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Banking made Easier with DBS iBanking Singapore

What banks aim to provide is the quality of customer experience that they can give. How easy to access the bank, how fast they process, and the like. Nowadays, things have changed, and things become more accessible—all thanks to the people behind the success of innovating digital services. 

People worldwide can now connect and communicate even with mobile phones—the same thing to bank institutions like DBS.

DBS is one of the trusted banks that adopted the digital platform for banking and finance.  And with that said, it allows DBS to connect and reach customers conveniently. In this article, we’ll be discussing more on DBS iBanking.

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What is iBanking, by the way?

Have you ever found yourself in the late hours of the day wanting to access your bank account? But if you’re going to do that, you’ll have to get in the car and drive to the nearest branch. 

It’s already past the regular banking hours, so you’re not even sure if it’s still open by the time you arrive. Of course, it could be the case now, but worry no more! 

With the help of modern technology, banking is now easier! You can now easily access and manage your bank transactions through online banking. All you need is a device of your choice and an internet connection! This service allows users to make transactions anytime, anywhere.

Convenience is one of the most significant benefits of using iBanking. Thus, it provides an excellent banking experience to customers. In addition, you can now track and check your account daily to keep it safe. 

Also, you can open an account, transfer funds, deposit money, pay the bills, and many more! What else can we ask for when banking can now be this convenient, fast, and efficient?

It is why DBS iBanking is a must! Now known as Digibank, this is the online banking service offered by the best bank in Singapore. DBS Singapore iBanking shows all the transactions that we mentioned earlier. 

Let me tell you more about the fast-growing popularity of DBS iBanking and why you should also sign up now!

Why Choose DBS Singapore?

DBS Brief History and Achievements

It is not an exaggeration we tell you that DBS is the best bank in Singapore! In 1986, a small group of individuals established DBS. They were important people who financed the growing industries of the country. Singapore was a young nation then, so they needed the support that DBS offered. 

As early as 1997, DBS started its internet banking. Since then, they have been improving this feature to simplify banking for clients. They have realised very early on how online banking can be helpful to their customers. 

In 2016, DBS got the title of the World’s Best Digital Bank. And this became their power move because, in 2019, they held three global best bank awards. They believe that future banks will look more like this than the traditional ones. So, for three straight years, DBS achieved the World’s Best Bank Award. 

If that still doesn’t convince you, currently, DBS is the largest bank in Southeast Asia. It is also known as the leading financial service in Asia. For eight years, it has been Singapore’s most valuable brand. For 11 consecutive years, DBS received the Safest Bank in Asia award from Global Finance. 

These are only several of the most outstanding achievements of DBS, showing how trustworthy and well-perceived DBS is. But of course, to see is to believe, so let me tell you about their iBanking’s different features.

DBS iBanking Services

DBS Internet banking is an online service you can access anytime and anywhere. Gone are the days when you must drive to an actual bank to do any banking service. 

The bank offers a 24/7 service, so you can open your account anytime. This helpful tool is easy to use because of the simple yet straightforward design of the website or app. 

The app, DBS iBanking, offers more than 150 online banking services available at your fingertips. Here are some of the few notable and most used features of DBS online banking: 

  • Apply for New Account
  • Apply for New Credit Card
  • Check Account Balance
  • Manage Cheques
  • Manage Investments
  • Pay Bills
  • Plan for Financial Future
  • Redeem Rewards
  • Transfer Money

Using this app, you can even apply for different types of accounts. For example, there’s a DBS Savings Account, a DBS Multiplier Account, a DBS Remix eSavings Plus, and more! 

It can be local or overseas for transferring money, and you can do it instantly. And finally, redeeming rewards is possible using their online banking! 

These are only some of the services that the online banking of DBS offers. So now, let’s get to the essential part of iBanking services.

What are the beneficial features of using DBS Internet banking? Let’s discuss that. 

DBS iBanking Features

Earlier, we mentioned that online banking has many benefits. We’ve discussed how easy and convenient it is to use. Also, how fast the transactions would be since it’s all done through the internet. But there is a difference when it comes to the services offered by each bank. 

With DBS, they ensure the quality of the customer’s experience and its wide variety of banking services! As a bank that started online banking early, they had a lot of time for improvements. That’s why they know a lot about excellent online banking services. 

