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DBS FX Rates

How to use DBS FX Rates to your advantage

How to use DBS FX Rates to your advantage? The foreign exchange may seem difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be like that always. It is exchanging the amount of your Singaporean dollars to another currency. The amount you will be receiving will be dependent on the exchange rate.  Forex markets are one of the biggest financial markets. And it reaches a worldwide audience through finance, business, and trading.  DBS Bank made exchanging foreign currencies very easy through their online forex services. Holders can access it on their website and mobile banking app. How can YOU take advantage

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OCBC Home loan

OCBC Home Loan Singapore Packages

OCBC Home Loan Solutions in Singapore OCBC offers a range of pricing packages with guidance from a mortgage specialist. You can choose from OCBC’s wide range of fixed and variable pricing packages.  The great thing is that you can borrow up to 75% of your property’s valuation. Also, you get a home loan approval within 60 minutes.  One type of Home Loan that OCBC offers is the Eco-Care Home Loan. In partnership with BuildSG and Sunseap, you can earn OCB$ from your energy savings. You can redeem them on the STACK marketplace.  OCBC also offers a two to three-year fixed

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