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How to Get an Instant Loan in SG

Are you facing an emergency that needs urgent funding? You may have heard of instant loan SG as a primary financial source. 

Taking out an instant cash loan assists you in your emergency money trouble. It is accessible and convenient so that you can work out your financial issues as quickly as possible. 

Although a fast loan SG provides the best and quickest loan products and services, you still have enough knowledge of how to use it. Be well informed of who can borrow, how much you can take, and how to apply. 

Find the answer in this quick guide to getting an instant loan SG.

Table of Contents

What Is An Instant Loan SG?

An instant cash loan in Singapore is also a quick cash loan. Often, locals used it as an emergency loan for urgent financial aid. 


At first, you might think an instant loan SG is similar to other loan products. But there is a big difference. Here is a sample scenario. 

If you apply for a renovation loan SG, the funding goes directly to your house contractor. Your loan purpose is for home renovation. You will strictly spend it for that sole purpose alone, not purchasing new furniture. But you can use the funds for the expenses included in the renovation contract. 

Meanwhile, an instant loan SG allows you to spend your borrowed money. It means you can use it for personal expenses. However, it is highly advisable that you only use the quick funds for the main reason for applying. This way, you can avoid more debts and handle your instant funding wisely. 

How Does An Instant Loan SG Work?

Applying for an instant loan SG and getting approved is relatively easy. You can take out a fast loan SG with your mobile device and internet connectivity. Send in all your requirements and get verified by visiting the money lending office. Once approved, the disbursed cash is deposited into your account or received as cash. 

How Does An Instant Loan SG Work?

Furthermore, instant loans in SG are unsecured loans. You don’t need to back your loan application with a property as collateral. You can still apply for low-interest fast cash loans if you have no car, house, or precious jewellery to pledge. 

The processing time for instant loan SG is evident in its name. It is perfect for emergency financial situations. If you qualify as a borrower, you can receive the disbursed cash immediately. Therefore, you can resolve your monetary issues in no time. 

When to Apply for a Personal Loan SG?

The instant loan in Singapore applies to any financial dilemma you’re facing. It can help you solve your financial emergency or reach your goals. However, the best part of taking out a fast loan in Singapore is that it enables you to build a better credit score. For these reasons, start creating a healthier part of your credit report by taking a personal loan SG

Paying unexpected hike in bills

Summer season is truly draining. It makes you want to stay indoors with the aircon blasting to its maximum temperature. Or soak yourself in the bathtub daily to ease the dreadful heat of the dry season. 

Although cooling off during this weather is better than getting hospitalised, the utility bills will strike you hot. Of course, you budget your electrical and water bills monthly. However, excessive usage means you overspend more than you have allocated. Still, you must pay your dues or not, but your utility services will be cut off. 

To avoid such trouble, you can apply for an instant loan SG that can cover the increase in your bills. But don’t forget to include your repayment amount in your next paycheck to avoid doubling your debt. 

Car repairs

Nowadays, owning an automobile is necessary; it is no longer a privilege. Travelling around the country and going to and from work is more convenient and practical than commuting. If you can drive around with your vehicle, you have more control over the traffic. Also, you can make stops as needed. 

But what if your vehicle stopped running out of the blue, the engine burned out, or the car wheels needed replacements? Getting your car repaired in Singapore is truly expensive. Changing and replacing your single tyre costs around $200. Other auto repairs cost more than that, based on your car brand and needs. However, you can’t leave your car behind since it is part of your daily life. 

An instant loan SG assists you in covering the expenses for car repairs. You can receive quick funding for automotive maintenance. But you must indicate an appropriate estimation of the cost you need. This way, you don’t have to worry about borrowing additional money if the funds are insufficient.

instant loan sg for car maintenance 

Unexpected funeral expenses 

Life is truly unpredictable, and death is inevitable. We all know that hospitalisation is expensive, but so does funeral fees. Sadly, not all Singaporeans have life insurance. 

If a family member or relative suddenly dies, where will you get immediate cash advance loans for the hospital bills and funeral service? It will burden the family left behind, who will handle the situation and expenses. Also, it is stressful thinking about where to bury your loved one and how much it will cost. As a result, you spend time worrying about finances instead of grieving your loss. 

