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Why Choose FHR24 Singapore To Help You?

Recently, FHR24 Singapore has been on the top list of many applicants. Many financial institutions offer this loan product.

Since most applied financial assistance is home loans, FHR24 in Singapore eases borrowers with their financial responsibility. All the while bridging the gap of securing your dream home.

Individuals seek the service for a reason. Understand why many choose FHR24 to help you. 

FHR24 Singapore

Fixed Deposit Home Rate (FHR)

Fixed Deposit Home Rate, also known as FHR, is a board rate set by the bank. Thus, the rates are far from the influence of external market conditions. In turn, FHR secures your home loan to the bank’s fixed deposit rates. 

Furthermore, FHR is written with a number next to it. You can notice FHR8, FHR24, and FHR36. What do these numbers indicate? 

The numerical value refers to the interest rate period. Therefore, 8 in FHR8 reflects the 8-month fixed deposit rate. Meanwhile, 24 in FHR24 corresponds to a 24-month fixed deposit rate. And 36 in FHR36 indicates the 36-month fixed deposit rate. 

Loans from FHR have interest rates pegged in a specific portion of fixed deposits. That is why banks are responsible for forcing a payout on their fixed deposit holders. Or else bank rates will spike higher than they should. 

Nowadays, FHR loans are the most common home loan. To be specific, FHR24 is the top choice by many. All because it has advantages that are genuinely beneficial to its borrowers. 

Perks of FHR24 Singapore

There are numerous reasons why Singaporeans and Permanent Residents apply for an FHR24. 

Easy Calculation

Among all other FHR loans available, FHR 24 is relatively easy to calculate. It only takes 24 months of the bank’s fixed deposit interest rate. 

You don’t need to be a math expert to determine how much you must pay. Nevertheless, never neglect to communicate with bank personnel. These people provide a better estimate of your FHR. 


Unlike before, FHR24 in Singapore is extensively accessible. Checking out the latest news about your loan does not require your office visit. Instead, you only have to open your gadget or computer to check it out. 

However, you have to be extra careful when doing so. Make sure you open only the bank’s official website for your security. 


FHR24 in Singapore offers a good business sense to anyone interested in it. Often, banks are transpicuous with the fees included. Also, these financial institutions keep the fixed deposit interest rates low. 

If you have second thoughts about the bank of your choice, observe its interest rate. This figure represents how much the cost of a bank is. And reputable banks are aware of it. 


Recently, the FHR24 Singapore interest rates have decreased consistently. Therefore, any increase in the charge seems to be least expected. Hence subsequently boosting the economic growth of the country. 

With this, FHR24 clients continuously benefit. You have the assurance that there is no dramatic increase in the future. Therefore, you can focus more on saving for other expenses. And finish your financial obligation in due time. 

FHR24 is genuinely advantageous. There is no doubt why many opt for this financial aid. Nevertheless, there are still some disadvantages you have to watch out for. 

Drawbacks of FHR24 Singapore

Here are some of the cons of FHR24. 

Change is inevitable

Despite the transparency, banks have the right to adjust board rates at times. Financial institutions can do it when they need to. 

Since FHR24 Singapore is a board rate, the same thing goes with it. It might incur a cost by higher fixed interest deposit rates. You might be surprised by the sudden change one day. So, keep yourself updated every time. 

There is nothing constant in this world today. So, it is better to be prepared in the future. Taking out an FHR24 has its perks and drawbacks. Be knowledgeable of all the details about it before indulging yourself with the home loan. 

What is the Difference Between SIBOR and FHR?

Singapore Interbank Offered Rate or SIBOR is commonly used as a base rate for a mortgage. Also, it is the interest rate banks give to one another. 

Most of the time, SIBOR and FHR are being compared to one another. Let’s identify how these two differ. 

Interest Rate

Nowadays, the FHR24 Singapore trends more than the SIBOR. The interest rates play a definitive role in it. 

The FHR interest rates do not rise as quickly as the SIBOR. Meanwhile, the latter has a predominantly increase soon. 

Here is an excellent example of this. 

For the past 20 years, the highest FHR was 1.8%. Meanwhile, SIBOR was at 2.38%. 

On the other hand, the lowest FHR was 0.1%. Meanwhile, SIBOR was at 0.37%. 

From there, you can see the significant impact of interest rates between the two. 


Aside from the interest rate, you must also review the bank’s charges. These fees are also called the fixed spread. 

As of the moment, FHR and SIBOR are almost the same. In other words, the charge depends more on the banks offering it. It is up to you to look for banking facilities with lower spreads. 

Nonetheless, remember that a lower fixed spread is the best choice. 

Whether you’re planning to apply for SIBOR or FHR24, always shop around first. Then, take a closer look at how these financial facilities provide home loans to their clients. 

Cash Mart Singapore: Personal Loan

You might think a personal loan is just for unexpected expenses. But Cash Mart Singapore provides financial assistance beyond your imagination.  

The personal loan offered by Cash Mart helps you manage all your spending. Whether it be your utility bill, medical bill, vehicle repair, or even your mortgage, the loan can assist you. 

Cash Mart Singapore Personal Loan offers competitive interest rates. Sometimes, it is even better with your previous home loan. 

Moreover, the loan application is convenient. You can apply for it whenever and wherever you are. But first, secure a strong internet connection with your gadget. Then, you are good at getting approved. 

Nevertheless, Cash Mart Singapore rewards a diligent borrower. If you pay your monthly dues on time, you are one step away from building a healthy credit score. 

It is no surprise why Cash Mart has continuously grown over the past 45 years. It is one of the law-abiding money lenders under the Ministry of Law. Being one of the trusted money lenders in the country, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Foreigners enjoy the products and services of the company. 

It is truly amazing what Cash Mart Singapore can do. Try it for yourself while securing your new home. Experience their excellent service and become one of their loyal customers.