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How to Find the Best Jobs in Singapore 2021

There are currently more than 154,000 millionaires in Singapore. Their combined net worth is $806.3 billion. Moreover, Singapore has a growing number of high-net-worth individuals. There were 130,000 millionaires here in 2010. This represents an increase of 17% over the previous years.  And there are more highest paying best jobs in Singapore than you think.

If you’re wondering what they do for a living, we’ve compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore.

Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore

An asset manager or fund manager

Are you good with numbers? Then, consider becoming an asset manager. Asset managers carry out Investing-related decisions based on current market conditions. Whether for individuals or corporations. The asset manager is also responsible for managing material assets like:

  • Land
  • Property
  • Items of value

Fund managers help their clients manage their assets based on current market conditions. They calculate risk factors to limit or avoid possible losses.

A degree in economics, business, or finance or a master’s degree is necessary for this job.

Security and finance broker or dealer

Dealers work under their names, carrying out trades on their behalf and for their profit. Brokers do this on behalf of a company or client.

A securities and finance dealer or a broker buys, sells, and invests the following:

  • Securities
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • other financial instruments

They do this on behalf of their own company or for customers on a commission basis. Clients or senior management can rely on them to recommend transactions.

It shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve excelled in Economics, Finance, Business, or Accounting.

Forex Dealers or Brokers

Meanwhile, Forex dealers are professionals who trade in foreign exchange currencies. The purpose of forex trading is to make a profit by buying from party to party. Buying at a low price and selling high is the goal. They make a commission on the difference between the two prices.

Foreign exchange dealers or brokers can either be independent or part of a firm. They deal on behalf of investment banks.

You will need a degree in Business or Finance. An adequate understanding of sales for this position.

Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer

There is pretty much no distinction between a Chief Executive Officer and a Managing Director. Although, in most places, the title CEO is more used. The chief executive officer is the top executive who decides on everything.

From company direction and culture to company strategy and business methods, the CEO decides on what’s best for the company.

General Manager or Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) or General Manager (GM) helps oversee the following:

  • Operations
  • Policy
  • Strategic
  • Administrative aspects

No matter what industry you work for as the COO, you’re expected to have a great sense of business. But, it is also vital that candidates understand the company’s vision and goals. You should also have strong leadership and mentoring abilities. If the CEO leaves, you will be the one to replace him.

However, the experience required to achieve this will take many years.

Financial Manager or Insurance Services Manager

Companies and clients hire Financial Services Managers to do the following:

  • Analyze financial reports
  • Write risk reports
  • Develop long-term financial and investment goals

Insurance Services Managers make sure enough insurance policies are sold. To meet their company’s sales targets, they oversee all specialists under them. Additionally, it is your responsibility to approve and investigate clients’ claims.

Typically, these professionals work for banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies.

Treasury Manager

Being a Treasury Manager is more than collecting and counting funds. Of course, you must track your company’s finances day-to-day. Still, you will also have to do these tasks:

  • Risk analysis
  • Forecast financial resources
  • Divide budgets
  • Make financial investments for continued profits

University Professor

Professors earn impressive salaries, that’s why their position is one of the highest paying jobs in Singapore. However, you must first have experience in your field. The university can also require a Masters degree in the subject matter you plan on teaching.

You must also be confident and patient to deliver a clear lesson in front of many people. Take into account that you’ll be dealing with teens and young adults. Sometimes they will get restless or ask a lot of questions.

In-house Legal Advisor

Students accepted to law schools may want to explore this option. Rather than joining a law firm, an in-house lawyer works for a company or an organization. The in-house legal advisor advises the organization on all its legal affairs. Thus, the in-house legal advisor eliminates or minimizes all the company’s legal risk.

Highest paying jobs in Singapore that pay well without experience

Certainly, most Singaporeans believe that a university degree can get you a stable job with a good salary.

However, can one find a high-paying position without a university degree?

Singapore is a place where it is possible to get a good job and earn a high salary. There is no truth to the myth that only professionals can build sustainable incomes.

As a new graduate, academic qualifications may help you stand out and be more competitive. But they may not be enough to sustain your resume in the long run.

Today, many employers consider work history, dedication, and character more than formal qualifications.

There is plenty of well-paying and exciting careers that don’t need a degree to enter and excel.

Below are some of the high-paying jobs in Singapore that you can apply for without experience.

Financial Adviser

A financial adviser is like a consultant who renders services to their clients. Financial advisers help their clients based on their financial and income status.

People tend to consider personal finance to be a complex and challenging field. Unfortunately, financial advisers are sometimes guilty of contributing to this perception.

Financial advisers help their clients understand all the insurance and investment products. There are a lot of options available. It’s the financial adviser’s job to suggest what is the best product for their client.

Financial advisers need to show valuable skills like persuasion and communication. Also, financial advisers must have a knack for sales.

Most importantly, you should also be adept and resilient enough to cope with rejection.

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew

Singapore Airlines offers pilots and cabin crew training without requiring a degree.

The cabin crew career could take you to various locations throughout the world.

Travellers might see this as their dream career. Travelling around the world, earning, and enjoying cheaper flights are all possible.

Also, with enough experience, you get promoted from cabin crew to cabin supervisor.

A career as a cabin crew member with Singapore Airlines isn’t easy. Training and assessment will last for months, and most candidates drop out.

But, if you think you have what it takes to be a Singapore Airlines cabin crew, then consider applying for the job.


There are vast opportunities for career advancement within Singapore’s food and beverage industry. For example, chefs holding more senior positions in restaurants and hotels can earn S$5,000 to S$10,000 annually.

As a chef, you gain many skills that are not replaceable. That skill can be invaluable for any food and beverage business you may start.

On the other hand, the food and beverage industry is hard work. In addition to long hours and stressful conditions, career advancement could be slow.

The food and beverage industry is also highly competitive. As a result, some might find it challenging to stand out amongst many talented chefs.

Property Agent

Obtaining the CEA certification does not require a university degree to work as a licensed real estate agent in Singapore. However, this might be a good job to consider if you like receiving commissions as profit.

You can schedule your appointments whenever it is convenient for you. Consider real estate if desk-bound jobs do not appeal to you.

A real estate career requires persuasiveness, marketing skills, and sales techniques. As with any profession, real estate requires continual learning.

Singapore’s Best Job Portal in 2021

If you’re an experienced professional or a fresh graduate looking for the highest paying jobs in Singapore, here are some of the best job portals you can use.

MyCareersFuture Singapore

MyCareersFuture Singapore is a government initiative to assist Singaporeans with a more effective way to find a job. Discover job opportunities based on your skillset.

In addition, MyCareersFuture is an intelligent job search service for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. MyCareersFuture is built to match people with relevant jobs based on their qualifications and skills. Workforce Singapore developed the portal in partnership with the Government Technology Agency.

JobsCentral Singapore

JobsCentral Singapore is one of the best places to look for a job online. JobsCentral can help you find a suitable job. Whether you’re a professional or a fresh graduate, JobsCentral can help you land a job.

Careers@Gov Singapore

Carees@Gov is another job portal run by the Singapore government. Careers@Gov can help you find a job in government.

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