi-Cash pawn shop takes pride in its competitive loan rates. With the convenience of the Internet, you can initiate your pawning journey at home or work using the Maxi-Cash E-Valuation service. It only takes a few steps to obtain an online valuation.

Step 1. Provide your contact information. Indicate your name, preferred mode of contact and preferred Maxi-Cash location.

Step 2. Enter your article details. Indicate the product category. For gold and jewellery, specify the gold content and weight. Meanwhile, for designer bags and luxury, choose the brand and model.

Step 3. Upload the item photo. A clear, detailed, and high-quality image helps the expert appraiser accurately get the best value for your article. It is best to follow the sample guide on the different views on taking a picture.

Step 4. Review and Submit. Reread all the information you entered and see if it is accurate. Once sure, click the Submit button.

If you heed the process above, you can receive the price quote aligned with your pledge value. In addition, be reminded that the offered value is only an estimation. You still need to visit a Maxi-Cash store to complete your transaction.

How Long is the Loan Period in Maxi-Cash?

At Maxi-Cash, pawning your valuables has a loan period that runs from 1 month up to 6 months.

Within the 6-months redemption period, if you wish to renew your loan or redeem your pledged item, you can. However, it is a must that you pay the required interest amount first.

But if you extend the redemption period, you can renew your loan in Maxi-Cash. Both parties, you and the pawnbroker, must consent to the loan agreement or the subsequent agreement.

How Much is the Maximum Interest Rate of Maxi-Cash?

Maxi-Cash is a licensed pawnbroker in Singapore that strictly abides by the regulations of the Pawnbroking Act regarding chargeable interest rates.

For example, if you pawn your precious Maxi-Cash gold bracelet, the applicable interest rate will be 1.5% monthly or part thereof on the principal loan amount. And your maximum annual percentage interest rate is 18%.

On top of the monthly interest, an additional fee will be imposed if your redemption period lapses. Nevertheless, Maxi-Cash pawn shop will only take profit on your loan for up to 2 months after the redemption period expires.

Here is a sample scenario: 

You applied to pawn your gold bracelet at the Maxi-Cash pawn shop. Your total loan amount costs SGD 10,000. With a pawn duration of 6 months, your total interest is SGD 900. Therefore, your total repayment amount is SGD 10,900.

Aside from the interest rate, other chargeable fees are associated with Maxi-Cash pawnbroking. Singapore Pawnbrokers Act permits the following charges:

Pawn Ticket Issuance Fee. Every pawn ticket costs $2, but you will not incur any if your pawn ticket is issued for the following changes:

  • Pawner’s contact number, address, or email address
  • Name or address of the pawnbroker’s business
  • Correction in any particular in the pawn ticket

Pawn Application Fee. Every time you pawn any of your valuable gold jewellery, you will be charged the following application:

  • A person claims to be entitled to redeem a pledge but has no pawn ticket
  • A person claims to be the rightful owner of articles wrongfully pawned.

Keep in mind that the processing fee is mandatory. The charge came directly from the third-party payment gateway service provider.

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Where is Maxi-Cash Near Me?

Maxi-Cash provides one of the largest networks of pawn shops and retail stores. These are conveniently located in nearby amenities like MRT stations and bus interchanges. You can find a store near you in these areas.

maxi-cash pawn shop

Central Region

  • Maxi-Cash Boon Keng MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Bugis
  • Maxi-Cash Bukit Merah
  • Maxi-Cash Dhoby Ghaut
  • Maxi-Cash HarbourFront Centre
  • Maxi-Cash Holland Drive
  • Maxi-Cash Lucky Plaza #B1-12/14
  • Maxi-Cash Lucky Plaza #01-06
  • Maxi-Cash Lucky Plaza #02-34/35/36/37
  • Maxi-Cash People’s Park
  • Maxi-Cash 61 Serangoon Road
  • Maxi-Cash 152 Serangoon Road
  • Maxi-Cash Serangoon #01-08
  • Maxi-Cash Tiong Bahru Plaza

North Region

  • Maxi-Cash Admiralty MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
  • Maxi-Cash Ang Mo Kion Ave 4
  • Maxi-Cash Causeway Point
  • Maxi-Cash Chong Pang
  • Maxi-Cash Hougang
  • Maxi-Cash Marsiling MRT
  • Maxi-Cash NEX
  • Maxi-Cash North Point City
  • Maxi-Cash Punggol Plaza
  • Maxi-Cash Seletar Mall
  • Maxi-Cash Sembawang MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Sengkang MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Sengkang MRT (LuxeSTYLE)
  • Maxi-Cash Toa Payoh
  • Maxi-Cash Waterway Point
  • Maxi-Cash Wisteria Mall

