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Top 12 Fast Cash Jobs in Singapore 2021

Looking for a fast cash job in Singapore? Well, that’s inevitable.

Life is not always a bed of roses. Despite having a stable job, you’ll come to a point where you’ll need instant cash. Unanticipated medical expenses or car repairs are the best examples. 

When this happens, you seek job opportunities providing quick income. 

Fortunately, there are 12 fast cash jobs in Singapore in the country. We listed it down for you. 

Food and Grocery Delivery

Delivery is the fastest-growing trend nationwide. Food and groceries are the most common products that utilise this kind of service. 

food and grocery delivery as fast cash job in Singapore

With this, it became one of the top side hustles people opt to do. Make extra income with your car or motorcycle without letting other people ride your vehicle. 

However, this fast cash job has a drawback. Restaurants are not always open. Therefore, you need to know what time each shop closes. 

Ridesharing as a Fast Cash Job in Singapore

Ridesharing is now the talk of the town. Although some people detest it, others love it. The same goes for those who need a fast cash job in Singapore. 

You can earn extra money anytime, anywhere, on your terms. If you’re available in wee hours, you can still provide service and instant cash. 

Buy and Resell

Buy and sell has long been in the market. But nowadays, it is not only applicable in your garage. You can resell your items online as well. 

Even if you have an office hour job, you can make more cash through this fast cash job. First, get to know the latest trends through your target market. Then, search for a legitimate supplier or warehouse for your chosen product. 

Afterwards, choose which platform you plan to sell. There are many to choose online selling sites available. Pick from eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, or many more. 

Create to Sell

Try creating your own products if you find it hard to scavenge for stuff to sell. If you have the skills to craft things, you’re suitable for creating to sell. 

It is like selling homemade items like stationery, printables, or household items. Potential products are limitless, depending on your talent. Nevertheless, it takes time to brainstorm and produce a unique piece to sell. 

Tutor For Fast Cash Job Singapore

Tutoring is perfect for an individual who has a college degree. Whether you’re a teacher or not, you can get paid. 

Nowadays, an English tutor is the hottest demand in the country. Parents prefer their kids to learn it as a second language. That’s why it is one of Singapore’s high-paying quick cash jobs. 

It is advantageous for people who have day jobs. Often, students come from the United States. With the different time zones, you can work at night for extra income at home. 

However, you have to gear yourself. Camera, mic, lights, and technical computer skills are essential. Also, a bachelor’s degree is a must-have. 


Before, babysitting was the most typical side job. If you love kids, you are an excellent candidate. But you need recommendations so parents can hire you. 

baby sit for fast cash in Singapore

Fortunately, there are online apps available. It helps you connect with clients looking for your service. Just make sure you build a healthy and trustworthy profile. This way, you can attract possible prospects. 

Animal Care

If you empathise more with animals than children, dogsitting is your next best choice. 

Some people who own pets need assistance. Whether they travel for work or vacation, an extra hand is necessary. 

Typically, you have to clean, play, and walk the pets. Some owners pay on a per-house basis, while others base it on the service provided. Nonetheless, animal care is a great way to earn quick cash. 


Online freelancing comes with a wide variety of skills. You are apt for it if you have what it takes to read, write, create videos, programs, bookkeeping, or others. The potential is limitless. Whichever your capability extends, you can use it for your fast cash job. 

However, you must look for a reputable online platform. Check if it caters to the skillset you have. Then, create a profile to connect with your prospective client. Once you get a job order, fulfil your responsibility. And you can start earning more. 

Answer Online Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to make money online. You don’t have to leave your home to earn. 

Although it is a relatively low-paying opportunity, it’s available during your spare time. Do it during break time in your office or school. Get paid just by answering questions. Be mindful of the websites available. Read reviews and check if it is legit or not. 

Become Mr. Fixit

Fast cash jobs in Singapore are not all about online skill sets. But, if you know the way around the house, you can also earn potential. 

You can either assemble furniture or mount televisions. Repairing minor house issues is also part of your task. Utilize your knowledge and competency for housework.

Start working with people near you. Let their words travel to gain more customers. Also, check out online apps that cater to this type of work. 

Tour Guide

Singapore has a fair share of tourists yearly. Take advantage of it by becoming a tour guide. Equip yourself with knowledge about the country. 

Research the historical places. Then, create an unparalleled itinerary for tourists. Afterwards, submit your plan to platforms. Usually, Airbnb accepts this kind of service. 

Travelers looking for a Singapore tour opt for an itinerary for a particular group size at a reasonable price. With a well-designed idea, you earn quick cash and meet people across the world. 

Cook Homemade Foods

Nothing beats home-cooked meals. If you love preparing food, make it your side hustle. Bring it to work or school and sell it. Also, learn variations of your menu. If you can bake, try making out brownies, pies, or cakes. 

cook homemade foods

Earn extra money by doing what you love. Just be mindful of maintaining cleanliness. Once you’re more established, try selling your homemade food on online platforms. 

There are many ways to solve your urgent financial need. First, find out your personal skills. Then, earn extra income from it. 

Cash Mart Singapore: Fast Cash Provider

There’s nothing wrong with doing side jobs, as long as it’s hard-earned money. However, it takes time to secure the income. If you’re in urgent need of cash, it’s not quite advisable. 

Luckily, Cash Mart Singapore is readily available for anyone. Apply for it online and get approved in no time. Find the quick solution to your financial dilemma without stepping out of your home. And you repay it based on your financial capability. 

All of this is possible because of Cash Mart Personal Loan. The loan service lets you borrow fast cash for as low as $5,000. It is payable for up to three months. 

You don’t have to worry about the tedious requirements and long application queues. With your gadget and internet connection, you can apply for a personal loan wherever you are. 

Also, there’s no more agonizing waiting time. The approval period takes as quick as 30 minutes. 

With this feature of Cash Mart Singapore, you can pay off any unprecedented expenses. So get fast cash without much hassle. Just remember to become a diligent borrower by paying off on time. Then, who knows, you’ll be rewarded with a good credit record in the future.