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Sure-Fire Tips to Get an Instant Online Loan in Singapore

Are you in deep debt?

Lost on how to overcome your piling bills?

Take out the best instant online loan in Singapore and get your loan cash instantly. 

Table of Contents

Who are qualified to apply for an Instant Online Loan?

Hold your horses! Don’t get too excited. 

Your instant online loan in Singapore has qualifying criteria for borrowers.

Assess yourself if you will fit on this list.


The immediate eligibility to check is your age. Citizens from at least 21 years old up to 65 years old can apply for a loan. 

Anyone younger than 21 doesn’t have a credit history yet. Plus, they have no source of income yet. The sense of financial responsibility has still to be developed. 

On the other hand, being financially responsible for older people is not enough. At this age, they are retired and have no jobs to pay off their loan repayment term.


Money lending companies typically permit loan applications for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.

However, a foreigner residing in Singapore for work can still grab loan opportunities.

Make sure you look for licensed money lenders in Singapore to ensure safe and secure transactions. 


Financial institutions will not allow you to borrow money if you don’t have a source of income. 

Think about it. How can you repay the instant online loan cash if you have no means to earn it? 

Also, licensed money lenders in Singapore will base the loan amount you can borrow on your annual income. 

Credit Score 

Build Good Credit Score

A credit score is not something built overnight. Instead, it takes time to create a healthy score. 

This score shows how you handle previous debts and lenders. 

Wondering why others get denied?

They fail to repay their past loans and credit card bills responsibly. Also, if you still have an outstanding balance in your current loan. 

Remember, no amount of salary and company position can defend your credit score. 

On a higher note, money lending facilities won’t have a second thought of approval if you have a high credit score. 


The credit score is far different from your debts. 

Moneylenders also check a borrower’s current financial status. 

Be honest. Tell the loan executive how many existing loans you have. If you lie about it, they’ll find out anyway. 

Explain to your trusted lender if you still have a car loan and need a new instant online loan. Prove them your repayment plans to get approved. 

Employment Duration

How tenured are you in your work affects loan application? This validates your source of income. 

Some financial lending companies lend instant online loans regardless of the period of employment. But it still affects your loan approval.

New to your work? 

Wait for at least three months before you apply for any loan.


Do you wish to apply for an instant online loan even though you’re an ex-pat?

A co-borrower is what you need. Your co-borrower can be either a Singapore citizen or a Permanent Resident. Financial facilities like banks prefer that it should be your relative. 

Does no one want to help your financial adventure?

Look for licensed money lenders in Singapore. They let you take out an instant online loan in Singapore without a co-borrower. 

If you have what it takes to be a borrower, visit the legal website of your chosen lender.  

What are the factors to consider before Instant Online Loan Application?

I get it. You’re qualified, but don’t jump from lender to lender. 

Consider these factors before you proceed with your application. 

Website Security

Get to know the lending company you’re planning to borrow from. 

Go over their official website. Browse the whole page. You’ll have this gut feeling if it is legit or not. 

Notice if the ‘https’ is green. In addition, check for a padlock icon next to the site’s email address. These show how legitimate and secure the website is. 

Take note of the lender’s phone number. Then, contact them and ask about their security policies. 

An online loan application process will ask you for some personal information. Be safe at all times. Do not be a victim of identity theft. 

Approval Speed

We get it; you need the quick cash urgently. That’s why you must check the processing time of a moneylender. 

As of today, faster approval loans are very accessible. Thanks to the instant online loan process. You apply in the morning, get approved by lunch, and claim cash in the afternoon. 

Sometimes, you can receive the loan cash at least 30 minutes upon approval. 

Read through the page to guarantee a shorter length of time for loan processing. 

Officially Listed

You must check the moneylender’s license. 

Check the Ministry of Law website. A list of licensed money lenders in Singapore is posted there. Look for your chosen lender if it belongs there. 

As of today, a lot of lenders give you a loan. Select a legal lender with an active license. 

Take note not all licensed moneylenders promise quality service. Be careful when deciding. 

Also, the government holds strict regulations in the money lending industry for the borrower’s and lender’s protection. 

Loan Amount 

Know how much you really need. Don’t be persuaded to take a bigger loan that you can’t afford. 

Remember that you’ll repay monthly with your other financial obligations. Therefore, you have to adjust your budget. 