Fortunately, a personal loan SG helps you finance such a scenario. You can borrow money to pay off unsettled bills in the hospital, funeral service, and even secure a lot in a cemetery. If you want something grand and private for the remains of your family, you can fund a mausoleum, too. This way, you can serve the best to your loved ones until the end. 

There are specific reasons to apply for an instant loan SG. You can borrow for a personal loan SG at any time. But always remember to spend the quick funds you receive for the primary purpose. This way, you can escape your financial trouble in no time. 

Who Are Eligible For Personal Loan SG?

Eligibility is a crucial factor when taking out an instant loan SG. Before proceeding with the loan application, ensure you are eligible. This way, you won’t waste your time, effort, and resources. 

But how can you identify if you’re qualified to apply for immediate cash advance loans? Here are the criteria you must remember. 



You must be at least 21 and not older than 65. These are working ages. It might be simple, but it is highly relevant. Being in this age group indicates your capability to earn a stable income to repay your principal loan. This way, legal moneylenders will see you as credible enough to get approved for the loan amount you applied for. 


In addition to your age, being a Singaporean citizen or a Permanent Resident plays a crucial role. This signifies that you won’t efficiently run off your financial obligation to the lender. But if you’re a foreign expat working in Singapore, don’t worry. You can take out for an instant loan SG if you present a valid document. It can be your valid Singapore employment pass, Work Permit, or S Pass. Also, you must have verification paperwork like a passport, NRIC, or work permit. If you can present these documents, you can enjoy financial assistance from licensed money lending companies even as a foreigner. 


Lastly, you must be employed to qualify as a borrower in Singapore. It is regardless of whether you work full-time, part-time, self-employed, or salaried. Banks and money lenders are flexible with the type of your employment. You can still get immediate cash advance loans SG even if you work as a professional, freelancer, or taxi driver. What matters is that you have a stable monthly income. It is simple proof that you can repay your loan responsibly. 

Taking out a personal loan SG is quite simple and easy. As long as you meet the qualifications, you can apply for it. But you must remember that these eligibility requirements are a must-have. If you lack one, loan rejection is inevitable. 

What Are The Requirements for Instant Loan SG?

Now you know the criteria licensed moneylending companies look into for every borrower. If you are eligible to apply, the next thing you need to do is prepare the documents.


Employed Borrowers

  • Identity Card to prove your residency and age
  • CPF contribution statements
  • Latest 3 months’ payslips

Self-Employed Borrowers

  • Identity Card to prove your residency and age
  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) from IRAS
  • Proof of income, like any official income statement—bank statement or commission statements

Foreigner Borrowers

  • Employment pass
  • Proof of home address, like proof of billing address or tenancy agreement
  • Latest 3 months’ payslips

This list of requirements is easy to find and often within your reach. You will not have difficulty complying when you apply for a personal loan SG. 

Advantages of Instant Loan SG

Local citizens opt to apply for a personal loan SG for its perks. You might not be aware of them, but here are the benefits and privileges you can get with an instant loan in Singapore. 


Easy Loan Application Process

Applying for a personal loan SG is more convenient and easy. With its online presence, you can initiate the loan process at home or work. With a strong internet connection, your mobile device or computer allows you to submit your loan application anytime, anywhere. As a result, it saves you time and effort from waiting in line and in vain. 

Immediate Cash Disbursement

The online instant loan SG provides a quick application and lending process. With the easy and fast application procedure, you can receive your loan approval in less than a week. In addition, you can take home the quick cash within minutes or hours. That’s why it is efficient for borrowers experiencing medical emergencies which require immediate financial assistance. 

Accessible to Zero Credit Borrowers

One of the best highlights of instant loan SG is that it caters to various borrowers. Licensed moneylenders in Singapore approve loans to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Foreigners. Most importantly, they give poor credit borrowers a chance. If you can present a stable annual income and repay diligently, you can still get approved. The best part is that legal lenders create an opportunity to build a better credit history. 

Unsurprisingly, many borrowers apply for an instant loan SG rather than a secured loan. If you wish to enjoy such privileges, apply to the nearest trusted money lender today. 