West Region

  • Maxi-Cash Boon Lay MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Bukit Batok MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Bukit Panjang Plaza
  • Maxi-Cash Clementi
  • Maxi-Cash Jurong Gateway
  • Maxi-Cash Jurong West
  • Maxi-Cash Jurong Point
  • Maxi-Cash Lot One Shoppers’ Mall

East Region

  • Maxi-Cash Aljuniied MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Bedok
  • Maxi-Cash Eunos MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Joo Chiat
  • Maxi-Cash Marine Parade
  • Maxi-Cash Paya Lebar MRT
  • Maxi-Cash Tampines MRT

Thanks to the strategic locations of Maxi-Cash pawn shop, you can avail of their services anytime you need them. But it does not end there. Maxi-Cash is now more accessible with its recent innovation—Maxi-Cash mobile app.

What is Maxi-Cash Online?

You can now access Maxi-Cash through its mobile application. It is a one-stop app that provides a safe and easy shopping experience. You can now process online valuations while at home or at work. Most importantly, the Maxi-Cash app permits your instalments and interest payments.

maxi-cash pawn shop mobile app


Why Download a Maxi-Cash App?

Even though Maxi-Cash is almost everywhere in Singapore, some locals still prefer to have a Maxi-Cash on their phones.

Save time. All your loan interest payments and shopping instalments push through within seconds. You don’t need to commute going to the nearby Maxi-Cash branch.

Hassle-free. You only need to download the app and register. Once you’re in, you’re just a tap away from accomplishing all your Maxi-Cash transactions.

Pay anytime, anywhere. With Maxi-Cash, you can leave all your worries behind regarding your dues and financial obligations. With your app, you settle your bill whenever and wherever you are.

How to Use the Maxi-Cash App?

Grab the convenience the mobile app brings by following these steps.

Step 1. Download the app. Visit the Play Store or Apple Store. Look for the app and download it.

Step 2. Register. Create your account by following the prompts. Check if you provided all the essential details correctly.

Step 3. Pay. Sign in to your registered account. You can see all your active transactions and pawn tickets. Tap once to pay your interest and instalments to finish.

Now, you have complete access to all the Maxi-Cash services. Buying a Maxi-Cash gold ring is faster and easier with just one click. Fundamentally, you can monitor all your dues without missing it.

However, there is still a limit to what Maxi-Cash can offer. If you don’t have an acceptable brand of luxury bags and timepieces, pawning is not a wise decision. Fortunately, you can turn to a licensed moneylender like Cash Mart.

Cash Mart approves quick online cash without asking for any collateral. Its legit money lending procedure is fast and easy to use. You can take out a low-interest personal loan hassle-free wherever you are. That’s why it is perfect while travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MaxiPAY?

MaxiPAY is a personal eWallet by Maxi-Cash. It provides a convenient and secure solution to any transactions accepted worldwide.  You can use it for online shopping, real-time remittance, cashless in-store payment, and overseas withdrawal.

MaxiPAY is available in both physical and virtual cards. You can top it up conveniently, so you won’t worry about insufficient funds.

How can I use Maxi-Cash Down-Loan?

Down-Loan works when you reduce your loan amount through every interest payment. You can apply for this through the Maxi-Cash app or visit any Maxi-Cash store.

What are acceptable items in the Maxi-Cash pawn shop?

Maxi-Cash accepts the following as your pledge:

  • gold bars
  • gold jewellery with a gold content minimum of 9k
  • gold jewellery with gemstones
  • platinum jewellery
  • diamond jewellery
  • luxury timepiece

What are acceptable branded bags to pawn in Maxi-Cash?

You can pawn your Louis Vuitton and Chanel at any of the following Maxi-Cash outlets:

  • HarbourFront Centre
  • Lucky Plaza (B1-12/14)
  • Northpoint City
  • Tampines MRT
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza
  • Waterway Point

What are acceptable luxury timepieces brands to pawn in Maxi-Cash?

You can pawn a variety of expensive watches in Maxi-Cash. However, only certain branches accept such brands. Here is the list.

  • Rolex is allowed in all Maxi-Cash stores.
  • Omega is allowed in Maxi-Cash outlets, such as 61 Serangoon Road, Choa Chu Kang MRT, Clementi, HarbourFront Centre, Hougang, and People’s Park Complex Seng Kang MRT.
  • Other branded timepieces are allowed in Maxi-Cash HarbourFront Centre. These are Breitling, Cartier, Bvlgari, Chanel, IWC, Franck Muller, Panerai, Hermes, Montblanc, Tag Heuer, Tudor, and Tiffany & Co.

How to Sell Bags to Maxi-Cash?

If you want to sell or consign your luxury items, Maxi-Cash is the best choice. Plus, you get an excellent valuation for branded goods like bags, watches and jewellery.

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