Defaulting an instant online loan in Singapore is not a choice. It reflects badly on your credit rating. Also, it won’t be easy to get higher loans in the future. 


The length of service of a moneylending company is another factor. 

In the moneylending industry, the longer a company is in service, the higher quality products they provide. 

Look for a tenured licensed moneylender in Singapore. 

True enough, they will save you from a more financial dilemma. 

Loan Charges

Learn and understand how a lending facility charges. 

You might take a lower interest rate loan, but it runs for a long time. You won’t notice how the charges accumulate. In the end, you pay more than you should. 

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore, like Cash Mart, have reasonable interest rates. 

Also, their charges are based on the Moneylender’s Act. So you’re safe from tricky lenders. 


money lender reviews

Just like online shopping, read reviews about the instant online loan in Singapore. 

There are review sites available. Take time to read it. 

You’ll understand the client’s feedback. Know if they are satisfied or frustrated with the loan services of a moneylender. 

Plus! Gain insights into how your chosen lender interacts with its borrowers. 

Loan Calculator for Instant Online Loan in Singapore

Are you confused about how much you should borrow?

We have a solution for you. 

A loan calculator helps you decide the best loan perfect for you. 

From this, you can foresee how much you can borrow, the terms, the amount to pay on each due date, including the interest rate charged. 

Check loan payment calculators on the reputable moneylender’s website. Then, discuss your options with the lender before finalizing your decision. 


Compared to the previous moneylending system, the requirements now are less tedious. 

No need to fulfil a long list of paperwork. 

Even though you must submit requirements, never divulge access to your Sing Pass. 

How to apply for an Instant Online Loan in Singapore?

Have you assessed yourself and reviewed the factors?

Are you qualified?

If yes, then apply for an instant online loan in Singapore. 

Be guided by the steps below.

Submit an online loan application form. 

Visit the official moneylender’s website. Fill the application form from the page with the correct and accurate information. 

Wait for an approval confirmation from the moneylender. 

After sending in your application, a notification will be sent to confirm your loan approval. Expect a call from one of their personnel. Review your email address, as it is also confirmed in this way. 

Visit the lending company’s office.

Once you have received a notification, that’s the time you’ll visit the lender’s physical office. Complete the mandatory requirements first. 

Talk to the loan executive. 

Anticipate a short interview when you reach the office. Be truthful always. Discuss all the terms and conditions, including repayment schemes. 

Sign the Note of Contract.

Seal the deal with the licensed money lenders. Sign the contract. Be responsible for reading it first. 

Receive instant loan cash. 

Claim your instant online loan cash in two ways. First, receive cash through the lender’s cashier. Second, transfer it directly to your account.

Follow these steps to ensure a quick and easy instant online loan in Singapore. 

What is the List of Requirements for the Instant Online Loan in Singapore?

You’ve heard that the mandatory requirement for your loan application is less stringent. 

But what are the documents needed?

The moment you get notified by the lender, prepare the following paperwork. 

  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • SingPass Login
  • The latest proof of billing
  • Latest 3-month original payslip (CPF contribution)
  • Letter of employment

The requirement is easy to acquire. Complete them immediately for faster approval of the instant loan. 

Be creditworthy all the time by diligently paying off all your loans. 

Can I Apply for an Instant Online Loan in Singapore on Sundays?

The need for quick cash is unpredictable. 

An emergency may happen at any time, any day of the week. 

Thankfully, there are licensed moneylenders accessible and convenient all over Singapore. 

Every reputable lender offers different loan solutions for Singaporeans. Finding the best lender is the real challenge. 

You must compare the interest rate, eligibility, accessibility, term flexibility and requirements. But the availability during tough times is more important. 

With the busy lifestyle of Singaporeans, they look for a lending company open on Sundays. Since most of them work during weekdays, their day-offs are left to visit a financial institution. 

Luckily, money lenders are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

24-hour Payday Loans

You’ll never know when an emergency will occur. 

Even though you are financially stable, it can turn upside down at any moment. 

When this happens, where do you go to?

Isn’t it great that 24-hour payday loans are available and ready to serve?

You can get instant cash even in the wee hours of the night—no need to wait for the weekends, day-off or next paycheck. 

Simply sign up at the licensed money lender’s website for an instant online loan in Singapore. 

How to spot Illegal Lenders from Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore?