Disadvantages of Instant Loan SG

A personal loan SG is indeed beneficial to its citizens. However, despite its numerous advantages, many are still hesitant to approach a lender in the country for the following reasons. 

loan sharks in singapore

Limited Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount reputable money lenders in Singapore offer is capped. These trusted lenders follow a strict regulation issued by the Ministry of Law. If they offer more than the allowed amount, their licensed registration might be revoked. That’s why instant loan SG is not the best bet if you have to purchase a high-ticket item. 

Potential Privacy Risk

Since most loan applications happen online, the risk of information theft and data security is high. Illegal lenders use your private data to get more money from you and your friends. So, be responsible for only taking out loans from legitimate lenders. Check for their official website and ensure that your lender utilises a secure and encrypted platform. This way, you can prevent your sensitive data leakage. 

High Risk for Loan Sharks

The easy accessibility of instant loan SG puts borrowers at high risk from predatory lenders. These loan sharks are illegal and charge exorbitant interest rates. Also, they hack your personal information to extort payment from your family and friends. So before you apply, always check if you’re dealing with a licensed moneylender.

Sadly, there is no perfect loan product and service that fits everybody. You must always filter all those loan providers to ensure a safe and secure transaction. That’s why you must constantly review your personal needs and verify whether the lender you’re talking to is trustworthy. 

How Much Can You Take With Immediate Cash Advance Loans?

Knowing that you can apply for low-interest fast cash loans and the perks that come with it, the next question is, how much do you borrow? 

Annual Income

Legit moneylenders approve your loan application based on your annual income. They can see your ability to repay based on your stable salary. 

The higher your annual paycheck is, the more considerable your loanable amount will be. Your financial capability to repay is higher if you have a higher yearly income. 

If you have a lower annual paycheck, you can still get approved. However, the loanable amount is probably lower and within the scope of your annual income. 

That’s why banks and registered moneylenders require you to submit your payslips for the last 3 months. This way, they can determine how much they can approve for the loan you applied for. 


Your citizenship in Singapore dramatically impacts the amount of money you can borrow. Licensed moneylending institutions in the country follow strict regulations by the Ministry of Law. 

Online instant loan SG allows Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Foreigners to apply and get approved. Your annual income is also considered when limiting your loanable amount. 

The image below shows your maximum loan amount based on your citizenship and an annual paycheck. 

loanable amount in Singapore

Credit Score

Your credit score is critical to your fast loan SG approval. It indicates your creditworthiness and likelihood of repaying your debt responsibly. A higher credit score showcases a higher loan amount. Well, a lower score means taking home a lower instant cash loan. 

Take a look at the credit score tiers approved by the CBS (Credit Bureau Singapore)


From the image above, you can see how your credit report can significantly affect your loan application. That’s why it is essential that you also consider the following factors whenever you think of applying for a loan. This way, you can avoid dragging down your score. 

  • Available credit
  • Account delinquency data
  • Credit account history
  • Enquiry activity
  • Recent credit
  • Utilisation pattern

Late payments or defaulting greatly affect your credit score. If you apply for too many loans, loan providers interpret you as credit-hungry. Thus, it brings down your credit score. 

The CBS indicates that lousy credit ranges from 1,000 to 1,723. Banks are more likely to deny your instant loan SG application if your credit score is within this range. 

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining. Licensed money lenders do not solely focus on credit scores when approving loans. Instead, they are more interested in your current ability to make diligent loan repayments. 

If you fit within the credit score range and have a stable annual income, you can have an estimate of the loanable funds you can borrow. But always remember to borrow money you can afford to spend and repay. 

Tips To Maximize Approval Fast Loan SG 

Are you credible enough for an instant loan SG approval with more enormous funding? Lucky you! Follow these tips to increase your chances of getting approved. 

maintain credit score for instant loan SG

Maintain a Good Credit Score

The credit score is not a make-or-break system when applying for immediate cash advance loans. But still, it is advantageous if you maintain or create a healthier score.