When it comes to the layout of their application, they offer more exciting and new features! With the current technology, these features are now made possible. Here are some of the improvements in their application that can make our iBanking easier: 

  • Digibank OTP: DBS iBanking offers an added security feature to ensure your data is safe. Once you’ve registered your phone number, DBS iBanking can send you a one-time password. 

  • eStatement: Instead of using traditional paper, eStatements are electronic and virtual. It’s a convenient and clean way of viewing your monthly statements online and at any time. 

  • PayLah!: This is a personal mobile wallet made by DBS. You can store money here, pay for things you buy, do a fund transfer, and many more! Since going cashless is the new hype, you can use this like how you would use a wallet.

  • Peek Balance: With such a feature, it allows users to check their preferred DBS account balance. No logins are required; all you have to do is swipe through your DBS accounts, and you’ll see the balance already!

  • Personalised Profile: With this, you can customise your profile how you like it! You can put your preferred nickname and profile picture on your DBS iBanking account.

  • Quicklinks: This feature allows users to create shortcuts on their mobile phones. Select your favourite mobile banking service and make a shortcut for easier access! 

  • Transaction Alerts: DBS sends alerts for every transaction your account makes for security purposes. Depending on your preference, It can be through an email or an SMS. 

  • Touch ID is another way to ensure your account is safe and secure while still making it easy and quick to use. This way, it’ll allow mobile users to use their fingerprints to log in to their accounts. 

  • SMS Banking: By sending the keyword of your transaction of choice to 77767, you can now access them through SMS. You will receive a reply depending on the keyword command you choose. 

How to Create a DBS iBanking Account?

With all the facts given, there’s no doubt that DBS is doing a great job. They’ve also managed to compete with global banks and won as the World’s Best Bank! This Singaporean banking corporation is not only the best in Singapore but also in the whole of Asia. 

There are two ways to register for DBS iBanking. It’s either through Website Online Registration or Mobile Application. Choose which you think is more convenient to register. Here’s a quick guide for you:

Website Online Registration 

You can directly register to DBS iBanking through their official website. First, find the “Get Started” button and click it. Then, input your identification type and date of birth.

The next step is to key in your PIN and card number to complete the authentication. Provide all the necessary details, including your User ID and account PIN.

After that, review everything to ensure it’s correct. Most importantly, confirm the contact details, such as your phone number and email address. Then, you can submit it to complete the registration.

Mobile Application Registration

Another way to register is by accessing it through DBS’ mobile app. Such an application is available in both App Store and Play Store.

What you’re going to do is first launch the app and click “more” to begin. After that, click the “apply” button and proceed to “new to Digibank.” Next, select your identification type and date of birth. 

Right after you input your birthdate, key in your identification number. Afterwards, you can create your account by adding details such as your User ID and PIN. Use your Singpass Face Verification or PIN and card number for a more convenient application. 

Lastly, ensure that all information is accurate, especially your contact details. Then, tap on the “confirm” button to complete your registration. 

For non-DBS bank users who wish to register, you need to first apply for a DBS bank account. Opening an account can be done easily through their website. Then, bring all the necessary documents to a DBS bank branch. 

How to Contact DBS

It is unavoidable that we want to ask for help or guidance when something is confusing. There are several ways to contact DBS. Here is the DBS hotline list of phone numbers you can use to make a call 

  • Lost Cards or Fraud: 1800 339 6963

  • Phone Banking: 1800 111 1111

  • Wealth Management Phone Banking: 1800 221 1111

  • Loans: 6333 0033

You can also try Digibot to receive live chat assistance. This online chat support can answer your questions if you don’t want to give them a ring. It can connect to a live chat agent and is available 24/7, so chat away. 


As we look at the whole picture, iBanking services show what level of convenience every customer could experience. DBS Bank isn’t just sittin’ and go with the flow. Instead, they look for ways to provide more. 

What DBS consider most is the quality of banking services they provide to customers. From savings applying for online loans up to paying bills – DBS made it so easy. So it’s obviously clear why DBS remained to be a trusted bank in Singapore. 

Besides banks, money lending institutions are adopting Internet banking. Additionally, they provide quick approval, especially in terms of instant cash loan services. Moreover, moneylenders transitioned to such a platform way faster and competed with big companies like DBS. 

Indeed, Singapore’s financial industry has transformed through global and economic changes. As a result, they provide whatever financial needs of the citizens. So, if you seek financial support, DBS can definitely help you. But if you are looking for instant cash loan approval, consider getting it from a trusted moneylender.