Loan Shark Singapore

Learning the process of personal loan application is beneficial. 

Moreover, identifying an illegal lender or loan shark is very helpful. 

Beware of the following ways of loan sharks. 

Loan Phishing Scams

Be careful with phishers. They pretend to be legal lenders to get into your personal information. 

With high technology, well-known financial websites are easy to impersonate. Loan sharks can create a seemingly legitimate site. 

If you provide your personal details, they can steal your identity, use your credit card and do more transactions at your expense. 

Advance Fee Loans

Your approved loan cash will not be released until you settle the upfront or processing fee.

Reminder! You looked for instant cash because you didn’t have funds. 

How will you be able to claim the loan cash?

This type of process is a loan shark. 

Contrary to this, licensed moneylenders in Singapore let you decide if your processing fee is deducted from the principal amount or included in your repayment obligations. 

Disregards Credit History

Your creditworthiness is primarily described through your credit history. 

The lenders must see the record before deciding whether you’re approved. 

Illegal lenders will talk you out of it. They persuade you to take out a loan regardless if you’re a low-risk or a high-risk borrower. 

Keep in mind that legal lenders prefer to talk to borrowers personally. It further evaluates your creditworthiness. 

Aggressive Behaviour

Loan sharks do not only persuade borrowers aggressively but also pressure borrowers to take an instant online loan. 

Also, they will force you to sign an incomplete or blank contract. 

When this happens, report the illegal lenders immediately.

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore will allow time for you to decide. They are friendly and professional in answering all your questions. 

No Physical Office

Apply for a lender that has a physical office. Even though the loan application process begins online, you must visit the moneylender’s office. 

Their location proves how real and legal a lender is. 

In times of trouble, police can easily locate them. 

On the other hand, loan sharks can’t provide an office address. Don’t entertain them. 

Skips Due Process

Applying for an instant online loan in Singapore is a process. 

It’s not difficult to accomplish, but it follows a certain procedure. Reputable and trusted money lenders abide by this. 

While Loan sharks approve your application without following due process. 

Avoid them at all costs. 

If you want the best financial solution for your problem, look for licensed money lenders in Singapore. True enough, your instant online loan is in good hands. 

What are the common Illegal Moneylending Schemes?

Illegal moneylenders camouflage with licensed moneylenders. Don’t be confused. 

Be familiar with these schemes so you won’t be one of their prey. 


Illegal lenders contact you through phone calls using another debtor’s number. 

They talk to borrowers in abusive language. 

Worst, they threaten you to pay for a loan you didn’t even take. 

Sing Pass

Your Sing Pass must be in your possession all the time. 

Keeping someone else’s Sing Pass is prohibited by the law. 

Licensed money lenders oblige, but illegal lenders don’t. 

They will force you to submit it. 

Never abide since your personal information, like financial data, is at risk. 

Letters and harassment

Loan sharks send threatening letters to victims. 

They continuously send letters even though you don’t have a loan. 

Sometimes, they post the letter on your door. This catches passersby’s attention, causing more trouble for you. 

Social Media Platforms

With the hype of social media, loan sharks utilize Facebook and other social media platforms for harassment. 

It can damage your name and reputation once it is posted live on their website.

If you, your family and your friends are in this situation, report it immediately. Don’t let illegal moneylenders win in this battle.

Can I Report Illegal Money Lenders in Singapore?

Illegal money lenders are also known as Ah Longs. 

They still exist despite the strict regulations of the Ministry of Law. 

Help the government save other borrowers from becoming their prey. 

If you detect one, report it instantly to the authorities. 

You can do this through the following. 

  • Call 1800-X-AH-LONG or 1800-9-24-5664
  • Contact Police Emergency Hotline (999)
  • Reach the Registry of Moneylenders at 1800-2255-529
  • Message the email address

Are you scared about your security?

No worries. The authorities will surely keep your identity anonymous for your protection. 

If your friend is engaged with a loan shark, instruct them to reach the X-Ah-Long Hotline. 

Citizens of Singapore must work hand in hand with the government to stop Ah-Longs’ threat. 

Whatever financial situation you are in, you must solve it immediately. An instant online loan in Singapore is the best solution you can get. Follow the quick and easy steps to claim quick cash within the day.

Most importantly, choose the most reputable and trusted licensed money lender like Cash Mart for a safe and secure loan transaction.