How to do this? It is simple. Apply for a short-term loan, pay it on time, and repeat. Never miss a payment or make late repayments. This way, banks and trusted lenders will see you as a responsible and diligent borrower. As a result, they will grade you higher, increasing your credit score. 

Assess Eligibility Requirements

If you have all the requirements, fast loan SG approval is at your fingertips. Before you click submit on your online loan application, ensure you have all the documents needed to get approved. This way, there will be no reason for delay when the lender executive calls you for a face-to-face verification. 

On the other hand, if you lack one or two requirements, you will prolong the loan process. Instead of getting assessed and verified, you must request another appointment date to secure all the documents. Therefore, you must review your chosen lender’s criteria to hasten your loan application, approval, and borrowed cash. 

Limit Loan Enquiry

Every loan application, even enquiry, is recorded in your credit history. This alone pulls down your credit report and indicates you are hungry for money. Whenever you talk to a lender representative, ensure you are only finalising your decision for a loan application. This way, it won’t be added to your loan enquiry tab. 

You can reduce your enquiry by shopping around lenders. Visit their legit online websites. Look for recent customer feedback. Compare every lender’s interest rates, loan products and services, and additional fees. This way, you can minimise your enquiry records and practice safe loan applications. 

The need for an instant loan SG means you need cash urgently. That’s why you must take precautionary measures to hasten the speed of your loan application. Adapt the tips above for a faster and safer loan approval. 

Best Providers of Immediate Cash Advance Loans

When instant cash is needed, we go to our most trusted lender. When facing a financial dilemma, we can ask for help from the following loan providers. 



The most common and top-rated source of personal loans SG is banks. Banks provide various loan products and services. However, they will cost you time, effort, and money. 

Taking out a fast loan SG in banks is tedious and requires a handful of documents. It will take a day or two to comply with all the requirements. Also, it needs ample time to evaluate your creditworthiness. As a result, it is not handy during urgent money matters. 

Although banks approve higher loan cash, you need collateral to support your loan application. This way, you can get a bigger loan amount but with a risk of losing property if you default. 

Licensed Moneylenders

Reputable moneylending companies in Singapore are the next best choice for borrowing quick money. Singaporeans seek financial aid from these lenders as they are highly accessible. Often, these legal lenders are available 24/7. So you can resolve any financial issues anytime, anywhere. 

In addition, legitimate lenders are strictly regulated by the law. Borrowers and lenders have a safety net. Borrowers can only apply for a certain amount and in any situation. Meanwhile, lenders can only approve following specific criteria. As a result, borrowers can only avail themselves of a loan amount they can manage to repay, and lenders have a minimum risk of loss. 

Most importantly, trusted lenders in the country cater to all eligible borrowers. You can still take out a loan if you can prove your creditworthiness despite being an expat or zero credit. What is important is that your regular income can repay your loan. 

Borrow Money From Family/Friends

Close relatives mostly offer immediate cash advance loans. You can talk to your most trusted friend if you need quick cash but have no valuable assets. Often, they lend you money free from interest. If ever they charge you, it is less compared to most banks and other loan providers. 

Sadly, borrowing funds from a family member strains your relationship. If you fail to repay on time, you put your connection in an awkward situation. Worse, your name gets tainted with your other relatives. As a result, you can never ask for financial help from others knowing your bad reputation. 

Nowadays, an instant loan SG is more attainable. You have various options to approach with. But it is a must to become vigilant from taking out loan sharks. These kinds of lenders offer higher loan amounts with sky-high interest rates. They are like this because you can get quick funding without credit checks or requirements. So be careful and apply for legitimate loan providers. 

Low Interest Fast Cash Loans With Licensed Moneylenders

Anyone applying for an instant loan in Singapore needs emergency funding. Many Singaporeans prefer reputable money lenders to other loan creditors. Here are the reasons why. 

flexible repayment for instant loan sg

Quick Loan Approval 

The traditional loan application takes days up to weeks to approve. Today, it takes only a few minutes to know whether your loan application has been approved or denied. 

With online procedures, legitimate lenders offer faster and easier instant loan SG applications. You can apply with your gadget connected to the internet. If your documents are ready, your application can be approved within minutes or hours. Sometimes, same-day loan cash disbursement is available. 

If you can visit the lender’s physical office, you can complete the assessment, verification, and loan agreement. If everything falls into its proper place, you can collect your borrowed funds while at it. 

Best Loan Approval Rate

Banks greatly consider your credit scores, while licensed moneylenders don’t. You can still apply and get approved if you have a low credit score. Although the loanable amount might be lowered, at least you won’t get denied. 

But how does a licensed moneylender lend if it focuses less on your credit score?

Most reputable moneylending companies use psychometric algorithms. These algorithms help them assess how trustworthy a borrower is based on your steady proof of income. As a result, these trusted lenders are more confident in looking beyond your credit score. 

Flexible Loan Repayment

Before, loan repayments follow a rigid monthly instalment schedule. Often, banks follow this scheme. Conversely, registered moneylenders in Singapore offer more versatile repayment schedules. These lenders adjust the terms according to your financial needs so you can complete your financial obligation responsibly. 

In addition, licensed moneylending facilities allow you to choose the repayment term you’re most comfortable with. The flexibility will give you a loan tenure that fits your finances. Thus, it minimises any additional financial strains and makes timely repayments easier. 

If you want flexible repayment schedules, consider applying with Cash Mart Singapore. The licensed moneylending company offers various repayment options. Depending on your income, you can pay off your loan weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on payday. 

Taking out the best instant loan SG is genuinely essential and convenient. With quick and high loan approval, you can resolve any financial struggle immediately. Most importantly, with its accessible repayment terms, you can build a healthier path for your credit history. 

Instant Loan SG Application with Cash Mart

You can apply for a fast loan SG with sufficient knowledge about low-interest fast cash loans. Cash Mart has only four steps.


Step 1. Apply for an Online Loan 

Visit Cash Mart’s official website and complete the loan inquiry form. Use the online loan calculator for a more accurate estimate. Then, wait for a call from the loan officer who will schedule your office visit. 

Step 2. Face-to-Face Verification

Take time to prepare all your documents and bring them to your appointment. Cash Mart’s loan officer will verify all your information as part of the loan procedure. 

Step 3. Received Disbursed Cash Loan

Affix your signature with the loan agreement after understanding all the terms and conditions. Ensure that you have no doubts about the loan contract. Wait for your quick cash, which will be disbursed in 30 minutes. 

Step 4. Repay diligently

Complete your instant loan SG application by fulfilling your financial obligation. Always repay on time so you can get a hassle-free and higher loan amount in the future. You can repay via bank transfer, PayNow, or in person. 

Applying for a personal loan SG with Cash Mart is now more convenient, as it is now available online. Check how it can help you with your money problem today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Loan SG

What are the fees charged for a personal loan SG?

When your instant loan SG gets approved, be mindful of your payment to avoid these charges approved by the Ministry of Law. 

Late repayment fee. It is charged for each month of late repayment and is at most $60. 

Late interest for overdue principal and interest. It is charged and accumulated daily with a maximum monthly late interest rate of 4%. 

Compound interest for an overdue principal. It is accumulated daily with a maximum monthly interest rate of up to 4%. 

How do I calculate the interest rate charges at my fast loan SG?

Licensed moneylending companies in Singapore charge an interest rate of 1% to 4% monthly for an instant loan SG. The law only approves a maximum interest rate of 4%. In addition, the interest calculation depends on the outstanding principal loan amount at a particular period.

For example, your approved loan amount is $10,000. You have repaid $2,000 of the principal loan, excluding the interest. Your interest will be computed based on the remaining $8,000 for your next repayment.

Remember that the interest percentage varies depending on a legal loan provider’s offer. Always discuss this vital detail with your lender to ensure that you understand your repayment. 

I have a poor credit history. Can I still get for an instant loan?

Yes. You can still apply and get approved by registered moneylenders in Singapore, even those with zero or poor credit scores. 

Loan providers request your credit report to review your existing outstanding loan balance with other moneylending companies. Also, they check your borrowing limit and repayment records. 

Suppose you meet all the eligibility criteria and have no multiple unsustainable loans. In that case, being a poor credit score borrower does not hinder getting your instant loan SG approved.